Home Tutoring

There is 3 ways to Save Money when it comes to Tutoring

Local Home Tutoring

What will I get?  You will get a tutor who will come to your home and provide tutoring services, for your son or daughter or for you if you are a student in Westchester County NY.

Online Tutoring

Just like our local tutors who offer tutoring services, we similarly have online tutors, who charge less per hour than local, that is because they don't have to drive to students homes and simply can provide services cheaper.   It's not the most effective way as private tutoring at home, but nevertheless an affordable option for parents on the budget. View subject of interest, or contact us to align you or your son or daughter with an online tutor.

Study Guides


We realize that tutoring may not be for everyone, and perhaps way too expensive, which is why we have collection of study guides available to chose from for student to study on their own, we have gathered study guides in Academic subjects which can help students in their academic studies, visit our StudyGuide.NET site to view your Academic Study guides, in the form of flash cards, exam secrets, online courses and other affordable methods of learning.



Advantages of Home Tutoring for Westchester County Residents.


          Home-based tutoring is a good choice for students and individuals who are interested in the one-on-one way of learning. Learning is done at the convenience of the home of the students where the tutors come to student's home in Westchester County any of the cities, in Yonkers, Mount, Vernon, Mount Kisco, Poundridge, Rye, Peekskill, Scarsdale, New Rochelle, White Plains, Larchmont, Mamaroneck and many other locations of Westchester County NY. 

Home tutoring is similar to online tutoring services where the tutees can ask questions about their lessons in school. Aside from the academic tutoring, tutors can provide homework help for students and lead them on the right track. By doing so, tutors also guide their tutees to develop better study skills and study habits where they will be able to learn to study and accomplish their homework and tasks in school by themselves confidently.

Tutoring Services LLC with its competent and friendly teachers are committed to giving the best tutoring services for the best price. Our tutors will students them to learn upon self-reliance, sense of responsibility, and confidence and can teach students how to do well in school, at home, and in their communities in Westchester NY.  Entrust your children to us and our tutors and services to help your children obtain their academic goals which will be their foundation for future careers. Contact us now and let is discuss how we can assist your children to determine and obtain their goals that can create better future.



Why getting a professional private home tutor in Westchester County NY can be the best investment for your child?

Some parents still believe that they are still able to manage to help their children with school tasks. However, for the best, they should be able to accept that you are not always capable of dealing these problems. Home tutoring in Westchester county NY and Fairfield County CT is a big trend and our company helps parents to be part of this trend, and help parents find best home tutoring services in Westchester county, NY.

Why Professional 1 on 1 Private Home tutor is the highest quality type of tutor you can buy?

In comparison to learning centers, a private home tutor can connect with the student face to face, explain math or science problem, have the level of educational connection with the student that you can't get from another type of educational learning methods.  Students who work with private tutors have the higher attention span and pay close attention when working with the tutor.


How is local home tutor different from student's school teacher?

In public or private schools, teacher ration to student ratio is non-favorable in many cases for most students.   Due to much lower individualized attention from the teacher, many students fall behind and simply don't get enough of educational academic skill set that they should be really getting. 


How is dedicated professional local private home tutor different from any type of learning center?

The professional home tutor provides 1 on 1 tutoring and works directly with the student face to face, learning centers on the other hand place many students together side by side in groups resulting in less teaching effectiveness for the student.  If you are a parent and want what's best for your child we ask you to contact us and help us match to make your son or daughter with the right tutor, or you can search for our tutors from our site by browsing subjects.



How is local home tutoring better than online tutor?

Local home tutor interacts face to face, student's attention span is much higher than working with an online tutor.  Many online tutors do not know how to effectively interact with students on camera, less level of engagement is present with an online tutor.   The local home tutor may be more familiar with local school structure or may be certified teacher with a higher level of experience than typical online tutor would be.  Certified teachers tend to not work online and mostly work locally. 


Of course there are exceptions to that rule, however, in the majority of the cases you will see mostly subject matter experts offering online tutoring services, that is because to tutor online you must be both computer literate and subject matter expert and many local teachers lack that but really are good in their subject matter expertise. 

If someone tells you they offer online tutoring and it's just as good as local, do not trust them.  Local home tutoring is always the best (and we are saying that not because we are trying to sell you home tutor, but because many types of research point out that local home tutoring provides higher teaching effectiveness than online)


What are the disadvantages of local private home tutor in Westchester County NY?

Obviously, price factor, for local home tutors price is much higher than for online tutor or learning center type of tutor.



Are there any other disadvantages of a home tutor?

Yes, sometimes picking right home tutor can be more challenging the online, local home tutors tend to be more secretive about themselves, less computer literate than online, harder to find, and attempting to find one on your own to satisfy parent's educational needs maybe very very very difficult, especially you never know who you will end up if parent was to find tutor on their own without agency's help.  


Luckily there is us our company Tutoring Services, LLC who helps students and parents get appropriate tutors.   We do this by having strict enrollment procedures, and having tutors follow rigorous matchmaking process rules and guidelines to hold tutors accountable for their actions for more details about how we do this you can read "How Tutoring Services, LLC recruits tutors for local tutoring opportunities in Westchester County NY" to read more about our tutoring jobs process and how we ensure higher level of reliability for students leads that we refer to tutors and how we help parents filter out tutors, through rigorous pre-screening procedures.

The first questions that come into parent's mind when hiring a tutor are?

Does the tutor provide proper learning style for my son or daughter for specific subject and grade level?

Does the tutor provide any info about him/herself?

How much is the tutor?

Can this tutor help my son/daughter academically in my specific case?

Our company helps you answer these questions with ease.



We also offer Online Tutoring more affordable Alternative method to Westchester home tutoring


Online Tutoring is an alternative learning method to private home tutoring where it provides flexibility, convenience, and learning strategies at reasonable tutoring rates. Online tutoring provides personalized tutoring method where tutors and the students-tutees work together to strengthen what have been learned in school. Students-tutees are encouraged to inquire and clarify what they have not understood and answers.

This method is convenient for both the tutees and the tutors because they only meet through online using the computer with internet access and webcam and headphones for interactive learning. Online tutoring is cheaper. 


We also provide hybrid local and online tutoring approach for parents who need both Local Home tutor and Online to gain maximum teaching effectiveness for the most affordable rate.

If you are a parent who is on the budget who happens to live in Westchester county and Fairfield County CT, then you probably wondering how you can get the most affordable method of tutoring for your son or daughter without breaking your wallet.  

One way that our company helps such parents is by simply giving such parents an option to get help from our online tutors just like from local home tutors.  

One option we highly recommend if you are on the budget is simply getting local home tutor to come down and teach your son or daughter for 1 or 2 tutoring sessions per week, and if you want more tutoring but simply can't afford to pay for more local home tutoring sessions, then your best bet is to also get supplementary online tutoring help from another one of our online tutors.  


For example, a local home tutor can greatly explain subject area, explain how to approach homework, how to solve similar questions for homework and assist the student with homework, but what happens when your child gets homework and your local tutor is not around?

Contacting tutor for each homework help question before the quiz may seem time-consuming and local tutors will not be willing to answer questions outside of their home tutoring sessions since this would require eating up some of their own time to help students answer such questions. 


In which case parents are left behind with either getting more session from home tutor which can be expensive, or attempt to contact some online tutoring agency for help.   However dealing with one online tutoring agency and home tutoring agency can be extremely complicated for a parent.   This is where we come in, Tutoring Services, LLC can help local parents not only get matched with a local home tutor but also can help parents get matched with an online tutor to help parent fill in the missing links.    


Our online tutoring whiteboard provides a method for a tutor to teach a child in math and science or other subjects with major emphasis on math and science.  

Our online math and science tutors can help students with their homework and any other test prep questions before the midterm or final exam, or even help educators prepare for teaching certification test!  We do that too!    For more details about online tutoring services that our tutors offer to visit this link.  Or contact us today to help you get matched with our local tutor or online or both!


Our Home Tutoring Case Study!


Parent Bob Smith has a son in middle school attending Westchester County NY public school.

HIs son Jacob, having trouble with math.

Jacob is in 8th grade and simply can't do basic math well.

          Bob has the moderate budget for a private tutor and wants what is only the best method of educational option for his son Jacob, however Bob works in NY and spends a lot of time at work, Bob comes home from work at around 7:30 pm EST, Bob wants to have to get home tutoring for his son Jacob. Bob does not have to drive his kid to the learning center and wants the most educational individualized attention for his son Jacob.   Bob does not want to pay 2 much for tutoring services of a local tutor since there is already existing after school program, however, his son Jacob still not getting better grades. 


Bob thought that having his son attend after-school learning program, would help, however, due to the fact that Jacob has a learning disability, it's very difficult to focus for Jacob.  Although Bob works in NY and has a lot of money to spend for a local tutor, Bob is a single dad and can't spend time supervising tutor and his son Bob.  Bob wants what is best for his kid Jacob, but also wants to have better safety for his kid when Bob is not home.


Additionally, Bob was not entirely sure how to help his son get better grades outside of tutoring and wanted his son Jacob to get some supplementary study materials in Algebra, something that his son Jacob can watch and learn, but just was not sure what materials his son even need.


     After realizing what options exist in Westchester County NY, Bob decided to purchase local home tutor for 2  1.5 hour tutoring session per week between 7:30 pm and 9:00 pm every mon and wed and since Bob also wants his son Jacob to do well in school, and be able to get homework help on other days and possibly weekends, Bob also decides to enroll with online tutoring in addition to home tutoring, since online tutoring is safer than local and Bob does not have to be home to supervise his son during online tutoring.  Additionally, Bob hears from Tutoring Services, LLC that there are study guides that his son Jacob can use, Bob gets a recommendation from Tutoring Services, LLC which study guides he must buy and Tutoring Services, LLC helps Bob chose the right study guide for his son.


Why is Bob Happy with home tutoring services provided by our enrolled independent contractor tutors?

     Bob is happy that he found Tutoring Services, LLC tutoring agency since he does not have to spend time trying to find local and online tutor, Tutoring Services, LLC helps Bob find local and online tutor, provides Bob with link to tutoring profile based on what Bob is looking for, or link to several tutoring candidates that fit the most Bob's needs and even gives option to Bob to pre-screen these candidates before they show up in their home if Bob so chooses to.   With a combination of tutoring profiles, presented to Bob and flexibility to meet tutor online before having tutor show up at parent's home, Bob is happy that he found our agency. 


Bob is happy to pay tutoring agency fee also since, we provide Bob with single location service provider help, rather than having Bob running around different agencies and looking for a home and online tutors.  Plus Bob also saves money on tutoring, Bob is happy because Tutoring Services, LLC helped Bob find reliable home tutor, who also provided tutoring discount packages and not only helped Bob save money on local home tutoring expenses, but also helped Bob save money on online tutoring expenses similarly with another tutor who also offered tutoring discount packages. 


     Agency does the tracking, does the matchmaking and does tutor enrollment and interviewing giving parent headache free environment, only leaving the parent with minor tasks of letting us know what they are looking for and how much they are willing to spend.  

Our proprietary platforms allow Bob not only to pre-screen candidates himself if he so chooses to but also cross check side by side each tutoring candidate and see who offers the best tutoring discount package at the most affordable hourly rate.

Plus Bob was recommended study material to have his Son Jacob use to help Jacob increase chances of landing better grades in Algebra, all that was provided by the single agency.  Our company specializes not only in matchmaking of local home tutors or online but also creates study guides and sells other vendor study guides helping parents have better variety and better level of affordability when choosing their educational need.


We do not only provide home tutoring services for the k-12 student but we also help parents.

Note that we do not only help parents by providing them home tutoring services, we also help parents themselves with computer related problems, IT Network related issues contact our sister site networkconsultant.net/westchester-county-ny.html to not only get help with computer training for Microsoft Word, Office or accounting software or anything else computer related but also have their IT computer related issues fixed. 

We are not just educational experts, but also IT engineering company all in one!  Hence if your network is sluggish, or you have a problem with your wireless equipment and happen to be stuck then don't hesitate to contact us through our partner site.  For more details about tutoring services, we offer for local Westchester county residents visit our site.


Note that we also operate another site our sister site called www.TutoringServices.com this site does provide method for parents to simply find independent tutors, so if you do not want to work through our agency and prefer to rather go through all of the headaches on your own with getting tutor independently without our help, then this site provides this great option. 

We are not here to make money of parents on commission fees, we are here to provide affordable options to parents and help them decide, what parents chose is up to them, we are just here to make sure that Westchester County Parents needs are covered.  


The cool part about our TutoringServices.com site is that it does have some tutors who provide first tutoring session for only $15 where parent would pay $15 and receive tutor's personal contact info if approved by tutor and be able to work directly with the tutor, without any tutoring recurring commission fees, giving ample of opportunity for parents to try before they buy, and not have to work with the agency and just work with tutor directly. 

We figured that parents should not be restricted to tutoring commission fees and wanted to give that option as well, obviously with anything that has no agency recurring commission fees from each lesson there is clearly less quality from the type of tutor parent may get.  Hence do your own due diligence when searching for tutors on our TutoringServices.com site.

However, if you do not want to get help from our agency do not hesitate to simply browse our local tutoring agency tutors on our network of local tutoring sites or this site, or simply call us to help you get matched with the tutor based on what you need.


Here is how we are different from other home tutoring agencies?

We have an entire network of local Westchester and Fairfield County tutoring sites you can view details of many sites here.  Having a network of sites helps us effectively market our tutors and not the only market our tutors to other parents, thereby reducing the overall hourly rate from each tutor to provide a higher level of affordability for home tutoring, but also use our very same network of sites to post home tutoring jobs for specific parent requests. 

Making it much easier for us to find other tutoring candidates based on what parent is actually looking for if for example, we do not have such candidate in our database.



Our network of local tutoring sites is the most attractive and most robust, in entire Westchester county NY where our tutors provide tutoring services for cities of Rye, Port Chester, Mamaroneck, Scarsdale, Poundridge, New Rochelle, Chappaqua, Mount Vernon, Yonkers, Tarrytown, Armonk, Ardsley, Elmsford, White Plains, Mount Kisco, Bedford and other cities and towns in Westchester County NY.  We also offer tutoring services in the nearby county such as Fairfield County.  Cities we service include Wilton, Westport, Norwalk, Weston, Trumbull, Bridgeport, Fairfield, Greenwich, Stamford, Darien, New Canaan,  Stratford and other cities in Fairfield County CT such as Danbury, Redding, Somers Connecticut and many many other cities.


Our independent contractors who register with our company TutoringServices, LLC also offer their tutoring services in New Haven County and nearby cities, such as Wallingford, Cheshire, Hamden, Milford, West/North Haven.



Also, we do not just have a local network of tutoring sites created by a NetworkConsultant.NET genius, but also have another network of subject related sites, making it even easier for us to finding tutoring candidates.    For more details of how we leverage the concept of posting tutoring jobs and searching for candidates, you can read here.

But wait that is not all we also have other social media sites such as Facebook.com/TutorJobs, Facebook.com/MathTutor, Google.com/+TutoringServices and many many other sites related to education, college, schools ratings and more that help us leverage our network to get more affordable tutors, and pay much less for marketing fees than any of our competitors combined in the area of the Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT.


Other local home tutoring companies simply can not compete with what we offer.   This is not because they are not good at what they do, they may be good, but the pricing for what they offer may not be favorable, or if it is favorable it's only in one sector, of home tutoring and not online.  The truth is other tutoring agencies simply do not do what we do, we started out with once national site, then ended up in having many local tutoring sites, then we ended up with lots of educational sites.  

All of this effort was done to specifically reduce marketing costs and provide necessary tools for us to help us find affordable tutors.     Hence while other agencies are forced to charge outrageous commission fees we charge relatively moderate pricing you can look up our pricing, we do not inflate our tutor prices like other agencies do, we let market declare hourly rates and simply add on top small commission fee to help offset our home tutoring matchmaking costs. 


Areas where our local home tutors offer Tutoring Services

Westchester County New York

Yonkers Scarsdale New Rochelle Larchmont Mammaroneck
Rye Bedford Armonk Mount Kisco


Greenburgh Ossining   Peekskill Dobbs Ferry Croton-On-Hudson
Katonah BriarCliff Manor   Eastchester Seelpy Hollow Yorktown
Pelham Elmsford   Bronxville Tarrytown Somers

Note if you do not see your town or city, contact us, and we can find the right tutor to come to your home and offer their services.


What type of home tutoring services our Westchester and Fairfield County tutors offer?

We have professional home tutors in Westchester county, NY who are capable of teaching students in the majority of academic subjects directly in their home. They are competent subject matter experts, teachers, or college level students specializing in academic test prep, and k-12 tutoring. They can provide a successful learning experience to students in need.

Every student may have what we call “their weakness”. Like most students, their weakness is the math subject where they have to deal with numbers and other problems they know nothing about. It will take them hours or even days dealing with those problems and staring at them not knowing what to do. Well, for home tutors in Westchester county NY, those problems are very easy to deal with. All that is needed for you is to either browse tutors through our website or contact us to help us match you with one of our tutors.


Our matchmaking services are the best in the entire county of Westchester, Fairfield and New Haven. With our home tutoring, students will have the most convenient way of learning. No more hassles in traveling to learning centers, because our tutors do the traveling for you. They will travel to student's home to provide private tutoring. Aside from tutoring academic subjects, they can also provide students with the best homework help guidance.

They can help students improve their academic standing making them successful. In line with all the benefits, home tutoring can also improve the overall school ratings in Westchester, NY.  Learning can be fun and easy if you enroll to the home tutoring services of our tutors who can come directly to your home in Westchester or Fairfield County CT.


How does home tutoring matchmaking process work for Students and Parents?

How it Works
To give you quick summary, Process is Very Simple.  Parent Contacts us by phone or simply searches for a tutor and contacts such tutor through our messaging platform asking tutor any questions as long as no personal contact info is revealed (within the exception of the approximate location of student's home, just to give an idea of how far tutor would have to travel).
In case of parent/student not able to find a local tutor, or simply does not want to go through process of searching for one themselves, then parent can easily contact our agency by the phone number on the top right corner above in which case we help student/parent by taking them through the following matchmaking process.

Step 0. We discuss student/parent's such as what subject student needs help, what grade level, we also ask students/parent what budget they are looking for in a tutor, thereby giving flexibility for parent/student to suggest their own price as oppose to having to deal with an expensive local home tutor that many other tutoring agencies may provide students and parents with, without even bother asking students/parents if they would be ok with it or not.  We also explain to parents/students that every tutor charges a different price, and every tutor has their own tutoring discount packages.  We also let parents know that matchmaking process can take at minimum 7 days, and maximum it depends based on what type of option student/parent is looking for. If a parent is ok with our process we begin with step 1.


Finding the Tutor Process and Enrollment of the Tutor

Step 1. We find the tutor for student/parent by posting tutoring advertisement ads on multiple networks of our educational sites in CT and NY, subject tutoring blog sites, and social media sites as well as other sites,  after we find the right tutor, we enroll tutor into our CallMyTutor system. (enrollment process that we take the tutor through is rigorous this is partially due to the fact that we want to keep our services high quality and offer safety for our parents/students and tutors alike, which may take longer time than matchmaking parent with an already existing tutor in our database)


Presenting Tutor to Parent/Student through our Proprietary CallMyTutor Platform

Step 2. We present parent/student with the tutor by sending them link tutor's profile to our central callmytutor site.

    Tutor's profile itself can show student/parent many details about the tutor which will help student/parent decide whether or not the tutor is they right fit for them.  Based on looking at the tutoring profile Parent/Student  tells us if they like the tutor or not, if they like the tutor, then we ask student/parent if they are interested in having this tutor come to their home and teach their son or daughter, and if parent says yes then at that point we ask student/parent to request tutoring discount package declaring how many numbers of tutoring hours needed and for which subject and grade level student/parent is interested in. 

Student/Parent can select directly from tutoring profile which package they would like to purchase then simply hit request package button.  Once the package is requested agency gets notified that student/parent is interested in tutoring discount package and so is the tutor.


How can parents/students decide how many tutoring hours makes sense to purchase?

        Note, in some cases, parent/student will not know how many hours they will need simply because it depends on what the student's goals are how well diverse is the student in particular subject, what the student's current academic expertise are and many other factors.  Our local home tutors in Westchester County NY or Fairfield County CT can assist parents with such decision making on how many hours student would really need to get the most effective learning experience, and can help parents answer such questions during pre-screen 15 mins optional voice/video interview for parents.

Therebey, giving parents/students flexibility to meet with the  tutor online through our whiteboard and clarify to the tutor what parent is looking for as well as ask tutor any other assignment related questions as long as personal contact of student or tutor info is not revealed (until either valid payment is on file or until tutoring discount package is purchased within exception of approximate location of student's home if tutor asks for this information), this helps Tutoring Services, LLC to protect privacy of our tutors and students, until the decision by the parent/student is made of whether or not it make sense to work with the particular tutor or perhaps if parent did not like what they saw during the pre-screen interview then kindly request agency to search for another tutor, thereby giving the flexibility in decision-making process.


What do local home tutors declare in their tutoring profiles?

     In fact our tutors can even declare intro videos of themselves, what their learning styles are, and present basic information about themselves based on subject, and even grade level inside of their tutoring profiles, making it easy for parents/students to decide whether or not it make sense to hire such local home tutor in Westchester County NY or Fairfield County CT.  All Tutors who registered with Tutoring Services, LLC are independent contractors, they are not employed directly by Tutoring Services, LLC our company only provide parents/students tools and flexibility to select the right tutor for their son or daughter. 

A parent should follow their own decision process when attempting to obtain the right tutor.  Agency may help or even recommend some tutors based on historical feedback from other students/parents and previous tutor's experience, but under no circumstances, the parent should rely on 100% accuracy in the match and should always make their final decision on their own.
      Note additionally we provide our local home tutors flexibility to create their own diagnostic practice tests for specific subject and grade level, the purpose of creating such practice tests is to identify students' weakness area of expertise as oppose to simply taking them and becoming falsely certified, (something that other companies have the tutors do and yet still fail to provide high quality tutors in NY and CT, due to the fact that 1 single tutor can take 100 tests cheat on all of them and call themselves certified then show up at parent's home without knowing how to work on a single problem and charging parent's through the roof outrageous price, that is not how we operate) instead of making tutors take such tests where outcome of expertise can't even be controlled, we help tutors to create practice tests in the form of diagnostic tests and present them to parents and students. 

      If tutors create diagnostic practice test, there is a higher chance that the tutor is legit in his/her subject of expertise, and took the time to create such diagnostic practice test, probably because that tutor is really interested in providing tutoring services for such subject. 
    Tutors who do not create such practice diagnostic tests, may still be good in teaching and perhaps simply did not take time to bother creating diagnostic practice test, hence such tutors should not be discarded from the matchmaking process by parent'student, however we do give flexibility for parents to view home tutors who did create such practice diagnostic tests, and make decision on their own of whether or not, such tutor is right for their son or daughter. Plus we make tutors who do create content in specific subject show up higher in search results giving tutors, even more, reasons to create them.

     Additionally our local home tutors in Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT can even leverage these very same diagnostic practice tests that they have created by giving students flexibility to take these diagnostic practice tests, answer questions from each of these diagnostic tests created by the tutor and see how fast, and how accurately such student can answer these questions, thereby giving flexibility for tutor to decide how far behind in academic subject student really is, which topics student is struggling with and how many tutoring hours would it make sense for parent to purchase from tutor's tutoring discount package and how many times per week tutoring session would be needed to sharpen the weak areas of the student's academic topic area of expertise, or even how much to charge parent for specific subject and grade level per hour.

        For example, suppose local home tutor created a very complex mathematics calculus diagnostic test, and the student answered the majority of questions quickly and correctly.  Then if that's the case then the chances are is that this particular student is really good in calculus, if that student is really good in calculus then the tutor needs to challenge student more, and spend more time and provide more research based quality examples of calculus to drive student's understanding further and further, in which case since it's more work it may make sense for such tutor to charge more. 

This results produced from the outcome of the diagnostic practice test created by the tutor does not only help parent figure out where their children at in the process of learning in specific subject, but also helps tutor to get an understanding of what type of student this tutor would be working with and how many tutors should charge per hour.  


What is the best part about Diagnostic Practice Tests?

    Best part about Diagnostic Practice Tests is that each of our independent contractor local home tutors registered through our hub site callmytutor can suggest to Parent/Student during Video pre-screen interview option for student to take the diagnostic practice test at their own time, then log back into their tutoring profile and see outcome of such test results directly from their tutoring profiles, making it easy for tutor to decide where student is lacking in their area of expertise and contacting back parent/student through our callmytutor messaging platform with suggestion for what type of package student/parent should purchase and for how many hours per week based on the outcome of the test results tutoring will be needed. 

     Local home tutor can even ask parent or student-specific academic questions during 15 mins interview just to get an idea where student is struggling or where student is looking to advance further in their subject and also make the decision of whether or not tutor's expertise are truly going to be effective for this particular student, or perhaps tutor may realize that student's area of expertise is beyond tutor's knowledge of expertise.  Helping tutor to realize that during the pre-screen interview and avoid having to work with a student who perhaps ends up knowing more than the tutor, saving student/parents money from the inaccurate match and preventing tutor from being embarrassed

   Additionally, the tutor may ask what book student is using which section student is on, and any other questions which will help tutor have a higher level of confidence and if they can help this student or not.   The reason why we give such flexibility for tutor and parent to meet each other during the video interview over whiteboard, that is because whiteboard provides better tools for tutors to see what the student is really going through, for example tutors may even ask student to take a picture of their assignment through an IPAD or PC and show that directly in the whiteboard to see what the school or homework assignment is, and to see if tutor can even help with such assignment or perhaps assignment seems intimidating or very complex, in which case tutor may realize it will take longer amount of time to tutor or requires more research or prep, which in turn would make the price for tutoring session provided by that tutor more expensive, in which case tutor can reflect appropriate hourly rate in their tutoring profiles and let that info know to student/parent during the pre-screen interview or through the messaging platform on callmytutor after 15 mins pre-screening interview. 

Whatever the case maybe, we just thought that pre-screening option with intercombination of diagnostic tests can help local tutors get to know the student better ask any specific questions and avoid any misunderstanding, plus it provides safety for student/parent and tutor.
Note during the pre-screen interview if the tutor does not have a diagnostic test to offer, they may either not bring that up during the pre-screen interview, or may simply not be willing to invest their time into creating such diagnostic tests.  However some tutors are flexible enough if you ask them if there is any way that they can provide diagnostic test, then they can decide at that point if they would like to create one just for your son/daughter specifically to help tutors decide how far behind student is and how many hours it would take to provide most effective tutoring experience, then some of them may get back to you and let you know that they would be ok to create one before tutoring starts.  To see if tutor offers the diagnostic test, simply browse tutors on our site in the subject of interested and look inside tutoring profiles to see if they offer diagnostic practice tests.


Are there any other reasons why tutors create diagnostic tests on our site?

Yes when tutors create diagnostic practice tests the best part about that is that first of all they show up higher in search results in comparison to other tutors, 2nd of all they are differentiating themselves from other tutors increasing chances of being found by parents and students, and 3rd of all tutors who do create practice diagnostic tests can reuse questions from other tutor created practice tests in specific subject, resulting in ease of use and creation of tests, plus not only does it make it easier for tutors to create such practice tests it also gives flexibility for tutor to have their tests published, and whenever any students who take their test for free would see that the test was created by the tutor in which case if student received a poor score, they may contact such tutor, resulting in potential additional student lead for that tutor.  Since many tutors would like to increase their chances of obtaining student leads, we give that flexibility for a tutor

If you are a parent and wondering if your child is lacking behind academically, typically you would find that out from school.  However, in case if you are not sure if your school is really doing an effective job for your child or perhaps if you are simply not sure which tutor is right for you, then why not just ask your son/daughter to go ahead and simply search for basic math tutors in the area of Westchester County NY then take their practice tests that these tutors created and see how well your son or daughter do. 

Each practice test is time-based and created by a specific tutor who can leverage questions of other tutors in their test.  If students who took the test did poorly, can consider contacting tutor who created this practice test to have your son or daughter tutored locally.    Taking practice tests is free to get the test results you must be logged in and registered.


To take advantage of optional pre-screening interview follow these steps

If you would like to pre-screen tutor for 15 mins before they show up at your home, you can pre-screen them over our whiteboard, where no personal contact info should be revealed during conversation of entire interview, entire interview gets recorded for agency to see and verify for quality assurance and to avoid misuse of our service.  Process for pre-screening is optional student may decide to view tutor before they commit to package through our whiteboard or prefer to simply just have a tutor come out to student's home without pre-screening their tutor. 
Sometimes students/parents simply like what they see right away in tutor's profiles and in which case students/parents can request tutoring discount package from tutor's profile, or contact our agency to assist with the process.  On what to expect on the pre-screening interview for parent or tutor visit our westchestertutoring.com/tutor-jobs page.