About us

We are a trusted team of qualified and friendly tutors in Westchester NY who are dedicated to provide quality tutorial services to students who are having some difficulties in coping with some academic subjects, students who want to advance in their knowledge ahead of their class, and potential examinees who want help in their preparation for their standardized exams for admissions for college and for obtaining teaching certification by passing Praxis II exams.

This tutoring system aims to reinforce learning from classroom instructions, strengthen learning efficiency and develop self-sufficient learners. We are the best resource for tutors who commit, guide, and empower students to learn by teaching them develop good study habits.

We believe that every individual has can maximize his/her ability to learn, understand, analyze and solve problems when given the right environment and strategies.

We also believe that every individual has an inner capacity to engage in higher learning for knowledge and competency to become what they want, particularly those who want to become teachers and school administrators.

We also acknowledge the potential of each individual who may be having hard times in coping with their academic subjects but who are willing to work more to learn and improve. For students and individuals who are in these situations, we offer the best tutorial services that we can provide and learning materials and techniques to make learning easy, fun and exciting!

What we can do


Our dynamic team is composed of competent tutors in Westchester who are committed to assist students who are academically challenged and those who need some help in preparing for Praxis II exams, GMAT, GRE, and SAT.

Once we have identified the students’ academic needs and goals, we shall look from among our qualified tutors who can help students achieve their academic goals, thus, improve their performance in school. Our tutors can tutor in any academic level and handle various subjects such as English, History, Math, Algebra, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and more. Apart from tutoring, our tutors can also provide Homework help.

Our tutors are also competent in helping individuals who will be taking standardized exams.

Learning strategies will focus on helping tutees/students develop good study habits that will enable them to work on understanding their lessons by studying and perform well in school. Strategies aim at strengthening what they have learned in school, help them recognize their ability to study and learn, and apply these learning to appropriate real life situations.

We conduct online background check and records verification on our tutors for parents and students’ reference for secured tutorial sessions.

Students can choose between online tutoring or home-based tutoring methods and whatever they select, rest assured that the best services will be given



Our Products


We recommend the use of our learning materials and books as supplemental tools for enhanced learning. We have the most comprehensive test prep and study guides for Praxis II exam secrets, algebrator and used college books which are at reasonable prices.

With Tutoring Services, LLC, we conduct learning process easy, simple and fun by mentoring the tutees to be self-motivated to succeed and develop self-reliance in doing and completing tasks, and as a result will obtain better school ratings and achieve their academic goals. Our tutors in Westchester NY teach, we guide, and we empower students to do the best that they can and be the best that they can be.


Once again, we welcome you to a process where learning is fun and exciting! Contact us today!

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We are Connecticut based company with operating business sector in Tutoring industry, match making, online and home tutoring, advertisement, study guide publishing, teacher test prep services and school services, books selling and buying.

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