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       As a parent, you may have tried everything to help your teen improve his grade in precalculus. You grounded him for a week after he failed his first test. When that didn’t work, you promised him a new car if he made an A. You even arranged for his friends in pre-calc class to come over after dinner for a study “party.” That was before you hired another student to tutor him on weekends. Nevertheless, his grade continues to fluctuate between a C and a D. But that’s not the worst of it: he doesn’t really understand the work. He needs expert help; he needs a professional precalculus math instructor. Our agency can arrange math tutoring help for students in high school, middle school and college level or even for adult students. 



NY Areas we Service and Type of Math Lessons offered

We specialize in matching students with reliable, knowledgeable and experienced precalculus instructors in any of the following cities, Purchase, White Plains, New Rochelle, Yonkers, Mount Vernon, Port Chester, Scarsdale, Rye and many other cities and towns of Westchester County NY.  Our instructors can provide effective private pre-calc lessons directly in student's home or online at a reasonable hourly rate.  Scheduling your child’s first session is easy. Simply call (203) 340-0391 or contact us through our student form. 


By hiring our agency we can help you find math instructor for your child, and your son or daughter will actually be learning the concepts in precalculus that he or she needs for future math classes rather than merely trying to pass.  We also offer reliable tutoring services for Fairfield County Residents in Connecticut.  View our for details.



Pre-Calculus Math Topics We cover include

Limits Integrals Graphing
Derivatives Slope Sums
Trigonometric Functions Unit Circle Functions


Our subject matter experts are highly qualified individuals in the field of mathematics; in fact, some of them are certified teachers. They not only know their subject matter; they also know how to communicate it effectively to different types of learners. Why wait? You’ve tried everything else. It’s time to call in a professional to provide your son or daughter with the math help they truly need.

Does calculating Slopes of the line scare you?


Our tutors can explain concepts of tangent lines and their relationships in calculus to the world of physics and how calculus can actually make sense.  Often great explanation is the key to understanding a math problem.   Our tutors can explain and clarify mathematical concepts in a clear and concise way.  Reserve your tutor today.