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Applying for admission into the graduate business school. Tutoring Services, LLC specializes in helping local NY Westchester county and Bergen County NJ students get a better score in their GMAT exam.  

How do we help local college students who already received bachelor's degree or in the process of graduating with bachelor's prepare for GMAT exam and MBA

Our company has been around since 2008, and we focus our services on helping students improve their chances of getting a better score on their GMAT exam.  There are many sections of the test, including verbal, quantitative and other sections.  Mastering many of the sections can be difficult.  However, knowing how to answer questions quickly and which way answering question is easier for you is essentially what GMAT exam is all about. 

Whether you are preparing for MBA degree or simply not motivated enough to study on your own and need help preparing for your exam at your own home, or if perhaps you are motivated enough and ready to study on your own but looking for an affordable way to do so, then you came to the right place.  Our company is looking out for students who simply trying to get into business school and trying to get a better score. 

Reason why we can help better than other agencies

We can help students improve their chances of getting into better Business School.  After all getting into the right school is what should matter in a first place.  How exactly can we help?  Well, our company is strategically focused on student educational needs, we help students get matched with the local tutors, who can come directly to your home and help you prepare for your exam, thereby increasing your chances of getting a better score, and maximizing your chances of getting into better school.

To get matched with the local GMAT tutor feel free to contact us by the phone number at the top right corner, and let us know your budget and we can let you know if your budget is appropriate or not for your particular area for the type of tutor you are looking for. 

If your budget is not appropriate enough or you simply can not afford agency managed tutor then do not hesitate to visit our sister site to search for your GMAT tutor on your own without the help of an agency, where many tutors offer the first lesson for only $15.   However, these tutors independent and in some cases can even be more expensive, then our local tutoring agency managed tutors.  However, tutors on this site that you are looking at now are tutor agency managed. 

Note general rule of thumb independent tutor is always cheaper than an agency managed based tutor, however, because our agency fees are so low, due to network of sites that we created and due to multiple business strategical models that we created,  some of our managed tutors can even be more affordable than the independent tutors.

Independent GMAT tutors vs Managed Agency Tutoring Services What's Best for Students?

You may say how can independent tutors be cheaper then the agency managed tutors.  Note, we say that this is the case in some cases not all, the reason for that is because our agency managed tutors get to travel across multiple cities, and simply prefer working through the agency as oppose to striking on their own.  We have lots of tutoring sites and therefore can have a much easier time finding tutors and making it easier for students to find us.  Agency managed tutors also offer discount packages,  that can save you money, not all independent tutors offer discount packages. 

Agency managed service is better then hunting for a tutor on your own, because with the help of an agency you get to skip many steps, that you otherwise would have to do on your own if you were to go for an independent tutor.  Plus if you really want to see from the perspective of risk and safety difference between an independent tutor and managed tutor check out our sister Fairfield site, and view the video we added there to see what we are talking about.

More about GMAT exam and study tactics

The GMAT measures your readiness for graduate-level work, and our GMAT tutors in Westchester, NY can help you review the math, analytical writing, and verbal language skills you need to earn a good score and gain admission into the graduate business school of your choice. Don’t take the GMAT without doing GMAT test prep beforehand. The test is too important to your future. Contact our agency today to help you find a GMAT tutor in Westchester,  NY and even recommend supplementary study materials for your GMAT test preparation journey!  

Studying for GMAT on your own?  Don't need a tutor? Why not try Self-Guided Study materials?

Whatever the case maybe, whether you are studying on your own, and can't afford a local tutor or if you are studying with additional supplementary resources, in additional to local tutor (our best recommended option for maximum learning effectiveness and higher chances of getting into top business school)  we got you covered.  We have cooked up and put together, intercombination of self-guided resources, to make the concept of affordable education reality. 

Our primary business model is not to feed you with the local tutor but make sure that we satisfy our business of providing affordable education.  We comply with that goal by creating mechanisms for students to buy and sell GMAT books directly from each other on college campus, by helping students find non-expensive independent tutors, by providing higher quality type of tutors with the help of our Tutoring Services, LLC agency for maximum learning effectiveness and better chances of improving GMAT score, and of course last but not least, helping students pick affordable test preparation materials for their GMAT test preparation journey. 

View GMAT tutors and self Guided Materials Below, Compare Prices, check out best deals and contact our agency if need help in getting matched with the tutor, we will even recommend test prep material to you as a bonus, to maximize your learning effectiveness even more.    Or if you do not want to pay small agency fee to us for helping you get matched with the local GMAT tutor simply visit our sister site

However, on our sister site there is no phone support, no tutor discount packages, higher risk of getting someone that you wouldn't want to knock on your door, and if you happen to be in Westchester County possibly end up paying more for every hour for independent tutor then you would pay for agency managed tutor, simply because our agency fee is much smaller, and we have huge network of sites, making it impossible for any other local tutoring company to compete with us. 

Our prices are the lowest in comparison to our local competitors for the type of quality you would get from a tutor

Therefore our prices are one of the lowest if not the lowest in Westchester County.  Note if you contact us by phone be sure to leave a voice, mail.  Don't assume that no one picked up that we do not want to help you (if you assume you so and go to someone else you will most likely overpay for your tutoring education). Just remember it's better to leave a voice mail, because if you don't, we will just assume you are not really serious about your request, and instead help the student out who did leave their voice mail (and the student who did reach out for his goal and up getting better chances than you of getting into business school). 

Plus is how we weed out serious requests from nonserious, we are not here to tackle, tell us your budget and we will tell you if we can help you or not.  This is the filter algorithm we use, we deploy this mechanism only when we are busy.  In case, if we do not respond, do not hesitate to visit our sister independent tutoring site or simply visit any of the self-guided resources, or visit both, and remember... practice, practice, practice.


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Now that you see how we help others prepare check out tutors below and study guides below, if you like any of the tutors call us to help you get matched, if you don't see tutor your like call us any way to help you find one in your local area and recommend you study guide resources that can help you improve your GMAT score.  (small recurring tutoring agency fee apply for match making)  Don't want to pay agency any problem visit our sister site and pay only $15 for first tutoring lesson, then work direct no agency involved, but higher risk and not all tutors are verified.

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