Private Lessons and Tutors in Manhattan NY

Looking for a tutor in Manhattan NY at an affordable price?

Is your child attending one of the schools in Manhattan NYC?  Does your son or daughter need help in preparing for Math, Science or English or any other academic subject?   If you answered yes then our Tutoring Services, LLC company can help.  

What are the prices for tutors in Manhattan NY?

Prices depend on educational experience and qualification of the tutor.  Certified teachers or former certified teachers typically charge more money than college level students. College graduates and other subject matter experts with relevant qualifications charge based on market rate.  We do not control market rate in Manhattan NY, we do not tell tutors what rate they should charge. When tutors register with us they indicate their own hourly rate, we simply add small agency commission fee on top.  However, our fee is the lowest in the whole Manhattan NY 

How can we help your son or daughter get better grades?

We specialize in local tutor match making around tri-state are of CT, NY, and NJ specifically in the neighboring counties of Manhattan NY, Bronx, Westchester NY, Bergen, NY, Fairfield County CT and New Haven CT.  Our instructors can provide private lessons for your son or daughter in private 1 on 1 settings helping your son or daughter develop study skills critical for academic success.  Hiring a tutor for your son or daughter is the best investment you can make.

What grade levels our tutors can teach?

Adult, College, High School, Middle School, Elementary

What academic subjects our NY Tutors can teach?

Math, Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calc, Calculus, Statistics, Trigonometry, Advanced Math, Business Math

Science, Physics, Chemistry, Social Science, History

English, Reading, Writing

English Second Language Help, TOEFL

Adult Study Help

GED test prep for math and English

What can Test Prep subjects our tutors prepare students for?

Private Exams 


College Test Prep 


College Placement Exams


Graduate Entrance


Teacher Certification

NYSTCE, Praxis, ParaPro








IT Computer Subjects


Creating Mobile Apps

Cyber Security & Networking







About our tutors 

Our instructors are professional tutors, who are qualified verified for a background check prior to arrival to tutoring lesson taking place.  Our tutors are either certified teachers or professional subject matter experts.

Where in Manhattan NY can tutoring take place?

Our instructors provide tutoring services directly at your home, or in local Starbucks or in Grand Central station or in midtown or upper town area of Manhattan NY or surrounding counties.

Midterm or final exam coming up?

Exams can be difficult to prepare for, and the best way to prepare for a midterm or final exam is to study smart. Midterms and finals are critical stages in students academic lifecycle.  Preparing ahead of time is ideal. Avoid last minute study.

How can students study smart?

One way to study smart is to prepare for a mid-term and final exam on your own using self-guided resources as well as with the help of the tutor.

Where can students get study guides?

Self-guided test prep materials for academic subjects and certification exams for variety types of subjects can be found on our sister site StudyGuide.NET or directly on this site in your subject of interest (simply click on the subject of interest).

How can students get connected with a tutor? 

  • One way is to simply call us at the phone number at the top right corner and tell us you are interested in getting matched with a tutor or multiple tutors.  Tell us which grade level and subjects you or your son or daughter needs help with.
  • 2nd way is to contact us from the bottom right corner "Let's Talk Chat Icon"
  • The 3rd way is to simply fill out this form by clicking here.
  • The 4th way is to navigate subject of interest on the right corner and reviewing your tutor profiles, to see who you like.  Once you identify which tutor you like, simply message us using Let's Talk Chat Icon on the bottom right corner.
  • The 5th way is not to call us at all and message your tutor directly from our sister site  where you can pay $15 for the first trial lesson and if you like the tutor after the first lesson you can work direct, without paying agency matchmaking fee.  (however, there is no phone support, no flexible matchmaking based on suggesting your price feature, no tutoring discount packages, and a higher risk of getting someone who you may end up not liking in comparison to getting agency managed tutor)

What is agency managed tutor?

Agency managed tutor is someone who you see on this site, or on (these tutors are managed directly by our company, verified for a background check, qualifications and trusted by us and enrolled with us)  Tutors who are not managed by our agency directly are shown on these tutors are independent contractors who do not work with us and simply advertising their tutoring profiles.  
You still would have to pay $15 to Tutoring Services, LLC to be able to exchange personal contact info with such tutors, however, they are not verified by us and present a higher risk vs our agency managed tutors when it comes to hiring them for you.