Elementary School Tutoring

Who we are and how we help parents/guardians of Westchester county NY find local Elementary  tutors

Tutoring Services LLC is a matchmaking company that helps local residents of Westchester County NY get matched with professional elementary level tutors, We have a team of competent and friendly tutors servicing Westchester County NY and Bergen County NJ, Fairfield County CT and even New Haven CT

Our tutors are committed to giving the best tutoring services to elementary level students and other individuals who need them. Our instructors' tutoring services are formulated as a refresher, advanced or remedial purposes.  

     We focus on developing children to appreciate learning in school, discover the advantages of understanding lessons, and learning basic life skills as well as positive values they will need in meeting the challenges of life. We shall bank on the strengths of the young learners and their capacity to learn quickly and perform well in the school, at home.   


We can help you get matched with a reliable tutor in Math, Science, English, Reading/Writing, ISEE or any other test.   Getting quality tutor at early life stages of your children is the best present you can make for your future self and your children.


View our local elementary tutors by browsing subject matter experts on the right-hand side, or call us to help you recruit and find one.  Or contact us from the bottom right corner chat icon to talk to the real agent in real time.  Or simply click here to fill out a form letting us know what type of elementary help you are looking for.




We run a background check before we send a tutor to your home!



Other companies skip this step, and often parents end up with criminals at their homes, this is the reason why you should choose professional home tutoring agency specializing in background checks and matchmaking, we happen to specialize in both.  In fact, we even have dedicated backgroundcheckonline.com site.


Finding the best elementary tutors is crucial as the tutors have significant roles in coaching the young learners to adjust to the next academic levels such as high school and secondary levels.

An elementary period is a time for growth and physical development where the graders learn a lot through physical activities such as play. But it will be a challenge of their when these young learners are not coping well with elementary. Parents must be sensitive to these issues of their children to address them early and properly. If academic concerns are not addressed to, there are chances that these graders may find it difficult to cope with the demands of the middle school and high school.


Our elementary tutoring program is designed to help young learners succeed academically 

Our elementary tutoring program involves an individualized and personal attention to the young learners. Our qualified and friendly tutors know different techniques and approaches to help these young learners cope with their difficulties by having a strong belief in their inner strengths. 

We, at Tutoring Services LLC, with our committed tutors will help these young learners in enhancing or improving their school performance. So, if you are looking for the best tutoring services which provide flexibility, convenience, and reasonable tutoring rates. 

Pamper your child with the best help in their academic endeavors and learn self-reliance, responsibility, and confidence while learning their lessons. Contact us now and we will be very happy to discuss with you how our elementary tutoring program and services in Westchester can help your children grow in knowledge and incompetence. With the school, let us be partners in preparing them for a successful future ahead!


We are waiting to hear from you!  Contact us at the phone number at top right corner, or simply initiate a chat request from the bottom right corner window to talk to the real agent in real time.  Or fill out this form, to let us know exactly what you are looking for.