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       We realize project management test can be important test to pass, especially when trying to get professional job in corporate world.  There are many different exams that Project Managers consider when embarking on the journey of becoming manager or director.   Our company specializes in preparing students who are in college or undergraduate level or even graduate level in preparing them for Project Management exam.


Why passing PMP certification can improve your chances of landing Project Management Job


       Visit our IT Managed services section to view how real company offers real solutions for enterprise level businesses.   Many principals of project management are tied into concept of service model and directly into ITIL certification test.  Studying for PMP exam and passing is only breaking the tip of the iceburg, real fun begins when you master ITIL exam, followed by AGILE, SCRUM and if you really got what it takes Black Belt Sigma.   Many companies need project managers, who are masters in organizing information.  Our company DBA Binary Fusion, operated as it's own individual company under umbrella of Tutoring Services, LLC in fact specializes IT infrastructure, Network, Security and Network Consulting, with core emphasis on IT consulting and Project Management. 

         Many services that we provide are directly tied into project management, ITIL, Problem management, incident management, IT policy development and many other aspects of information technology field.  Passing PMP exam and becoming Project Management expert with specialization in information technology is one of the hot leading fields out there, many companies are searching for such PMP experts with specialization with some level of technical skill set.  Our company helps students become PMP certified and even offers internships, working on Information Technology IT projects, and obtaining that level of specialization employers are looking for.  However PMP exam is not easy to pass, especially if you have wrong training information material.  Best way to prepare for exam is to study from official PMI course.


Note there are official requirements for PMP exam and who can take it depending on which program you will go through, in fact there is a shorter version of PMP exam called CAPM

Make sure that you end up studying for appropriate exam, when preparing for your certification test, other exams you may consider preparing for to improve your qualification is Agile, SCRUM, ITIL, SIGMA, Microsoft Project.


How we help students students in Westchester County NY become Project Managers

        Our company Tutoring Services, LLC specifically works with college level and graduate students helping them prepare for PMP, Agile, SCRUM, ITIL, SIGMA exam and even offers internship opportunities for subject matter experts with Infrastructure IT Network technical level of specialization.   In simple words, we help students prepare for exam, we do that by helping them get matched with proper subject matter experts in CT NY or NJ.  For our PMP Project Manageer subject matter experts in Fairfield County visit this page.   If you are trying to find PMP subject matter experts or study guides that can help you prepare for PMP exam you came to the right place.

Variety of PMP Educational resources

        In here you will find collection of PMP study guides in the form of flash, cards exam secrets, official PMI training materials, and local Westchester County Tutors in the area.  Simply scroll below to view study guides of your choice, be sure to visit any of them to view details and compare prices. If you are looking for other subjects study guides then don't hesitate to visit this page, for list of all other subjects test prep materials.  View other Project Management study guides here.


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