English Private Lessons in NY | and Fairfield County CT


Prepare with the help of an English teacher in Mamaroneck, New Rochelle, White Plains, Port Chester, Purchase, Yonkers, or even nearby cities of Fairfield County such as Stamford, Greenwich, New Canaan, Darien, Westport, Fairfield CT. Our English grammar and spelling, reading and writing subject matter experts can come directly to your home and help your son or daughter with their English homework.

We also specialize in math and science test prep for advanced, basic, honors, elementary, middle school, high school and college grade level students. Some of our English tutors are certified teachers for the state of CT or NY who can offer their English tutoring services part time and help students do better in school. Our English Reading and Writing subject matter experts can provide lessons not only in English, but also in SAT English, ESL, Toefl test prep as well as teacher certification based tests such as NYSTCE for the state of NY, and Praxis 2 for the state of CT.

Top 6 Reasons for Parents to Use our English Tutoring Services in Westchester NY as oppose to looking for one yourself!

If you are a parent who lives in Westchester County Finding right Tutor in English at the right hourly rate is a tough task for the following reasons.

    1. The majority of English Tutors live in the New York City and won’t travel to Westchester outskirts of NY for low hourly rate unless they have a good reason to do so (especially if contacted by the parent directly). Our Agency specializes in Westchester county matchmaking and focuses on nearby NY cities thereby giving reason for tutors to travel to cities like White Plains, New Rochelle, Port Chester, Scarsdale, Mount Vernon, Yonkers and other cities, and matchmaking English tutors with more than just one student, thereby giving incentive for English Teachers and subject matter experts to travel to Westchester County while covering multiple clients and simultaneously offering lower hourly rate on English tutoring sessions due to larger number of clients serviced.


    1. Our English Tutors offer discount tutoring packages in Reading/Writing, SAT, TOEFL, ESL, making private English lessons more affordable for parents. (In addition to already being more affordable due to the fact that we match make our teachers/subject matter experts with different clients in nearby Westchester county NY area).


    1. We thoroughly review our English candidates prior to hiring one, to ensure that we provide high-quality match, by reviewing, resume, references, qualifications getting tutor to register on our site, allowing parent to see multiple options online without having to search through multiple sites, or by simply contacting us and letting us help you over the phone! (As oppose to doing all that work yourself and spending countless of hours trying to find the right match)


    1. We are in Educational Vertical industry rather than horizontal, making it even easier for Parents to save money on their educational expenses. We offer English Tutors jobs not only in English subject but in content development of English Study Guides, something that other matchmaking companies don’t offer, giving, even more, the incentive for Tutors to work with us. (As oppose to other Agencies, who do nothing, but match makes students with tutors, or plumbers with home owners and spread themselves out in multiple industries, thereby not offering high-quality match making the experience in a first place and only rising prices of tutoring rates higher than they really should be.)


  1. We don’t charge outrageous Tutoring agency fees and have no Registration Fees, and in fact offer NY teachers, and instructors to also register as independent tutor on our sister site www.TutoringServices.com and make money tutoring as both independent English tutor working for themselves and independent contractor working for Tutoring Services, LLC, giving English Teachers maximum flexibility in earning money. (As oppose to simply locking tutors into a single business model system where they have, no choice but to work on outrageous tutoring agency commission fees for every hour tutored, and no option to enroll with any other agency.)
  2. We also market to Bergen County NJ area, meaning in some cases we are able to get tutors from these counties to come out and teach your son or daughter, simply because we market our tutoring services there as well, and tutors have higher incentive traveling between Bergen County NJ Westchester and Fairfield County.


NY Schools we offer our English Tutoring Services for

Berkeley College White Plains
Concordia College Bronxville
College of New Rochelle New Rochelle
Fordham University, Long Island University Purchase
Pace University White Plains
Sarah Lawrence College Yonkers


We offer our help not only for colleges but for the following high schools

  • Academy of Our Lady of Good Counsel, White Plains
  • Archbishop Stepinac High School, White Plains
  • Blessed Sacrament-St. Gabriel High School, New Rochelle
  • Daytop Village Secondary School, Hartsdale
  • German School of New York, White Plains
  • Hackley School, Tarrytown
  • Hallen Center, New Rochelle
  • The Harvey School, Katonah
  • Iona Preparatory School, New Rochelle
  • John F. Kennedy Catholic High School, Somers
  • The Karafin School, Inc., Somers
  • Keio Academy of New York, Purchase
  • Maria Regina High School, Hartsdale

More High Schools in Westchester County NY

  • The Masters School, Dobbs Ferry
  • The Montfort Academy, Katonah
  • New York School for the Deaf, White Plains
  • Our Lady of Victory Academy, Dobbs Ferry
  • Rye Country Day School, Rye
  • Sacred Heart High School, Yonkers
  • Salesian High School, New Rochelle
  • School of the Holy Child, Rye
  • Solomon Schechter School of Westchester, Hartsdale
  • Soundview Preparatory School, Yorktown Heights
  • Thornton Donovan School, New Rochelle
  • The Ursuline School, New Rochelle
  • Westchester Hebrew High School, Mamaroneck
  • Yeshiva Farm Settlement School, Mount Kisco
  • Yeshivath Ohr Hameir, Peekskill

Elementary Schools in Westchester County NY

  • Academy of Our Lady of Good Counsel, White Plains
  • Bedford Christian School, Bedford
  • Berjan School, Mamaroneck
  • Bereshith Cultural School, Mount Vernon
  • The Caring Place, New Rochelle
  • Hallen Center, New Rochelle
  • Holy Name School, New Rochelle
  • Mohawk Country Home School, White Plains
  • Our Lady of Fatima School, Scarsdale
  • Our Lady of Sorrows School, White Plains
  • Westchester Day School, Mamaroneck
  • Ridgeway Nursery School & Kindergarten, White Plains
  • St. Ann School, Yonkers
  • St. Gregory the Great School, Harrison

We also help middle schools as well.

Online and Local English Homework Help and Test Prep for Students k-12 in Mamaroneck, White Plains, Port Chester and New Rochelle, Yonkers, Mount Vernon

If you are looking for professional online English subject matter expert we got you covered, especially since English home tutoring in Westchester County NY can get expensive. Even though our subject matters can meet you in any of the following cities of White Plains, Port Chester and New Rochelle, local tutoring can get significantly more in pricing. Everybody knows that private home lessons can cost money. Did you know that some parts of US simply have way more affordable education as oppose to Westchester County? In simple words, it’s much easier to get help from a subject matter expert from another state in the USA than in NY, and get more affordable English lessons?

Hence sometimes it simply makes sense to hire online subject matter expert for the much more affordable price than the price of a private home tutor. Our company specializes in matchmaking high school, college, k-12 students with the right teacher online or local. This can help you work directly with the subject matter expert either locally in your home or online, with one of the English books listed for sales on this page.




English Topics/Subjects Tutoring Services offered in Westchester NY for SAT, ACT, TOEFL, ESL!

Shakespeare Literature College Essay English Test Prep Teacher Test Prep
American Literature Term Paper TOEFL NYSTCE
Reading/Writing Contemporary Writing SAT ACT Praxis 2
Grammar/Spelling Story Writing GED MTEL


Mastering these topics can be beneficial for overall academic prep and can be an exciting opportunity for students from k-12 ages towards feeling comfortable in school, not being afraid of tackling complex SAT English Questions. For English second language speakers we have tutors who also speak different languages as well, making it easier to explain concepts on your own native tongue. For example, if you speak Spanish, and need someone to help you with the English language who also speaks Spanish, we got you covered and can help you by matchmaking you with the right tutor.


Pricing of English Lessons in Peekskill, Yonkers, Ardsley, Tarrytown, Scarsdale, Mount Kisco or Poundridge NY or Online



Interested in pricing info for English instructors in NY near cities and towns of, Peekskill, Yonkers Ardsley, Poundridge, Tarrytown, Scarsdale or Mount Kisco NY and other cities? Prices vary dependent on the geographic location of where you are calling, based on educational experience and overall qualifications of the tutor. In this geographical area, pricing can get expensive. However, don’t get discouraged, some of our English teachers offer tutoring discount packages, where the more tutoring sessions you buy the more you save.


Some tutors who are registered with us may offer only 1-hour trial tutoring session and no discounts at all, hence when comparing them side by side ensure that the tutor you are hiring offers discount package. If private English lessons are too expensive for you to afford we have other options also available, where students can prepare for their test with the help of the self-guided English study guides, in the form of flash cards, exam secrets or even with the help and assistance of a pre-recorded online course and help from an online English tutor over google hangout or skype. Our recommended English study guides are also shown on the very same page (at the bottom of this page) for your own convenience.

We also have group tutoring flexibility opportunity where students can prepare for their, mid-term and final exam with the help of an instructor in a group session. Students simply team up with each other and meet either in school or at home and tutor comes directly to designated area, whether it’s library, home, or school where tutor would have access to. Students can meet directly in Berkeley or Concordia College Westchester County NY, university student union, Starbucks, libraries or other locations that are appropriate and suitable.


English College Books in Westchester County New York for the Best Price there is!

Are you paying too much for your college textbooks, and tired of spending money on expensive books? We created a website allowing College and Universities students save money on their English textbooks and be able to afford one instead of spending tons of money on outrageous college bookstore fees. We have created UsedCollegeBooks.NET website to help students and teachers make and save money on their English books by allowing students to sell and buy the book directly from each other on School or University campus or by being able to buy cheapest English textbooks online from the most affordable stores! Help us save the environment while learning English and reuse your English books visit us on UsedCollegeBooks.NET. Alternatively, students can rent English textbooks, which is a much cheaper option than buying. We all know textbooks can get expensive, hence Tutoring Services, LLC provides multiple options for students to choose from.


English Prep and Online Courses for Teachers with the help of the study guides

If you are completing your state teaching certification program in college or university in CT or NY and looking for help in passing your teaching certification test in English such as Praxis 2 or any of the English NY state tests then we can help you achieve your goal! We have created a website called Praxis2.ORG that can help educators prepare for their praxis 2 English exam and be on your way towards becoming a certified English teacher for high school or middle school level. As a certified p teacher in NY, you can receive better tutoring opportunities, get higher pay and best of all get rewarded for your efforts.

If you are located in NY and looking for study guides in English then visit our StudyGuide.net site to view our teaching certifications directory full of English study guides, flash cards. We do not only specialize in praxis 2 English exams for the state of CT but also in other teaching certification exams such as NYSTCE, ILTS, OSAT, CSET, FTCE, MTTC, MTEL and have a wide variety of the Study guides for you to choose from our StudyGuide.NET website.

To make it easier for you, we have listed some of the English study guides below along with the Reading/Writing tutors who are available in this area. Simply contact us from the top number above to help you with your teaching certification Studies, we have tutors who can help in that area of expertise! 

View Teacher Certification exam study guides and test prep material for other subjects and exams here.




Looking for professional College Paper Writing Help?

Essay Paper writing help from professional Tutoring Services, LLC company

College life is full of joy-ness but on the other hand, each year thousands of students face the struggle when they have to write some kind of academic paper. And you know that the importance of good grades can't be underestimated. If it is familiar to you we proudly recommend you our writing tutors.  We have  Group of experienced writers who are highly professional.

So if your grades and your future career are on first place to you do not hesitate to contact us to request help in college essay writing prep or any other paper prep, our tutors' cam come to your home directly and help you with your college admission paper. Even if you think that you are skillful enough to write an essay it's never bad to read the useful information at their blog.

Attention to Fairfield County CT and NY Westchester Area Students and Parents! Want to find out How your School or English, Teacher/Professor Rated?



Tutoring Services, LLC goes out an extra mile to deliver not only affordable education for Westchester county students but also provides help for students to decide which school is best for them! We created a portal that helps students make important decisions of their life when they are in the process of attending college! Our school rating, site allows students to see and view ratings of each English teacher, or add teachers/professors into specific school and rate them. It also allows other students to rate schools, colleges/universities, training centers. Students can join schools and organizations, to receive school news, view English tutors who can offer their tutoring services for that school, view books sold by other students in this school.


View teacher professor or instructor ratings, as well as English department overall ratings, can compare schools ratings in entire NY, or USA. There are 2 many schools out there, and too many not so effective English teachers out there? Why not find out how effective is your son’s or daughter’s English Teacher and how good is the school you are sending them? Other students who make comments about English, math or science teacher/professors can help you decide if you should even bother having your son or daughter taking such teacher’s or professor’s class or take someone else class instead! Additionally, don’t take the words of others for which school is the best, find out for yourself visit RateMySchool.NET



Attention to School Administrators and English Department heads! Advertise English Teaching Jobs Free in Westchester County and nearby cities on Our Network of Sites!

Interested in posting a temporary or permanent substitute or regular teacher job in Westchester county NY, Fairfield or New Haven County CT? Looking for an English teacher, but simply can’t find one for your school? Tutoring Services, LLC has created a network of local tutoring sites in Westchester, Fairfield and New Haven, counties, specifically for school administrators to easily be able to reach out to English teachers. We have a collection of a network of sites and social media sites where we simply post your teaching job ad free of charge and it would automatically show up in RSS feed section of every local tutoring page. What that means is by posting a single ad, your job description ends up on multiple sites! (and not just any sites but sites around area of Westchester, Fairfield and New Haven County NY) We also post this job description for you on our social media sites as well.

How are we different from other job sites? We offer school administrators exposure in their local area specifically targeted towards, Fairfield, Westchester, and New Haven counties. Some of our sites where your ad would be shown include WestchesterTutoring.com, RyeTutor.com, WhitePlainsTutor.com, ScarsdaleTutoring.com FairfieldTutor.com, NorwalkTutor.com, NewHavenTutor.com, WestportTutor.com, BridgeportTutor.com and many others.



School Admins can advertise their school on RateMySchool.NET in Westchester County NY or nearby locations!

Additionally to make it easier for school administrators and department heads we created another site called RateMySchool.NET the site allows HR and School Administrators advertise their school, receive ratings for specific schools from students, differentiate themselves from other schools, and manage new teachers/professors that get added to school for teacher ratings. Increase student exposure and higher admission of students into the school.

View tutors who offer tutoring services for a specific school or open to substituting teaching opportunity for specific schools. Additionally, we help schools with free supplies such as providing Free homework folders for entire school showing, school logo and school calendar with other relevant resources that parents may find useful. Visit RateMySchool.NET for more info and see if your school is already there or not, see what other students say about your school. Learning Centers and Training Centers can also register on RateMySchool.NET to advertise their school.


English Tutoring Services for New York Schools

All of our English teachers/instructors and professors who register on our site in their profile indicate if they are interested in offering tutoring services in English for specific school, which means they offer their services and are able to come down to school premises and tutor specific student or a group of students in the subject of English.

Our subject matter experts also indicate in their profile whether or not they would be interested in offering substitute teaching services for specific schools and would also be displayed in such case in relevant school page sections of our RateMySchool.NET site.

We encourage our teachers to work with schools directly when it comes to tutoring and have them email school teachers to find out what topics currently covered in class to make sure that the tutoring assignments are aligned with private lessons offered by our tutors.

School Teachers who have struggling students in their English subject and interested in helping single or group of students can simply have our English tutors dispatched to the school at the time that works best for Tutor and the school, typically at end of the school day and tutor entire group of students. This option is especially useful in situations where school administrators see low state performance on the yearly state tests and have to take action in improving test scores of their school students.

Our English tutors can offer group tutoring session and can help students do better on their English tests. School administrators if you have enrichment after-school tutoring center and need English tutors, then we can help, contact us at the top right phone number above to connect you with the right English Subject Matter expert.  

Call us from the phone number at the top right corner or send us a text message from the chat window at the bottom right corner to talk to tutoring specialist, who can help you get matched with one of the English tutors.



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