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Chemistry Tutoring for Chappaqua Students in NY


Attention Chappaqua Students interested in saving money on books and help the world stay green?

going green biology

Buy or sell college textbooks directly from other students in Chappaqua NY or in school or buy cheapest college books online, or sell your used books to other students and make money. 

Tutoring Services, LLC helps students not only spend money on education but save money or make money by reusing their old books or selling them to other students on a college campus and helping the world stay green.

Looking for English Reading and Writing or College Essay help?


Our tutors in Chappaqua NY can help.  View our English tutors in Chappaqua NY

Need Computer IT Training Chappaqua NY


We got you covered, we help students who are interested in becoming network engineers become certified in CCNA, Cisco, CCNP, type of tests and even help out students with intersnships.  For more info about IT, computer training program in Westchester County NY clicks here.

Need Piano Lessons?


We got you covered contact us to help you find a piano teacher who can provide private piano lessons to your child in Chappaqua NY.

How does it work?

We are Tutoring Services, LLC official website is company that specializes in matchmaking for tutors and students. The website you are looking at is our sub-match making based site, specifically designed to help parents of Westchester County NY residing in Chappaqua NY find best tutors or contact us to help you find one.  We help students with math and science subjects, at the convenience of their home.

We send you the tutor, our tutor teachers your son or daughter in Chappaqua NY or alternative online for parent residents of Chappaqua NY who are on the budget. What services do we offer for a detailed list of tutoring services visit our tutoring services section of this site? 

To view subjects we specialize, refer to academic subjects menu on the right-hand side, if you don't see your subject that doesn't mean we don't offer it.  Contact us if you don't see your subject and want us to help you find the tutor in the specific academic subject.


Why are we different from other tutoring agencies?

Other tutoring agencies can either be learning centers in Chappaqua NY or other private home tutoring national franchise companies or local tutoring companies with a limited selection of tutoring services that they can offer. There are major disadvantages with learning centers, simply because they do not provide enough of individualized attention as in the case of private home tutoring. 

In learning centers majority of learning takes places through the process of group tutoring, where one tutor assigned to multiple children, resulting in lower quality of education. 

If you are a parent who happens to live in Westchester County NY and have a child whose education you take seriously then the best option is to have a private tutor for your child, as oppose to sending children to the learning center and reducing individualized attention that your child should be getting. We specifically specialize in Westchester county-based educational school system and work with tutors with the major emphasis of school practices. 


Why getting Tutoring Chappaqua is the right step for your son or daughter.

Getting a right education at the early stage is a fundamental aspect of every student's future.  Many students may be interested in the future of majoring in Business or graduating from top schools to land an accounting degree, or finance degree, without proper education this may not be possible. 

Schools in Chappaqua are not able to keep up with the demand of tutoring or simply do not have the right selection of subjects with the proper skill set of expertise to provide in a first place.  This is where we can come into play.  We can help you find the right tutor for your son or daughter in Chappaqua NY, and improve your child's education.

There are also national agencies out there who offer their tutors on their website, but the reliability of such tutors is questionable since there are thousands of them and who knows if they are even getting pre-screened or being interviewed. Our agency does not send tutors unless a background check is run and reviews and pre-screen tutors before sending them to student's homes, unlike many other agencies. 

Our fees are much lower the other tutoring agencies, and we work with student's budget.  We don't just restrict students into the specific price we work with the parent to find the best match.  Other sites simply list tutors on their sites and do not provide the personalized touch into matchmaking process.

We have independent contractors who have agreed to work with as home tutors.

Welcome to Tutoring Services, LLC company that stays true to Chappaqua parents and residents of Westchester County NY.  Offering reliable private tutoring services at student's homes. Our tutors are highly qualified in various academic subjects, test prep, online tutoring and home tutoring.  We offer educational options for Chappaqua residents, that may not necessarily mean just tutoring.  There are many ways to study, tutoring is one of just many ways to prepare for an academic subject.


What grade levels students can we help?

Pre-K, K

Elementary  1-6

Middle-Grade 6-8

High School  9-12

College Level

Adult Level

Subjects we offer tutoring for include

Mathematics, Science, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer Subjects such as computer programming, C++, Java, Computer Networking and many other subjects, including Piano Lessons, and Chess. If you are looking for a tutor that is qualified and can help your son or daughter in Chappaqua NY do better in school, we are the company who can help. Contact us and we can help you find the right tutor in Westchester County NY Chappaqua city or nearby towns of Chappaqua. 

We also offer Test Prep help for graduate students we, help students with GRE, GMAT and even Praxis 2 test prep.  We also prepare students for ACT, ISEE, and many other school test prep subjects.  Contact us to match make you with the proper tutor.

Test Prep for High School and Middle School Students

If you or your son or daughter needs help for a midterm or final then look no further you found the number one company in Westchester County who can help your son or daughter with homework help, study skills and mid-term of finals test prep.


Chappaqua NY Private Home Tutoring Prices


Our prices are low and depend on qualification education experience of a tutor. We also give options for out tutors to provide tutoring discount packages, where more hour you buy the more money you save.  To view more details about pricing visit Chappaqua Tutoring pricing section.