Hybrid Math Tutors

Local Hybrid Math Tutors Utilizing Traditional and Computerized Math Learning Methods in NY and CT


 What type of Local Math Tutor would you like?


Traditional tutor is the one that visits your home teaches your son or daughter math using student's school book, and tutor's book or any other supplementary resources.

Hybrid Math Tutor is the type of Math instructor who can tutor your son or daughter mathematics subject with a tablet PC and intercombination of mathematical tools helping student learn math visually while working with student face to face directly in Westchester County Area, Farifield or New haven counties.  

Further Clarification of Hybrid Math Tutor is

 Hybrid Math Tutor is the type of tutor who utilizes intercombination of specifically created mathematical tools neatly created by Tutoring Services, LLC company with intercombination of any other study mathematic materials that tutor sees fit during the tutoring process. 

       Mathematical study material such as student's printed homework assignmnet, school's book, or tutor's own math book or any other outside resources that are usefull during math lesson, and is something that tutor would use anyway during traditional type 1 based mathematical tutoring, however the key difference here with Hybrid Math Tutor, is the fact that tutor uses as a supplementary math learning method for training specfically crafted mathematical whiteboard, neatly designed to allow tutor to explain mathematical concept to student with ease. 

        In addition to using intercombination of mathematical whiteboard during math tutoring lesson hybrid math tutor may also assign student math homework for student to answer on their own and be able to see during next lesson if student spent any time answering homework questions and what questions student got wrong, and reinforce student's knowledge during next lesson. 

       Another kewl part about hybrid math tutors is that  math tutoring session optionally can be recorded for further review by the student, and student can review recording at a later time.  This is optional feature that we provide to parents.


What makes Hybrid Math Tutoring Super Unique


Hybrid Math Tutors are unique in a sense that, they can leverage mathematical tool and not just write on a peace of paper that always gets forgotten or never bother being looked at by the student, but write on electronical whiteboard  using Surface Pro pc for example where such info gets recorded.  Mathematical concepts are easily explained by the tutor, simply because the process of inputing math symbols is extremely simplified, process of learning math gets extremely simplified for the student as well.  Tutor can hold multiple windows opened during tutoring on their Surface Pro 4or later pc, they can drag and drop math graphs from one screen into another.   We are confident math students will love it. 

       Mathematical tools ranging from calculators, protractors, advanced tables, and beautified shape recognition images, are easily manuvered by Hybrid Math Tutors to demonstrate to students for example how equations are graphed how they channge when being graphed, what happens when you add a  2 what happens when you substract number 2, how it looks like visually etc.. etc... etc...

         Using tradiontal based tutoring process is very slow and rigorous, notes that created by tutor are not reviewed by students in majority of the times and students do not really have reasons to do their homework.  Sometimes they just forget how to do it, even though tutor explained the concepts,  this is typically what would happen with traditional based local tutoring.   However with hybrid math tutors, this concept is easily reinforced simply because tutoring sessions can be recorded for further review by the student or the parent.

        Math tutors are no longer considered just being local tutors, they are in fact knowledgable computer literate math tutors who knows how to teach math and knows how to use mathematical whiteboard tool that Tutoring Services, LLC put together specifically to address this math issue where students simply don't learn well even if they meet with tutors face to face.  With local math traditional home tutoring learning effectiviness is one of the highest indeed, however we would have to put hybrid math tutors to the highest of the highest scale of learning effectiviness giving it a solid number 5 score.  To see what other type of math tutors we help students and parents of Westchester, Fairfield and New Haven county gets matched feel free to visit this link.

So what exactly does Hybrid Math Tutoring means for CT and NY Parents and their sons and daughters?  

     What that means is, Hybrid Math tutoring mean for Westchester or Fairfield County, New Haven county parents?   That means if you are matched with a hybrid math tutor then are getting good value for your money.    Hybrid Math tutors are more expensive then traditional math tutors, much harder to find then traditional based mathematics tutors, and way more expensive then online math tutors.  Luckily there are few hybrid math tutors in Westchester and Fairfield County, New Haven County and if you need one hybrid math tutor do let us know and we will recruit one for you.  Obviously hybrid math tutors are going to be expensive.  To see if tutor is also a hybird math tutor, it's a good idea to meet with the tutor face to face over whiteboard, luckily our company makes this process easy for parents of Westchester County NY and Fairfield County, New Haven CT. 

       To see if tutor is a hybrid math tutor, look at his/her profile, if he/she is a hybird math tutor, he/she will specify so.  To find out exactly hourly rate tutor would charge for hybird math tutoring you would have to discuss directly with the tutor face to face over whiteboard during 15 mins pre-screening period, that gets automatically recorded.  During the very same pre-screening period tutor can even demonstrate his/her expertise in online math tutoring whiteboard use, giving parents an idea of what to expect from the tutor.  To see other reasons why pre-screening is needed when meeting a tutor you can visit this link. The rate you would see in tutor's profile is not the rate he/she would charge for hybrid math tutoring.  In some cases it's 30% to 40% more. 

Reason for such hike is simply because math tools that we use cost money every time they are used, and technology to create them is expensive, plus tutor has to spend time, creating questions and assigning them to students for homework and verifying their work, some of that eats up a bit of time outside of local scheduled tutoring, hence depending on which subjec tutor teaches that percentage can jump higher or lower.  

          For example if you were to ask Calculus Hybrid Math tutor to teach your son/daughter or college student math, then clearly hybrid tutor must spend sometime to create homework questions to assign to student for homework, spend some time learning how to use whiteboard to become aquainted with it, know actual calculus material really well and be ready to neatly explain everything to the student while leveraging math tutoring tools that Tutoring Services, LLC company managed to put together.  These type of tutors are more computer literate that tradtional math tutors, they have to go through training be pre-screeneed more thoroughly. 

        Each mathematical tool that is being used cost money for it to be used, simply because technology that it uses relies on multiple mathematical partners.  Hence price for such tutors is much higher then local tradtional tutors, but learning effectiviness is also much better then with the traditional home tutor, simply because many of the math concepts can be described visually by the hybrid math tutor to the student and simply because variety of examples can be created by hybird math tutor to illustrate how to solve math problems and being able to use variety of the math tools to deliver more robust mathematical instructions.    Hence if you count match making fee that we charge and hybrid math tutoring fee, you will quickly realize that a good chunk of the money is spent on match making fee and on mathematical tools smaller chunk is spent on an actual tutor, tutor's time.  

         So what that means is....... if you have a tutor for example who charges $60 per hour........ and agency fee is 25% for example, then student would pay $75.  Note you must not confuse match making fee with hybird math tutoring tools fee.   Simply because it's 2 different things.  Match making fee is what we charge students and parents for helping them find reliable math tutor and yes for that we charge money.  Other companies charge 70% match making fee leaving tutors with only 30%, believe it or not this happens to be an ongoing trend in the tutoring industry.  However with out company, match making fee is much lower and get's even more lower as tutor works longer.


Why Hybrid Math Tutoring is so expensive in comparison to Traditional based tutoring?

       Hybrid math tools fee consists of 3 components, 1 is percentage for the tutor as tutor's reward for actually taking their time and using their equipment such as Surface Pro Tablet and going through online math tutoring training and learning how to use our whiteboard tool, and that reward can be additional 20 to 30 percent added on top of what tutor earns.   The other component is math tools fee.  This is the fee that Tutoring Services, LLC charges for integrating and maintaing math tools.  Then there is a fee that we must pay to our partners without whom we would not be able to make such solution work.

So let's take a look at basic example

So if tutor charges $60 per hour, agency charges student $75 to $78 (depending if student buys package r not) and that is for traditional local tutoring.  Hence agency keeps very low fee for this match only $15 to $18.   That fee gets even lower as tutor works longer for our agency.

Let's do further analysis, most of the math tutors who we work with are typically college students who are hybird tutors, college tutors do not charge as much as certified teachers.

So how much would it be for a hybrid math tutor then?

     Well let's take $60+  $15 Agency  Fee + 20% of Tutor's Hybrid Math tutoring Expertise Fee from tutor's rate  + 20% for Whiteboard Maintenance and integration fees from tutor's rate. $60+$15+$12+$12= $99   Just under $100 per hour.   (this is just one of examples that does not mean that all of our hybrid math tutors will be under $100)  Please keep in mind Hybrid Math Tutoring Expertise Fee is a variable percent rate between 20 and 30% depends on what tutor think is best for his/her subject this is something that tutor would determine only after meeting student face to face over whiteboard. 

       Some tutors may charge full 30% some may charge 20% some may say you know what give me a chance i will not charge any percent but try me as the tutor, and if you like it then the fee will be 20%.     The only thing that does not chage is our 20% Whiteboard Maintenace fee.  In case you are wondering why so expensive?  The number of different math tools used and different types of technologies used requires paying developers, partners and other experts, this fee of 20% is the minimum we can do at this point.  It can even be more in the future date, but currely it's only 20%

       So now take this number and think very carefully about this number, and go online and search for all other local tutoring services, companies in Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT and see how much their tutors charge.    Want to know a shocking secret?   You will not find any Hybrid Math  tutors for such price with such level of expertise!   

        Let us tell you what you will find.  You will find pretty looking companies, who do not offer hybrid math tutors, you will find companies where tutors get paid only $20 but parents get charged $70 per hour.  You will find companies who claim they can give u the right tutor, but fail to pre-screen them online or give parents option to pre-screen them yourselves online, you will only find single sites, isolated from entire network of sites, claiming that they are the best, but in reality have nothing to offer that is anywhere remotely near close to being the best.  So now that you have seen what Tutoring Services, LLC has to offer, how would you like to get the demo?  Contact us by the phone number on top righ corner to schedule online math tutoring demo.

What is a difference between hybrid math tutor who uses math tools neatly put together by Tutoring Services, LLC and indepenent tutor who parents can hire on their own without going through the Tutoring Agency and not having to pay any other fees such as whiteboard math tools fees etc?

Here is the main difference

1.  There are no such tools that are put together like they are put together by Tutoring Services, LLC

2.  Independent tutors are not held accountable for their action, hence lower quality of service

3. Going through Tutoring Services, LLC is much better then attempting to find tutor on your own simply because we can find tutors withing student's budget  and offer quality as long as that budget is reasonable, if it's not reasonable we will let you know right away. 

4.  We have entire network of local home tutoring sites in Westchester and Fairfield County CT, making it easy for us to advertise to our clients, and keeping costs low in comparison to other companies, giving tutors more flexibility and more potential student leads

5.  The quality of service you would receive with local independent tutor without getting help from an agency is more riskier and dangerous for students due to the simple fact that independent tutors are not pre-screened rigorously.

6.  Independent tutors do not assign diagnostic homeworks, and if they do there is really no clear way to see if they did.

7.  Our tutors are much faster in creating diagnostic math homeworks since our test prep math module is designed around flexibility for tutors to do so effectively.

8.   Since we have social media presence such as Facebook.com/MathTutor and other math tutoring blog sites we can expand our search for tutors and in many cases find tutors offering more favorable hourly rates then indendent math tutors.

However if you are still not convinced and prefer to find indpendent tutor without the help of Tutoring Services, LLC CallMyTutor agency, then do not hesitate to visit our sister site www.TutoringServices.com where you can find plenty of tutors but none of the benefits you would receive if you were to go through Tutoring Services, LLC agency.

If paretns work through our agency our fees are the lowest because we have network of local tutoring sites in Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT, we have specialized math tools, we have custom created search engine to make it easier for parents to search for tutors and compare them and best of all we are an IT solutions company who knows how to network tools together.


How on earth did the Founder of Tutoring Services, LLC come up with hybrid math tutoring?

Answer is simple owner was asked by several students to help them in math. He went out and tutored them then the idea rised up after 8 years of brainstorming, and is currently being realized for Westchester and Fairfield County residents.  Want to hire hybrid math tutor?  Contact usby calling the number from top right corner to help you find one.

What if I find my hybrid math tutor too expensive? 

     Our Answer Then' it's best for you to explore other options such as traditional local tutor (our agency can assist you with other options), however such tutors will not provide anywhere near to the level of learning effectiviness your son or daughter can obtain from hybrid math tutors, plus with tradtional tutor you wouldn't really be able to do see progess in your son's or daughters learnings, other then on relying on school grades, however relying on school grades is not the best idea, since many teachers curve their grades, or simply does not provide much learning effectiviness on individualized one on one basis by leveraging mathematical technology in the mix.  

Most teachers are outdated with their technical skills and hence is the reason why not many use computers to deliver lessons, with hybrid math tutor you get to see progress in your student's learning, access to video recorded lessons which student can review before final or the test, and best of all specialized computerized math instructions delivered by the mathematics tutors directly at your home.   

How is online tutoring any different from hybrid math tutoring?

       Online math tutoring is no the same as hybrid math tutoring simply because both parties are located far apart from each other, and level of child's focus is not the same as it is with the actual local instructor who leverages the very same technological mathematical tools that online math tutor would use.  Except the fact that such tutor can be next to student, demonstrating for example how to solve linear equations and showing how graph changes instantly on portable Tablet and asking studen to show their work in real time, assigning student homework assignment with similar questions, gives method for student to work together with the tutor one on one face to face. Alternatively students can gain access to online math tutors if hybrid local math tutor is too expensive of if they can't find any tutor within their budget locally. 

Our online math tutors have access to the very same math tools our hybrid math tutors have, and can similarly explain math problems, but the concept of learning math remotely is always more challanging then face to face.

How does Hybrid Math Tutoring works?


 Hybrid math tutoring can be best described by simply explaining what happens before it takes, place, what happens during hybrid math tutoring lesson takes place and what happens after.  Please continue reading further.  


Before Hybrid Math Lesson takes place


Parent searches for a tutor, through our site, finds tutor who is hybrid or contact us to help parent recruit hybrid tutor or find one on our site or network of sites.


Hybrid Math tutor meets face to face on math whiteboard online for 15 mins to dicuss parent's needs and agree on hybrid math tutoring hourly rate which is more money then what you would see in tutor's profile, since it does require, use of math tools that are expensive to maintain, use of tutor's personal tablet equipment, and hybrid math tutor's technical expertise in addition to math.  


During this pre-screen interview, hybrid math tutor can also demonstrates mathematical tools to parents to get the WOW factor from the parent and convince parent that hybrid math tutoring is the way to go, simply because it's way better then simply relying on tradtional math tutoring. 


During this pre-screen interview hybrid math tutor asks student specific questions pertaining to hybrid math tutoring lesson such as please be ready to have your WIFI password available, have proper outlet nearby etc.


Hybrid math tutor agrees with the parent on scheduling of when session takes place and how many hybrid math tutoring sessions would parent be interested in.  If Parent doesn't know then tutor can decide that for parent based on how far behind student is in academic subject.


During Hybrid Math Lesson

Hybird Math tutor arrives with Microsoft Tablet PC directly to Westchester/Fairfied or New Haven county parent's home.

Tutor asks parent to connect to wifi network sets him/her self up in comfortable setting in student's home such as kitchen table or any other location in student parent's  home or any other local settings.

Tutor logs into our Math Whiteboard shares his desktop and hits record, at that point anything that is written on Math Whiteboard as well as voice and video caputre from the camera gets recorded as well as entire desktop (hence everything would be seen that is hapenning on tutor's tablet.  (recording is optional, if student request this as part of the lesson then tutor would be notified that student requested hybrid math video recording)

During lesson student can show math homework assignments to tutor, tutor can import them into whiteboard by taking a picture of homework assignment and then simply starts explaining math homework by providing similar examples and asking student to see if he/she can try similar math  problems over math whiteboard.  Math whiteboard is specifically created by Tutoring Services, LLC company to provide variety of easy to use math tools for both student and tutor, ranging from calculators, graph paper, step by step solution solvers, math equation edtiors and much more.

Math whiteboard has tons of mathematical tools that makes it easy to train student math, tutor uses Microsoft Tablet with   Windows 10 capabilities or later operating system to train student mathematics. 

Math Hybrid Learning lesson is much more efective using hybrid technique since student gets to see tutor use mathematical tools in real time face to face. 

Tutor can provide math  examples directly on Microsoft Tablet and student gets to see it.

Student can also write on Microsoft Table with a pen, tutor can hand them over surface pro pen and tablet and ask student to show their work.

Or alternatively tutor can ask student to use student's tradtional pen/pencil and paper school notebook, and have student show his/her work or do an exercise in student's notebook and then tutor can take a picture of the work and upload it into whiteboard, so information is neatly stored as part of the math tutoring lesson, for student to reference back to his/her work before major algebra math final or algebra midterms test.

Hybrid algebra math tutors can use intercombination of traditional math study tools (such as tutor's algebra book and studen'ts homework math worksheets and student's school book) and online math tutoring whiteboard, which is specifically created by Tutoring Services, LLC company (Facebook.com/MathTutor) to allow algebra math tutor to teach students effectively.


Reinforcement Math Drill Exercises with Mandatory Student's Explanation

         Math Tutor Tutor can also ask student to do some drill math reinforcement algebra questions directly out of math whiteboard portal. By selecting any of the questions from pre-created set of math exercises created by the hybird tutor him/her self (during or before lesson takes place) or other hybird math or online math  tutors or by leveraging 3rd party questions which can be easily reused in any of the practice tests that tutor decides to present to student, and asking student to provide answer, which can either be in the form of multiple choice question or even handwritten input from the student!  

          Student can even provide whiteboard hand written explanations and justifications to the math answers provided for tutor to see if such explanation makes any sense and student can associate that explanation with the specific question, this way tutor can review not only student's answer to multiple choice or another type of math format question, but also view student's explanation and see whether or not student understood mathematical concept and needs further help!


Best of all math student progress is completely tracked!

        Reinforcement Drill Math Algebra Questions with mandatory student's explanation, is a great way to see what is really hapenning here with the student during the time tutoring lesson takes place........ how comfortable student is in making mathematical progress.... is the student answering reinforcement drill math algebra questions correctly, how fast is the student answering these questions, are explanations provided by the student valid?  Tutor can review math reinforcement exercises, and give star rating from 1 to 5, to how well tutor thinks student provided explanation to specific question. 

     Number of specific questions completed, how much time it took to complete each question for the student  and tutor's ratings for each question student answered and provided explanation for  is recorded and associated with student's profile account, tutor can email out lesson statistics to parent, where parents can see neatly organized charts showing student's progress throughout the lesson.


Regular Reinforcement Math Drill Exercieses without Mandatory Student's explanation

       Hybrid math tutoring lesson may also consist of non mandatory mathematical reinforcement questions, such as math questions that simply ask student to answer question from multiple choiice or other format math questions and see how many points was earned out of total number of points possible for this specific set of reinforcement exercises.  This acts as another indicate for how fast student is answering questions and how far student is progressing.

(when contacting Tutoring Services, LLC tell us what you would like in your hybrid math lessons, depending on what you would like hybrid math tutoring rate would vary, some features are also in implementation stage, hence do let us know what features you specificaly interested in when requesting hybrid math tutor)


At the end of the hybrid math lesson

Tutor can assign math homework directly from our math integated portal.

At the end of the tutoring lesson tutor can ask student to do some drill exercises for homework directly from our math portal, such as for example tutor may ask student to answer specifically created practice drill test for how to solve linear equations questions in math.  

Student can log into thier profile from home and answer such math questions, and tutor can see what questions student had trouble with and address them during the lext hybrid math tutoring lesson.

FYI in case if you want to see math whiteboard functionality or view more info visit our sister site 

It provides more details about whiteboard and features and basicaly many other reasoning as to why you would want to hire a hybrid math tutor as oppose to simply going to any of the sites out there that has tons of math tutors with not much to offer you other then traditional based method of learning algebra.  Sure these tutors are cheaper, but the question you should be asking your self as the parent?  Do I want a cheap math tutor or do I want the best math tutor for my son or daughter?

Choice is yours :)   If you made your decision contact us by phone number on top right corner to help arrange for your math tutoring lesson, regardless if it's hybird or traditional based or online, we can help you get matched with the right math algebra tutor.


Why it's always a better idea to go through an Stamford CT Tutoring Services, LLC Agency rather then trying to search for math tutor on your own.


I am not conviced, if I should contact Tutoring Services, LLC agency to help me find hybrid math tutor why not do it myself with out an agency?  Good question click link below to find out why that is. 


Top 5 Reasons for Westchester County Parents and Fairfield County Parents  to Use our Algebra Tutoring Services, LLC as the agency to help with the match as oppose to searching for Tutor on Your Own!

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