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Above math over skype opportunity is only for independent tutors registered on, for our own CallMytutor tutors we use video recording whiteboard with math way better-sophisticated math tools which can be great for Westchester County Students residing in NY..

Let us help you find your perfect Math Instructor for grade levels k-12, college or university

Our Tutoring Services, matchmaking agency helps parents around cities of Scarsdale, Rye, Purchase, White Plains, Mount Vernon, Yonkers, Tarrytown, Purchase find reliable mathematics instructors who can help k-12 students or adults with the following mathematics subjects algebra, business math, geometry, calculus, and trigonometry, statistics, combinatorics. 

Here is what our mathematics instructor can do for students


  • help you finish your math homework,
  • check your math homework,
  • identify repeated errors in your math homework, &
  • Provide remediation.


How to Find Math Tutor for my son or Daughter in the state of CT or NY

Best way is to call us at the very top right corner, we can help you find the right tutor

The 2nd best way is to simply browse for math tutors through this page.

3rd way is do not call us at all and simply visit and search for any math tutor you like on that site (however these tutors are not managed by our company and in some cases can even be more money than what you would pay for going through the tutor trough our Tutoring Services, LLC agency. Plus you would have to pay $15 to exchange personal contact info.

       Therefore if you want quality match to contact us and we will help, if you want quantity and don't care about any of that or do not like paying commission fees to the agency and prefer to work with tutor directly then feel free and be our guest to visit our sister  however these tutors we do not pre-screen rigorously as we do with our locally managed tutors through local tutoring business model and neither does the student get any support from the agency, plus it's riskier to search for math tutor on your own, simply because you may get what you did not expect.  However, if you want quality matchmaking experience, then contact us at the phone number above, we make this choice very clear to anyone who contacts us. 

Typically parents who want quality call us simply because the type of match we offer is completely unprecedented in any educational industry, plus we work with parents who suggest their hourly rate and help them recruit tutors within that range, hence is another reason why it's a good idea to work through the agency as oppose to avoiding the agency.  Reason simple it's simply better quality.

       Hence if you are looking for a math tutor.  Contact us on the top right corner above and we can help you find the right person.  Do not contact us if you want someone quickly, we take the process seriously, simply because there are a lot of companies out there that scam parents, hence our process is not quick.  We enroll tutors rigorously we review them we interview them and the whole 9 yards.  Other companies lack that and simply provide low-quality tutors to parents of Westchester County NY.  You would be surprised what you find if you start searching for a tutor and how hard is the process of finding reliable math tutor locally really is. 


Why finding math tutor through Tutorng Services, LLC agency is the right way to go about helping Westchester County student succeed in math

         Anyway please continue reading if you want to see what we offer, or feel free to run away.  If you are looking for a pretty site with lots of math tutors there are plenty of them, but what they charge students and what they pay tutors is completely unrealistic.  Hence is the reason why many parents receive low-quality tutoring service.  In our case, we make our tutoring agency commission fees reasonable and way lower than many other tutoring agencies in Westchester or Fairfield County NY, plus we don't tell tutors what rate to specify they chose such rate themselves.  Hence we do not inflate prices like other companies do, however, we do make suggestions to tutors approximate hourly rate brackets. 

       Some of them may follow such suggestions and some may not, which is why we provide flexibility for tutors to specify hourly rates  in mathematics based on grade level, subject and even allow flexibility for students or parents to meet with the tutor face to face online for 15 mins to pre-screen tutor discuss expectations, scheduling availability etc. Plus we inner combine concepts of local math and online math tutoring services.  So what is the end result?  The end result is way better more high-quality tutoring service in math for your son or daughter or any other students.


Live in Westchester County? On the budget can't afford local math tutor or need supplementary math tutor to your existing local tutor to save money and improve learning effectiveness then why not try the hybrid method of learning Math?

We have Online Math Tutors as well as Local.  Our online Math Tutors can help students directly from their homes, and either be supplementary tutors to your existing local tutor at the more affordable price than the local tutor to help parents save money on local tutoring.  Or simply the replacement of the local math tutor with online.  We have specific math tools and concrete lessons that students can benefit from.  For additional info about our online tutoring visit our online tutoring section of this site for Westchester county parents.


    In case you are wondering who helped us create this solution?  We are not just Tutoring Services, company we are also  IT solutions company and we know how to create custom whiteboard solutions that fit company's needs.  First, we created it for ourselves and then we sold solution to other companies.,  Our company DBA Binary Fusion sector of Tutoring Services, LLC helps small/medium businesses colleges and universities by providing IT Whiteboard Solutions integrated with Mathematics tools.  We relayed this knowledge to Westchester County Residents as well helping them succeed in math studies.  To see use cases of our solution and how we help other companies integrate them view our Math Whiteboard Video Conferencing Integration IT Solutions page.




Technology is evolving so should you!  Why get stuck in the past! Have Microsoft Surface Pro or later Tablet



About the math features and capabilities of Surface Pro and learning of mathematics

         One of the great features of Surface Pro Tablet is that you can touch, write and use keyboard and mouse and use camera.  Our Online tutoring solution is compatible with Surface Pro and makes it easy for students who know how to use Windows 10 to basically learn math.  The kewl part about Surface Pro device is that it has a pen, pen that allows you to write easily on the whiteboard and allows students and teachers to see this writing in real time.  If a student is using Surface Pro version 4 or 3 or whatever latest version of it, the student can use it in tablet mode just like tutor can, and have mathematical tools on one side of the screen while having a whiteboard on another.  A Fairly interesting feature of Windows 10.  Our company specializes in making it easy for students to learn math online, yes we make technology easy. 

        With the pen, you can write math symbols have them translated into math symbols that can be computed in the calculator, showing step by step solutions of a mathematical expression for example.  With touch-based functions of the tablet, students can use their fingers to select math icons of their choice to include inside the whiteboard.    We even have WYSYWIG Math editor making math even easier to insert.   Our math Editor allows students and tutors to chose complex math symbols and easily show them on the whiteboard. 


Multiple Mathematics tools and concepts inter-combined together by Network Consulting company to help Students of Westchester and Fairfield County get better grades in math!

      Our tools inter combine concepts and functions of touch, write video, voice, chat all in one.  Plus some of our tutors even offer diagnostic lessons for our students where our tutors can assign diagnostic practice tests for homework to students, and then these students can practice these practice questions to get the right set of mathematical skill set needed and tutor can review student's progress during tutoring lesson and focus on the weak link areas and reinforce such weak links with 1 on 1 online math tutoring over whiteboard. 

A student can also see their progress.  Tutors can create practice tests by reusing other tutor's questions, by reusing another tutor's created math expressions from our Math Library, by being able to reuse content from other tutors and inter combine math content from such tutors with their own content, making it much easier for tutors to create mathematical questions and distribute them to students.  

           We even have tools that allow tutors to create template based mathematical questions, where template based mathematical question is the type of question that focuses on specific mathematical topic, for example factoring linear equation, where for example from one template based linear question tutor can generate similar questions in linear equations, but have them listed as different questions,but on the same topic.  This template based associated approach makes it easy for a tutor to compile their practice tests from a variety of template based questions in different mathematical subjects ranging from Calculus, Algebra, Geometry and more.

Template based math questions that are created by the tutors in the practice test, serve very interesting purpose, and that purpose is, allow flexibility for student to drill his weak areas of subject matter expertise (specifical math), and online math tutor neatly providing these specifically defined practice tests directly to the students of Westchester County NY  and Fairfield County CT.  


Why making internetworked math system helps students in Westchester County and Fairfield County get better grades in math and school

So what is the big deal with being able to reuse other people's questions and why does it help my son or daughter who is attending private or public school in Westchester County NY or Fairfield County CT area get better grades?  The deal is very simple, with the tools that we are inner combining, provide the power for tutors to tailor their mathematical instructions delivered over online whiteboard based on learning objectives of the student. 

So in simple words, for example we provide option to tutors to specify if they would like to offer diagnostic math lessons to their students then if they do they must  show us examples of their practice tests, based for example on Common Core Objective or based on for example on any other math test objective, for example, GED, or GRE etc.  In simple words giving such flexibility to tutors to be able to create such custom questions then monitor student's progress gives tools for students learning math in Westchester County and Fairfield County NY to succeed in school, get better grades and best of all be prepared for example for college algebra exams that they can take and save money. 

For example of such exams is Algebra CLEP, did you know that this kewl exam allows students to take it even if they are not in college, and still in high school, obtain college credit and give some breathing room to parents for their college loans?  Meaning if the student passes exam many universities will accept it as college credit, resulting in money saving and not having to take unnecessary classes.  Click here to view Algebra CLEP Exam study guides.


What makes our Math system unique for Westchester and Fairfield County Residents

          With intercombination of template based mathematical questions giving flexibility for tutors to create robust set of questions, and intercombination of variety of methods for student and tutor to input mathematical data, ranging from optical character recognition of math symbols, WYSYWIG Math Editor, Math Library, and questions created by other mathematics tutors who were recruited by Tutoring Services, LLC, and intercombination of latest advances in technology such as release of Microsoft Surface, IPAD PRO products, and the fact that our company also happens to be IT Consulting oriented company, and our marketing power through our proprietary internetwork of math local tutoring sites in Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT as well as our Mathematics Test prep division side of the business and robust marketing power provided through social media sites like  etc... gives our company competitive edge in helping students learn math.   None of this would happen if it wasn't due to our network of sites.  Want to see what network of sites we are talking about here?


Take a look here for example at our Westchester Tutoring Math network of sites for example in Algebra sector

       The list goes on and on and on.  The point we are trying to make here is that, instead of focusing on simply providing local math tutoring matchmaking like many other companies already do instead we wanted to take intercombination approach of helping Westchester County Parents and Fairfield County Parents make a neat realization, about what is affordable and what is not, then simply contact us for help.  Especially in the cases if your local math tutor is simply not affordable. 

However, since we do have an entire network of websites created by this company DBA Binary Fusion NetworkConsultant.NET  we are able to help Westchester and Fairfield County parents to find their local math tutors also at a much more affordable price.    All we have to say is that Westchester County and Fairfield County area is lucky to have a company like Tutoring Services, LLC being born in Stamford CT.   Hence when asking for our help, please realize that we have a long waiting list already.  


Math and Technology can be simple for parents and students of Westchester County NY


      With the integrated technology and Microsoft Surface Book or table with a pen, you can easily work with our tutors one on one!  Tutoring doesn't have to be expensive, we have robust mathematical tools, ranging from math optical character recognition, shapes recognition for easier math drawing, rulers, graphs, and range of other mathematics tools make the process of learning math for students easier, students can even learn using IPAD Or Microsoft Surface Pro!  (limited functionalities are currently present over IPAD, for best experience we recommend to use Google Chrome or Firefox Browser and Windows or MAC based laptop, with headphones).


Online Math Tutoring is great alternative for expensive local home tutoring

        Online math tutoring is a great alternative to local tutoring, because it provides a better price for a parent, especially for the type of parent who is on the go and can't afford to have local math tutor come into their Westchester County home on regular basis, yet still, want his/her child to learn math.  We are not like other online companies, we specifically handle Westchester County and Fairfield County parents' local and online math tutoring needs. If you want to see full feature set of our whiteboard with math tools contact us and us gladly provide that to you and show you a demo.  To request Demo contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call from phone number above.


Does your son or daughter have math challenge question and need help?

     For example does your child have Math Challenge question every Tuesday, is your child stuck with the common core based math questions, do you feel like it would be waste of money to get local tutor to get help on single math homework question and simply just want your child to jump online and get help from online math tutor to help with the challenge question, without having to ask local home tutor to come down and pay more money for such tutor? 

If you answered yes then Hybrid Math learning approach is for your child.  Note, clearly online math tutoring is not the same as local, for many obvious reasons, however, provided that student and tutor is provided with the right tools and gets recommended to get the right tools, and have company like Tutoring Services, LLC help such Westchester County parent with this task, can make it much better learning experience for your son or daughter.  

       Why?  Well simply because now Westchester County parent does not have to contact other tutoring agencies for their math help to get a local tutor, or get an online tutor, they can get custom based matchmaking directly by 1 company Tutoring Services, LLC.   No hassle needed of contacting 1 company for 1 local tutor or contacting another tutor for online. 

     Sure there are other companies out there as well, however, none of them tailor their tools and business process towards Math subject as much as Tutoring Services, LLC does.  Why?

That is because owner of the Tutoring Services, LLC also happens to be certified/former math teacher for the state of CT and a math tutor and IT networking guru (direct proof you can find here visit www.NetworkConsultant.NET), who literally took his time to sit down evaluate all the math tools that exist out there and delivered it directly to Westchester County parents these tools on the platter.  


So what if the owner of Tutoring Services, LLC is the math teacher?   How does that help my kid learn math?

         The owner also worked at his first job at Stamford CT board of education at the age of 16 and clearly knows what can help students learn complex mathematics concepts.   Additionally not only does the company helps students get a better grade in math by inter combining concepts of technology, but it also recommends tutors with other self-guide materials in mathematic.

       For example, your child can in addition to local math tutoring or online math tutoring or both visit another site called  for example and view algebra study materials that we added there that students in Westchester County NY may find helpful.  Algebra materials that students can use to prepare for math final or midterm exam.


Not interested in local math tutoring delivered directly to your son or daughter in Westchester County NY

       If student or parent does not even want to bother going through local or online tutor with us and simply wants to study on their own, then they can easily do so by visiting our site and viewing these mathematics study guides, or better what just continue browsing other math subjects on this very same site and seeing all study guides and tutors in one location on the same page, making concept of finding tutors, study guides, and online tutors much simpler.

       Additionally owner of the company traveled to different student's homes in Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT talked to parents tutored their sons and daughters, and this is how many ideas provided here were born, many things that you see here was directly reflected from the conversations between parents and owner of Tutoring Services, LLC and students.


We can beat many companies match prices through our math network of tutoring sites!

     Additionally since we do have many math subject sites such as,,,, and many other subjects related sites from where we can get math tutors, through intercombination of multiple sites, we are able to obtain much better-qualified tutoring candidates and keep costs affordable for parents, and at the same time hold our tutors accountable for their actions. 


How Online Math Tutoring Sessions are administered and why using our math solution is a good idea for your son or daughter

         Online Tutoring whiteboard sessions get recorded and provided to students for 28 days for access, we also allow Westchester County Parents to reuse the same technology and be able to meet up with their math tutor online before engaging with them.  Parents can also review tutoring profile of such math teachers, our math tutors even create free practice tests to demonstrate their teaching effectiveness and post them inside their profiles, making it easier for parents to see who is the expert and who is not, and who is just out there to get the student without showing any type of reason for parent to chose them.


Why are we better in math matchmaking service than any other sites you see out there in Westchester County NY or Fairfield County CT?

        Forget other sites that give Mathematics tests to their tutors which they can cheat on and be certified in 100 subjects at the same time show up at your Westchester County home and not provide real educational value for your child the value that every parent should be looking for especially if they want what's best for their kids, forget sites where tutors show their teaching styles using videos, but do not show any information about grade levels and how comfortable tutor is in regards to teaching specific grade level student. 


We help Parents chose their math tutors easy way!

         We have tools on our call my tutor platform that show hourly rates of math tutors in Westchester County NY by grade level by subject and parents/students can even get the idea of what the tutor is all about by reading dedicated grade level teaching effectiveness descriptions about many tutors who register with us, as well as seeing introductory video about the tutor, giving the right set of tools for students and parents to decide whether or not they should get such mathematics tutor or if they are not sure and would like to pre-screen the tutor first, then make such decision. 

Other sites do not do such pre-screening, they do not let you pre-screen their tutors, or the ones that do, do not offer anywhere near to what Tutoring Services, LLC offers to Westchester County NY parents looking for math help for their children.


We give flexibility for a parent to meet with their tutor before buying tutoring discount package.

      We give flexibility for parent/student to meet with the local or online math tutor before purchasing pre-paid package through our whiteboard (if a parent asks for it), our math tutors provide their own hourly rates their own tutoring discount packages, making it easier for a parent to chose the right tutor.  

As oppose to other tutoring agencies who simply make their tutors declare prices that are good for them, sure we have guidelines for prices, but we do not tell tutors which price for their hourly rate they should set, we let market declare that. 

Every parent in Westchester County NY deserves to affordable education and better quality type of math education, rather then contacting random tutors on other random sites, and end up getting a tutor who ends up costing parent money and no academic progress for their son's or daughters or provide questionable results for which you can not hold such tutors accountable for, (good examples would be any independent tutors registered on our sister site

      Instead of giving tests to tutors like other math tutoring agencies do, we give Westchester County tutors flexibility to create tests to show their dedication and differentiation in comparison to other tutors, we have rigorous enrollment procedures ranging from pre-screening interview with tutor by the owner or subject matter expert, for which tutor specializes in as their main area of core expertise, where interview gets recorded for agency's review or even be provided to parent for parent's review, with tutor's acceptance permission.  To view how rigorous we can get view


We review our math tutors and hold them accountable

        If tutor applies with us, then they must be ready to answer math question during an interview, they must ready to explain any math question and must be ready to provide justification if we do not get such tutors, then we are happy either or because we managed to avoid complications.

If we find such tutors great we can help parents match-make them.   Note, due to how high quality we are in match process we only work with few parents, hence when you contact our company do not expect to get tutor right away, sometimes it takes time for us to find the right tutor before we begin our search, our method of search involves posting job ads on craigslist sites, on our subject tutoring sites on network of local Fairfield and Westchester county tutoring sites, on social media sites, using advertisement on bing and google and using many many other elements to attract candidates, that there is just no way student or parent of Westchester County would be able to do on their own.

       Hence when contacting us please tell us your urgency how urgently do you need a math tutor. Note posting jobs on Craiglist is dangerous, any random person can respond back we do not encourage parents of doing so on their own, it's been proven statistically that risk is a way to high for doing business direct with someone who you can not hold accountable. 


We care for the safety of Westchester Parents and students, this is why we pre-screen our math tutors and give that option to parents as well.

         We are different from many tutoring sites you see saturating market, we filter our math tutors after reviewing them through craigslist ads or other methods of job requests.  Hence do not try searching for a tutor through craigslist, we are telling you that not because we want you to buy our local or online math tutors, but telling you this to keep you safe, your children safe and avoid the headache of doing so yourself. 

        Our company does not care if we make money or not from tutoring commission (that is not our priority, although we do like commission since it helps us operate) we give parents multiple choices to chose from, and we are not out here to get your money like other tutoring agencies are who are backed up by big corporations and who charge their students insane amount of money per hour and pay their math tutors much less!   Shouldn't you get the value that you deserve for your child for the price you pay?   Hence with our tutors, you are more likely to receive that value since we do not charge huge commission fees like other tutoring agencies do.  


We have the biggest network of local tutoring sites in Westchester County and Fairfield County, thereby reducing our operational expenses and passing on tutoring expenses savings directly to you!

        Besides we have the biggest network of local tutoring sites in Westchester County NY and are not concerned if a parent chooses to go through our sister site instead of contacting us or chooses to search for tutors on their own, our goal is to provide affordable and high-quality mathematical options for parents to chose from. Or not get a tutor at all and have their sons and daughters study on their own through self-guided materials on if that is what parent is looking for in terms of affordability option.


We provide the best math learning plan options then any other company can ever provide in CT and NY area.

        We provide actual solutions for higher math learning effectiveness, and can care less if someone buys a tutor from us or not, other company's revenue model is to simply sell parents and students tutors, we do not solely rely on that concept like many other tutor matchmaking companies do, our goal is to provide affordable math education, regardless of what solution you buy. 

        We are partnered with a variety of mathematical companies who are strategically aligned to help us make the concept of affordability a reality. We do not specialize only in tutoring matchmaking and take commission clap our hands and run away.  This is what other companies do, commission plus charge parents outrageous fees for simply acting as the middle man.

       What we provide is a full solution full educational progress and yes commission fee, but not because that is our only method of revenue like it is the case with other companies, but because we want to provide higher quality service and better affordable educational solution. 

         We dare you to go out and take a challenge to see if you can find any other company in Westchester or Fairfield County or New Haven who offers anything remotely close to what we offer.   Most of the parents who contact us, tell us they will think about and call us back, and most of them do, after realizing that there is no company like Tutoring Services, LLC anywhere near Fairfield County CT or Westchester County NY.   In fact nowhere near possible in the whole USA. 

      Reasons for that include a robust network of local tutoring and mathematical sites that we created to reduce our marketing fees.  Something that other companies don't bother doing.  Meaning all other tutoring companies have a single site and do not bother even having multiple sites, resulting in higher costs and higher agency commission fees.  We on the other hand leverage intercombination of different tutoring sites, with different business structures in combination with pre-screening background check practices, and test prep resources, giving us a competitive edge over any other tutoring company in CT or NY.


Math for Elementary Home Schoolers! or students on the budget in Westchester County NY! Grade 1 - 6

Free 1-Year Math Curriculum w/ Video Lessons

    We realize that Westchester County math students may simply not be ready for online or local home tutor or perhaps do not have enough money to afford private 1 on 1 local or online tutor in White Plains, New Rochelle, Rye, Port Chester or any other cities or towns, and simply looking for more affordable supplementary interactive type of math help in the form of organized math curriculum that can help students excel in school, while simultaneously reducing expenses. 

        Tutoring Services, LLC specifically partnered up with another math company who specializes in math curriculum to deliver such video-based interactive math lessons and keep education prices affordable.  Especially useful for homeschool children in Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT who can study on their own, this type of organized study material that is offered, is much more organized then Khan Academy has very good looking intuitive video interactive lessons and parents of many children love it. 


Great for Westchester County and Fairfield County Parents seeking math learning solution with more than one child!

       Especially if you have more then one child this can be a great method to supplement your son or daughters mathematical set of expertise.   The interactive video math lessons are designed to be as a supplementary method of learning, but definitely, should not be used as the only method for preparing your children in math subject.  It is in fact much more attractive in pricing then local math tutor or online math tutor and is great for Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT  parents who simply can not afford expensive home mathematics tutor or even online math tutor.

          The math program does have a great interface, beatified consistent explanations, and is not just compilation of random tutorials like you see on other FREE sites like Khan Academy.  Hence from that perspective, we think it can be great supplementary study math aid for students in Westchester County NY or even around the world

This academic math program is perfect for self-guided math learners, simply place your child behind a computer and have him go through all the math video interactive lessons.  Obviously this program lack the flexibility to ask tutor questions or fails to provide individualized attention that you would get with online 1 on 1 math tutor or private home local tutor, but nevertheless it's much more affordable, much better quality than any other free resource you see out there and definitely can be greatly supplemented with other services provided by Tutoring Services, LLC such as 1 on1 online math tutoring, or private math home tutoring or both.


Just to give Westchester County parents an idea of how great this Math Video Interactive product is for Elementary Students  consider the following math learning options

Method 1.  Local one on one Math Tutoring in Westchester County NY

Two Types

Type 1.  Traditional Math Tutor

Type 2.  Hybrid Math Tutor (Local + Online in 1 Tutor)

Method 2.  Online Math one on one Tutoring for any student in the USA

Method 3.  Self Guided + Interactive Math Learning for students in Westchester County NY or the USA or even other countries.

Method 4.  Hybrid Math Learning intercombination of all resources.


Now let's describe the differences here and meaning of it all

Now let's put a rating scale on all 4 methods in terms of quality, affordability and learning effectiveness and how well method is aligned with school curriculum goals. 

Local Math Tutoring Quality on scale from 1 to 5 where 1 is the lowest quality and 5 is the highest quality in Westchester County NY

Type 1. Traditional Math Tutor

The quality of local math tutoring is much better than online, providing all of the other factors are equal.   Local math tutoring provides 1 on 1 individualized attention for students in Westchester County NY hence it's much better then online math tutoring or self-guided approach, simply because tutor is sitting next to student, and can quickly identify weak links in student's math area of expertise, and keep student more focused, review math homework assignment and see student's responses in real time and make recommendations of how to improve student's answers or how to answer questions properly while making sure student understands the concept. Hence we give quality value for the 2nd  highest potential learning effectiveness of a 4 to Local Math Tutoring learning method.  

       Traditional Local 1 on 1 Math Tutor is more expensive the online math tutor, or more expensive then self-guided study guides,  However traditional math tutors typically rely on material of students that students use in schools such as math homework worksheets or student's math book,  and rarely go above and beyond traditional methods of math teaching other than to use plain pencil and paper with tutor's own book as additional reference method.    Local Math Traditional tutors have typically retired teachers or adults or subject matter experts or college students as well.   Traditional Local 1 on 1 math tutors does not use any type of specifically crafted Math tools to deliver their learning instructions. 

          They are not in any way trained or guided by Tutoring Services, LLC on how to use math tools and simply do not provide any type of flexibility for local tutoring sessions to be recorded for further review, neither do they have method to reinforce student's knowledge and by being able to assign homework questions which can be reviewed by tutor to see how well student is doing to get a better understanding on how far behind student really is.

        Traditional Math Local Tutors are less expensive than hybrid math tutors (tutors who teach students math locally or at home but also leverages online whiteboard to deliver math instructions) and more expensive than online math tutors. 



Traditional Math Tutors is harder to find then online math tutors, especially for specialized math subjects.

      The traditional method of math tutoring has been used by many generations and is still being used today.  However, there is a new approach 21st-century approach to learning that makes traditional tutoring less attractive to parents of Westchester County and Fairfield County CT.   So what approach is better than simply a traditional method of local home tutoring?   Our answer is Hybrid Math Tutoring approach which is Type 2  of a local 1 on 1 math tutor. 


If the local one on one traditional Math tutor is ranked as number 4, what is ranked highest?  

 We are glad you asked after all, wouldn't you want what's best for your children and what's better than a local traditional math tutor?  Our answer isHybrid Math Tutor

Type 2Hybrid Math Tutor.    First of all what on earth is that?  Good question we are glad you asked.  Hybrid Math Tutor is the type of tutor who utilizes intercombination of specifically created mathematical tools neatly created by Tutoring Services, LLC company with intercombination of any other study mathematic materials that tutor sees fit during the tutoring process. 

       Mathematical study material such as student's printed homework assignments, school's book, or tutor's own math book or any other outside resources that are useful during math lesson, and is something that tutor would use anyway during traditional type 1 based mathematical tutoring, however the key difference here with Hybrid Math Tutor, is the fact that tutor uses as a supplementary math learning method for training specifically crafted mathematical whiteboard, neatly designed to allow tutor to explain mathematical concept to student with ease. 

        In addition to using intercombination of a mathematical whiteboard during math tutoring lesson hybrid math tutor may also assign student math homework for student to answer on their own and be able to see during next lesson if student spent any time answering homework questions and what questions student got wrong, and reinforce student's knowledge during next lesson. 

       Another new part about hybrid math tutors is that math tutoring session optionally can be recorded for further review by the student, and student can review recording at a later time.  This is an optional feature that we provide to parents. 

        Hybrid Math Tutors are unique in a sense that, they can leverage mathematical tool and not just write on a piece of paper that always gets forgotten or never bother being looked at by the student, but write on the electronic whiteboard using Surface Pro PC for example where such info gets recorded.  Mathematical concepts are easily explained by the tutor, simply because the process of inputting math symbols is extremely simplified, the process of learning math gets extremely simplified for the student as well.  A tutor can hold multiple windows opened during tutoring on their Surface Pro 4or later PC, they can drag and drop math graphs from one screen into another.   We are confident math students will love it. 

       Mathematical tools ranging from calculators, protractors, advanced tables, and beautified shape recognition images, are easily maneuvered by Hybrid Math Tutors to demonstrate to students for example how equations are graphed how they change when being graphed, what happens when you add a  2 what happens when you subtract number 2, how it looks like visually etc.. etc... etc...

         Using traditionally based tutoring process is very slow and rigorous, notes that created by tutor are not reviewed by students in the majority of the times and students do not really have reasons to do their homework.  Sometimes they just forget how to do it, even though tutor explained the concepts,  this is typically what would happen with traditional based local tutoring.   However, with hybrid math tutors, this concept is easily reinforced simply because tutoring sessions can be recorded for further review by the student or the parent.

        Math tutors are no longer considered just being local tutors, they are in fact knowledgeable computer literate math tutors who know how to teach math and knows how to use mathematical whiteboard tool that Tutoring Services, LLC put together specifically to address this math issue where students simply don't learn well even if they meet with tutors face to face.  With local math traditional home tutoring learning effectiveness is one of the highest indeed, however, we would have to put hybrid math tutors to the highest of the highest scale giving it a solid number 5 score,

          So what exactly does that mean?   What that means is, Hybrid Math tutoring mean for Westchester or Fairfield County parents?   That means if you land our self on a hybrid math tutor you are getting good value for your money.    Hybrid Math tutors are more expensive than traditional math tutors, much harder to find than traditionally based mathematics tutors, and way more expensive the online math tutors.  Luckily there are few hybrid math tutors in Westchester and Fairfield County and if you need one hybrid math tutor do let us know and we will recruit one for you.  Obviously, hybrid math tutors are going to be expensive.  To see if a tutor is also a hybrid math tutor, it's a good idea to meet with the tutor face to face, luckily our company makes this process easy for parents of Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT. 

       To see if a tutor is a hybrid math tutor, look at his/her profile, if he/she is a hybrid math tutor, he/she will specify so.  To find out exactly hourly rate tutor would charge for hybrid math tutoring you would have to discuss directly with the tutor face to face over whiteboard during 15 mins pre-screening period, that gets automatically recorded.  During the very same pre-screening period tutor can even demonstrate his/her expertise in online math tutoring whiteboard use, giving parents an idea of what to expect from the tutor.  To see other reasons why pre-screening is needed when meeting a tutor you can visit this link.

The rate you would see in tutor's profile is not the rate he/she would charge for hybrid math tutoring.  In some cases, it's 30% to 40% more.  Reason for such hike is simply because math tools that we use cost money every time they are used, and technology to create them is expensive, plus tutor has to spend time, creating questions and assigning them to students for homework and verifying their work, some of that eats up a bit of time outside of local scheduled tutoring, hence depending on which subject tutor teaches that percentage can jump higher or lower.  

          For example if you were to ask Calculus Hybrid Math tutor to teach your son/daughter or college student math, then clearly hybrid tutor must spend some time to create homework questions to assign to student for homework, spend some time learning how to use whiteboard to become acquainted with it, know actual calculus material really well and be ready to neatly explain everything to the student while leveraging math tutoring tools that Tutoring Services, LLC company managed to put together.  These type of tutors are more computer literate that traditional math tutors, they have to go through training be pre-screened more thoroughly.  

        Each mathematical tool that is being used cost money for it to use, simply because the technology that it uses, relies on multiple mathematical partners.  Hence Price for such tutors is much higher than local traditional tutors, but learning effectiveness is also much better than with the traditional home tutor, simply because many of the concepts can be described visually by the hybrid math tutor to the student and simply because variety of examples can be created by hybrid math tutor to illustrate how to solve similar problems and being able to use variety of the math tools to deliver more robust mathematical instructions.    Hence if you count matchmaking fee that we charge and hybrid math tutoring fee, you will quickly realize that a good chunk of the money is spent on matchmaking fee and on mathematical tools smaller chunk is spent on an actual tutor, tutor's time.  

         So what that means is....... if you have a tutor for example who charges $60 per hour........ and agency fee is 25% for example, then the student would pay $75.  Note you must not confuse matchmaking fee with hybrid math tutoring tools fee.   Simply because it's 2 different things.  Matchmaking fee is what we charge students and parents for helping them find reliable math tutor and yes for that we charge money.  Other companies charge 70% matchmaking fee leaving tutors with only 30%, believe it or not, this happens to be an ongoing trend in the tutoring industry.  However, without company, matchmaking fee is much lower and get's, even more, lower as tutor works longer.


Why is Hybrid Math Tutoring so expensive in comparison to Traditional based tutoring?

       Hybrid math tools fee consists of 3 components, 1 is percentage for the tutor as tutor's reward for actually taking their time and using their equipment such as Surface Pro Tablet and going through online math tutoring training and learning how to use our whiteboard tool, and that reward can be additional 20 to 30 percent added on top of what tutor earns.   The other component is math tools fee.  This is the fee that Tutoring Services, LLC charges for integrating and maintaining math tools.  Then there is a fee that we must pay to our partners without whom we would not be able to make such solution work.

So let's take a look at basic example

So if tutor charges $60 per hour, the agency charges the student $75 to $78 (depending if a student buys package not) and that is for traditional local tutoring.  Hence agency keeps the very low fee for this match only $15 to $18.   That fee gets even lower as tutor works longer for our agency.

Let's do further analysis, most of the math tutors who we work with are typically college students who are hybrid tutors, college tutors do not charge as much as certified teachers. 


So how much would it be for a hybrid math tutor then?

     Well, let's take $60+  $15 Agency  Fee + 20% of Tutor's Hybrid Math tutoring Expertise Fee from tutor's rate  + 20% for Whiteboard Maintenance and integration fees from tutor's rate. $60+$15+$12+$12= $99   Just under $100 per hour.   (this is just one of examples that do not mean that all of our hybrid math tutors will be under $100)  Please keep in mind Hybrid Math Tutoring Expertise Fee is a variable percent rate between 20 and 30% depends on what tutor think is best for his/her subject this is something that tutor would determine only after meeting student face to face over the whiteboard. 

       Some tutors may charge full 30% some may charge 20% some may say you know what give me a chance i will not charge any percent but try me as the tutor, and if you like it then the fee will be 20%.     The only thing that does not change is our 20% Whiteboard Maintenace fee.  In case you are wondering why so expensive?  The number of different math tools used and different types of technologies used requires paying developers, partners, and other experts, this fee of 20% is the minimum we can do at this point.  It can even be more in the future date, but currently, it's only 20%

       So now take this number and think very carefully about this number, and go online and search for all other local tutoring services, companies in Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT and see how much their tutors charge.    Want to know a shocking secret?   You will not find any Hybrid Math tutors for such price with such level of expertise!   

        Let us tell you what you will find.  You will find pretty looking companies, who do not offer hybrid math tutors, you will find companies where tutors get paid only $20 but parents get charged $70 per hour.  You will find companies who claim they can give u the right tutor, but fail to pre-screen them online or give parents option to pre-screen them yourselves online, you will only find single sites, isolated from entire network of sites, claiming that they are the best, but in reality have nothing to offer that is anywhere remotely near close to being the best.  So now that you have seen what Tutoring Services, LLC has to offer, how would you like to get the demo?  Contact us by the phone number on top right corner to schedule online math tutoring demo.


What is a difference between hybrid math tutor who uses math tools neatly put together by Tutoring Services, LLC and independent tutor who parents can hire on their own without going through the Tutoring Agency and not have to pay any other fees such as whiteboard math tools fees etc?

Here is the main difference

1.  There are no such tools that are put together like they are put together by Tutoring Services, LLC

2.  Independent tutors are not held accountable for their action, hence lower quality of service

3. Going through Tutoring Services, LLC is much better then attempting to find a tutor on your own simply because we can find tutors withing student's budget and offer quality as long as that budget is reasonable, if it's not reasonable we will let you know right away. 

4.  We have entire network of local home tutoring sites in Westchester and Fairfield County CT, making it easy for us to advertise to our clients, and keeping costs low in comparison to other companies, giving tutors more flexibility and more potential student leads

5.  The quality of service you would receive with a local independent tutor without getting help from an agency is riskier and dangerous for students due to the simple fact that independent tutors are not pre-screened rigorously.

6.  Independent tutors do not assign diagnostic homework, and if they do there is really no clear way to see if they did.

7.  Our tutors are much faster in creating diagnostic math homework since our test prep math module is designed around flexibility for tutors to do so effectively.

8.   Since we have social media presence such as and other math tutoring blog sites we can expand our search for tutors and in many cases find tutors offering more favorable hourly rates than independent math tutors.

However if you are still not convinced and prefer to find independent tutor without the help of Tutoring Services, LLC CallMyTutor agency, then do not hesitate to visit our sister site where you can find plenty of tutors but none of the benefits you would receive if you were to go through Tutoring Services, LLC agency.

If parents work through our agency our fees are the lowest because we have network of local tutoring sites in Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT, we have specialized math tools, we have custom created search engine to make it easier for parents to search for tutors and compare them and best of all we are an IT solutions company who knows how to network tools together. 


How on earth did the Founder of Tutoring Services, LLC come up with hybrid math tutoring?

The answer is the simple owner was asked by several students to help them in math. He went out and tutored them than the idea risen up after 8 years of brainstorming, and is currently being realized for Westchester and Fairfield County residents.  Want to hire hybrid math tutor?  Contact us by calling the number from top right corner to help you find one.


Online Math Tutoring on a scale from 1 to 5 would have to be valued as 3, simply because it still is one on one type of tutoring, providing individualized attention and making it easy for a student to ask questions using already existing 21st-century tools.  However students who work with online students are less focused, take process of learning less seriously, however they are reinforced with reliable math knowledge of the tutor, can still take picture of their math problem over IPAD or Microsoft Surface Pro tablet or Android device or Tablet based PC with camera and Mic and still get the help from the tutor still learn from the tutor concepts still be able to share worksheets just like with local tutor. 


Online Tutoring still has many technical barriers, however, we managed to break many of these barriers since we also happen to be IT Consulting Company as well!

       However technical barrier between tutor and student is still an issue in some cases especially for really young students, and due to many incompatible technologies that exist out there, online math tutoring still has some limitations.  However using online tutoring makes it easy for a student to understand problems by leveraging diagnostic homework assignments where an online tutor can check student's work and be able to get the critical knowledge to advance further. 

        Plus Online Math Tutoring in real time can give student flexibility to get school homework reviewed, discuss any school related questions and help the student, in general, get a better grade.   Since we have managed to build a decent platform for studying math, with fewer limitations of other competitors integrating multiple math tools, we believe Parent/Student will greatly benefit from it. 


The best part about our company is that you can ask us to help you in both local and online math tutor matchmaking!

          The best part about our company is that we are not only online and local tutoring company, but also test prep company as well, we literally have content developers who create content, who review exams in math for major tests and then create study materials based on these exam objectives, then our online tutors who created such materials end up tutoring students over our whiteboard, giving flexibility of being able to use both, whiteboard and specifically designed math content. 

       This option is limited to some math tests, for more info if interested contact us, however that is one of the key points that differentiate us from others, not only does your student get to be tutored by math tutor using best math tools, but also gets to be tutored either by actual content developer who created content and has experience in tutoring such content or another online math tutor who uses our content. Note additional fees do apply for such supplementary method of math learning.

    The interesting part about our math tutors is that they can create practice tests in their tutoring profiles!   Making it easy to see for parents who the tutor is, is he serious about his/her tutoring and if it really makes sense for a parent to hire him/her. 


How we managed to bridge local and online math tutoring together!

        Note to get 1 company to do all of these things is practically impossible, hence is the reason why we have strategically designed business models reinforcing one another, giving our content developers in math an incentive to work with us.  Simply because they have way too many benefits, and therefore in exchange provide better Tutoring Service.   Our content math developers typically get so many opportunities, that it's not even comprehensible to describe all in one article.  

         Let's just put it this way, other companies have tutors who they pay almost nothing and charge students a lot more, do not provide their own content or option to provide their own content, and neither do they have their own math tools, or whiteboard, meaning they do not much incentive for their tutors to work for them.  This is primarily the reason why, online tutors do not really do a good job in teaching math, simply because there hasn't been a single company yet that managed to bridge that gap. 

       Our company managed to bridge it together, due to the innovative solution of owner's technical level strategies, and due to the fact that owner is also a mathematician.   Networking concepts is owner's expertise, regardless if it's networking computers together or mathematical concepts or mathematical strategies or multiple business strategies.  Without such level of networking power, it would not be possible for us to make our prices so low and would not be possible for Westchester County parents to receive innovative solutions in mathematics. 


How we are different from brick and mortar educational math companies.

       Note there are some other local brick and mortar companies that dominate math market, with their worksheets and selling them to students.  This concept will be soon replaced since our independent tutors can also create worksheets and practice tests and easily assign them to students based on whatever guidelines or school principals they desire.  Hence if a parent asks a tutor for common core based tutoring, our tutors can create practice tests using common core standards and assign them to students, maximizing their earning, but at the same time aligning themselves with Common Core strategies.

    This gives flexibility not only other brick and mortar companies to operate but also helps independent tutors providing individualized mathematical attention simply beat what they offer, in terms of quality of service.  Besides the majority of such brick and mortar companies are simply a setup for one size fit all type of strategy with mass production style based on ethics.  

       What Tutorng Services, LLC is doing here is giving tools to independent contractors i.e teachers or college students with academic degrees or similar experience, being able to do the same thing these other brick and mortar companies do, i.e align themselves by providing school-related practice tests, leverage intercombination of traditional based tutoring concepts on the local level or even tutor online or combination of it all. 


Self-guided Math Learning Option for Westchester County students

Self Guided Interactive Math Learning Concept is rather different but affordable, it's designed for home school students or any other students who need help in math, by being able to review lessons interactively still have a diagnostic method of tracking progress and still be able to gain critical understanding, and stay ahead of other school teammates. 

It still is a high-quality type of method but from the perspective of learning effectiveness, we give it a quality value of a 3. This method is flexible for students who simply want better grades and willing to put consistent time into learning, and great for parents with multiple kids who want to enroll them in this program. 

However, we would have to give learning effectiveness score of a 3, simply due to the fact that although it can provide great learning effectiveness, it's not as good as a real human interacting with the student on 1 on 1 private basis. 


Hybrid Math Learning approach

Hybrid Math Learning tactic is the best learning option for highest learning effectiveness that you can do for your child in Westchester County NY and we give it a score of 5.  Simply because this method inter combines both self-guided learning tactics and online math tutoring tactics, and local. 

How does Hybrid Math Learning work for my child?


Step 1. We matchmake you with local Fairfield County math private 1 on 1 tutor

Simple, you contact our Tutoring Services,LLC company we help you get matched with a local Westchester County tutor or tutor from Fairfield County who is ok with traveling to Westchester County, you tell us your price budget and we do the rest,  you can buy affordable math tutoring packages directly from local home tutor's profile, we keep all the accounting done for you, all the pre-screening, and even optionally if interested let you meet with the tutor over our math video whiteboard pre-screening tool, giving you the parent flexibility to get to know who you are going to be working with, who shows up at your home, how much money they will charge you and best of all see if local Westchester or Fairfield County Math tutor makes sense for you or not.  If we can not find a local tutor in our database of tutors we simply notify you to provide you with alternative options. 

Options range from us continuing to search for your tutor, or helping you get matched with online math tutor alternatively, or even referring you to our sister site which is full of independent tutors, who work on their own with no matchmaking recurring commission fee involved, however such tutors are not managed by us and can charge more or simply not be held accountable for their actions.  There tons of other reasons, if you want to knows the reasons feel free to send us an email and we will elaborate on this standpoint.


Step 2  We match make you with Online Math private 1 on 1 tutor

        We matchmake your son or daughter with online math tutor, where similarly like with the home local 1 on 1 tutor, we also show you candidate with packages, where you can buy mathematics  tutoring discount packages based on more specific math subject, and grade level all from a single company, no need to jump around across different companies, our company specializes in both local and online tutoring as well as providing students custom learning plan for their educational needs.  

     We send student/parent profile of online tutor or cross comparison of multiple tutors for Parent/Student to chose from.  You can similarly optionally meet with an online math tutor, just like local tutor face to face over whiteboard for 15 mins and decided if the tutor is right for you.  Sometimes we may send only 1 tutor to parent, if not other tutor is available.


What makes our Mathematics Online Tutors unique in comparison to any other company

        The unique concept about our online math tutors is that they would have the math tools to teach students online, all the necessary math tools they need, that is something no other company in the world can provide, math tools ranging from optical character handwriting recognition, allowing students to convert handwritten input math writing equations using Surface Pro stylus into real math symbols, providing student with step by step solution explaining specific equation, rulers, protractors, grid papers and many other components that other companies simply do not have or bother having, due to the fact that the field of mathematics is very narrow, however since our company focuses on both tutor matchmaking for local and online tutors as well as study guide creation we are able to leverage these tools to minimize costs, and therefore able to deliver such mathematics solutions to students.  

Not only do we have math tools that help students and teachers write math equations, interact with one another over the video but we also have social media platform and many math sites helping us recruit tutors faster while keeping our tutors busy responsible and accountable for their actions.  Plus parents can gain access to whiteboard recordings of each lesson giving great flexibility for students to review 1 on online tutoring for later use, something that can't really be done with home tutoring.   Hence maximizing your son's or daughter's learning effectiveness in mathematics even more.


Step 3. We refer you to buy Self-Guided Math lessons are appropriate for your use case

We sell you one of the packages for interactive self-guided math video courses and help your son or daughter or multiple children in your family learn math for an affordable price.   This will keep the students going, reinforcing concepts in mathematics and learning concepts faster, seeing mistakes they received and getting reinforced automatically with relevant tutorials based on the self-guided video interactive course in the form of tests and worksheets compiled neatly together to provide an effective process in learning.  Note it's not going to answer student's questions like a real tutor would, but it would be more affordable and something to keep your kids busy while making sure they get adequate knowledge for fraction of the price of a tutor!   However, studying without a tutor will not be as effective as with the tutor.  This option depends on grade level.


What if I don't like any of the Math learning methods.

   If you are thinking we are trying to sell you something, and you are still not convinced and do not want to buy self-guided interactive math course, then feel free to visit our site to see other math resources in variety of subjects, see their prices and make decision on your own for what is best for your child.  However what we described here with the hybrid approach we believe is the best learning effectiveness option.  You can also visit our math books sites, if everything else fail, studying from simple math book which you can buy from cheapest book store or students directly in Fairfield Campus can also be an option, however books are not as effective as interactive self-guided video lessons in math, hence do not expect the same quality, however feel free to check our section and help us save the environment by reusing old math college textbooks.



Tutoring Services, LLC is going green and helping parents of math students in Westchester County NY save money on college books

For Students/Parents who want to save money on college expenses for the kids, we also created another site that helps us save the world and help the environment.   Visit  students can buy cheap books online or even sell them directly to each other or buy from each other avoiding any middle man bookstore fees and save money on shipping expenses meet other students face to face and sell books directly and reuse old books.  Also if you are interested in having your kids prepare for CLEP exam and earn college credits without paying extra money for extra college credits visit our   site for more info


We work with only a few parents and students due to the quality of match provided.

           Due to how high quality our match is we work only with few parents, hence if you contact us and do not get response for what you were looking for, please feel free to visit where you  can search tutors on your own without agency's involvement no agency recurring commission fee applies, however disadvantage is the benefit of rigorous matchmaking process.  If you want quality matchmaking experience, then contact us if you are on the budget and have no money to spare, then still contact us we can discuss online math tutoring flexibility for your son or daughter, however, if you need local tutor and we do not have one within your budget or you do not want to wait then visit our sister site to find a math tutor on your own without agency's matchmaking recurring commission fee. (but these tutors are not managed by us hence contact them at your own risk)

However our fees are way lower anyway then many of the tutors on in some cases, due to the fact that we have great economy of scale by leveraging our local tutoring sites, so in reality parent would get high quality and affordability if working through the agency then as oppose to attempting to avoid the agency.  

        Plus there are many other factors involved, parents trust us and parents do not want to work with multiple agencies, where one agency provides online tutoring another one home tutoring, or provides online tutoring and home tutoring but fails to hold their tutors accountable.   Tutoring Services, LLC is a private company not governed by any public shareholders and does not need to do what other people want it to do, we do what is right for Westchester County Parents Students and Tutors.  We'd rather have 10 tutors then 1000 but have high-quality tutors then having to worry about holding 1000 of them accountable for their action.

         Forget other companies that have a good looking interface with a mass number of tutors, yet fail to hold them accountable, our company does not work with tutors who we can not hold accountable for their actions.   Every tutor signs a contractor and is bound by many other reasons to be accountable for their actions as described in


Local math Tutoring experts in Westchester County can help students with their math homework

    Our local Math experts in Westchester and Fairfield county can also answer any questions you or your son or daughter may have in math as long as the questions are within the limit of expertises of specific tutor based on the subject and grade level of the tutor declared in his/her call my tutor profile, and also assist students with math homework help and review school material student covered in class and help students understand such material and show methods of solving equations, finding solutions derivatives, integrals, and trigonometric functions.

       Our Math online instructors can also help students prep for tests too, as well as complete math projects.  Contact today by the phone number on the top right corner or through student registration form,  Also to make things easier you can also view profiles of our instructors shown on this very same page below, and if you do not want a tutor but perhaps interested in self-study we have study guides available listed below as well.  We also have study materials for educators trying to become certified math teachers for the state of NY or CT and help such educators with their studies as well.  To see study guides we offer simply browse this page or visit

To view math experts, feel free to browse below, note if you do not find your expert, contact us we will engage in our search process.



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