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Academic Math, Science, Chemistry, English, Physics Services and Private Breakdancing or Piano Lessons for residents of Mount Pleasant, Thornwood, Hawthorn, Valhalla or Pleasantville NY


        Our company specializes in Home tutoring matchmaking for CT and NY as well as Westchester county area and the following towns and areas.  We have instructors in math and science, biology, chemistry, physics, and other academic subjects helping students of Westchester County NY get better grades.  Our instructors can provide homework help and be available on a flexible basis.  We help k-12 students, college, and adults. 

        We can even help you get matched with an online tutor as an alternative to local or in addition to local tutor.    We also have another type of instructors such as piano music lesson instructors, or even breakdancing instructors who can come directly to your home and teach your son or daughter cool moves!   Regardless if you need mathematics expert, English or college essay tutor or professional breakdancer we got you covered!   Visit other pages on our Westchester Tutoring site for more info about each subject, view tutors and study guides.  If you do not see your tutor contact us and we can help you find one!  You can do so by calling the phone number listed on top right corner.


Area we Service


Mount Pleasant






Our Tutoring is tailored for Variety of Subjects ranging from Computer subjects, Math, SATs, English, Science, TOEFL


          From Math to Science, to English to TOEFL, SATs, GRE, GMAT, to even breakdancing and computer networking subjects is what we offer. Don't trust other companies who say they can do it all, the truth is no one can, however, trust someone who developed a system to recruit talented subject matter experts, review them and offer these experts to parents of Westchester County NY and  Fairfield County CT.  Even if you do not see a tutor in the subject you are looking for don't hesitate to contact us, we have created multiple tutoring website portals to help us recruit proper candidates even if we don't have a candidate you are looking for on our site.


Reliability of our Tutoring Services can not be matched to any other edu company in Greenwich CT.


       Our tutoring services are reliable, some of our tutors offer the first-hour risk-free tutoring session trial, if a parent does not like it they don't have to buy it.  Our company's name is Tutoring Services, LLC our official site is www.TutoringServices.com  We have an official name and not some .org or dashed domain name tutoring site. Parents can call the number on top right corner to help us provide high-quality matchmaking services. 


We have online Math Solutions for a variety of grade levels k-12, middle school, high school.

         We have online math tools that no other company even has access to! Simply because many of them we created and integrated ourselves! The reason for that is simple we are in multiple math horizontal areas we are still educational vertical industry but just in many math horizontal areas, and we have the reason to create good solutions such as integrated math calculators within whiteboard, and handwriting math recognition and many other tools that are simply not feasible for another tutoring matchmaking to own.  

Simply because they either do not have either marketing power to have these tools and being able to sell them or simply because they are just focused only on one service, such as local tutoring as oppose to local and online and study guide content math content creation.  We know the industry we work in the educational industry and can cook up affordable solutions in learning for your son or daughter.  Check our some of our math study guides that we compiled for you in our study guide search engine specifically. 


Our Math Tutoring Prices for residents of Thornwood, Hawthorn, Valhalla, Pleasantville are the best.


     We can beat much other company's prices due to the fact that we have social media presence like Facebook.com/MathTutor, plus we also offer online and local math matchmaking and also even have access to self-guided video interactive math courses, which we can recommend for your child at fraction of the cost of an actual tutor.  Hence contacting us is definitely a good idea especially if your son or daughter needs help in math

We simply have the best tutor matchmaking system in CT and NY, lowest rates, due to our strategic network of local tutoring sites, we even create our own study guides minimizing our costs even more! Check our network of other sites such as WestchesterTutoring.com, FairfieldTutor.com TutorStamford.com BridgeportTutor.com, and many others!  

Plus we have access to independent tutors from our sister site www.TutoringServices.com who we can also recruit into our system, after rigorous enrollment process.  For example of how rigorous our enrollment process can visit one of our sister sites westchestertutoring.com/tutor-jobs to read about it and see how serious we are in what we do. What type of Math tutor would you like?  We have multiple kinds of math tutors, hybrid math tutors, traditional math tutors or online math tutors.


Math Topics and Subjects our tutors cover

Math Help
  • Adding
  • Multiplication
  • Subtraction
  • Division
  • Decimals
  • Percentages
  • Common
  • Denominators
  • Fractions
  • and more
  • Conic Circles
  • Angles
  • Theorems
  • Sin, Cos, Tan
  • High School and
  • College
  • Trigonometry Help
  • Functions
  • and more
Algebra Help
for students
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Basic Math
  • AP/Honors
  • Algebra
  • Intermediate
  • College
  • High School
  • Algebra
  • Advanced/Linear
  • and more
Study Help
  • Pre-Calc
  • Calc 1, 2, 3
  • AP
  • Honors
  • Advanced
  • Business Calc
  • Differential
  • Equations
  • and more
Geometry Help
and test Prep
  • Basic
  • Analytic
  • Plane
  • Euclidean
  • Solid
  • Coordinate
  • AP
  • Honors
  • Geometry Help
  • and more
Statistics Help
  • Elementary Stats
  • AP, College
  • Graduate Probability
  • Combinatorics
  • Sample Space
  • Permutations
  • Combinations
  • Factorials
  • and more

Computer Training for Adults in Mount Pleasant, Thornwood, Hawthorn, Valhalla, Pleasantville looking to enhance their skill set learn how to use the Internet or simply become more computer literate


       Our Tutoring Services, LLC company specializes not only in finding subject matter experts and helping students become subject matter experts but also offers Adult computer training to help adults prepare for a job interview. Want to learn how to use Microsoft Applications efficiently Excel, Word PowerPoint, Microsoft Project or any other computer program to help you run your business more efficiently or even if you simply need to prepare for job interview and need to brush up on applications that you simply not sure how to use,  then we have the computer expert at your footsteps who can train you directly in Mount Pleasant, Thornwood, Hawthorn, Valhalla, Pleasantville Westchester County NY.  To get qualified subject matter expert to help you with your computer struggles, contact the phone number on the top right corner. 

To view more info about our computer Training options for adults and students visit here.  Additionally, to IT Training, we offer IT Consulting, for small, medium business and enterprise companies specifically in Westchester County New York.  Companies interested in ou in our IT Solutions and Services click here. Our IT Services are ranging from computer programming tutoring, app development, project management, network design, and support. 


Breakdancing Private Lessons in NY and CT in New Haven area


       Wow, what?  Breakdancing lessons for kids and adults in Mount Pleasant, Thornwood, Hawthorn, Valhalla, Pleasantville area and other cities/towns?  That's right in addition to academic subject tutoring we provide, a fitness program for kids.  Our breakdancing instructors can teach kids breakdance lessons help them get motivated and stay focused, our Tutoring Company can help parents get matched with local breakdancing instructors who can either provide 1 on 1 breakdancing lessons or provide a lesson for the entire class, or event! 

       We have breakdancers from Fairfield County Area, Westchester County and New Haven county area who can come down directly to your child's home and show them how to breakdance.  All you have to have is good playroom in your house, a good floor that can help instructors to spin on the floor and do a variety of cool moves and simply enjoy having your child progress in fitness.

  We even have some breakdancers who are both math tutors and breakdancers, and some breakdancing instructors who were on American Ninja show or on other competition events.  We feel that there is a great instructor community in New Haven area which is why our company focuses not only on helping kids academically but also fitness wise, to stay healthy motivated and more confident about themselves in school and locally around the community.  The best part about our breakdancing instructors is that they can come directly to your home and teach you breakdancing lessons.  Check out our breakdancing lessons detailed page for more info.


Valhalla, Hawthorne, Pleasantville, Thornwood home tutoring pricing, and discount packages




       To see our Westchester County tutoring prices in the area of  Valhalla, Pleasantville, Hawthorn, Thornwood, Mount Pleasant simply browse subject (in the right menu of this page) of interest on our site, for example Chemistry, Biology, algebra, or Anglish and if tutor is available and listed on our site, they would be shown in the corresponding subject where students can view their short profile, based on subjects tutor offer, grade level, view prices, discount packages instructors offer where the more tutoring sessions you buy the more you save.  Make sure you read full tutor's profile info prior to making your decision.  You can always contact us by the phone number on the top right corner of this site where you can always discuss your needs with us and we can help you find a local and affordable tutor within your budget, even if you do not see one on our site. 

        We believe education is not 1 size fit all solution this is why we have multiple sites, multiple pricing, multiple tutors and multiple learning options for Westchester County area residents. For more information about tutoring pricing click hereParents and students can also suggest their own hourly rates using "Suggest Your hourly rate feature".


Meet Your Home Tutor face to face before they show up at your home!

       Instructors who we help parents and students of Westchester County NY get matched with can meet parents face to face before they show up at your home in Valhalla, Pleasantville, Hawthorn, Thornwood, Pleasantville or Mount Plesant,  Meet your tutor for first 15 mins free over whiteboard before tutor shows up at your door footsteps, optional feature.  Note prices are approximate in tutor's profile, simply because sometimes price may work for one student but not for another, and hence we give flexibility for tutors to adjust their price during pre-screen interview depending on which student they are working with.


Compare Profesional Tutors side by Side in Westchester NY County and chose the Best Subject Matter Expert for your son or daughter!


Whether you are looking for AP English, Physics, Math, General Science, Honors Biology or Organic Chemistry we got you covered. Since we allow tutors to choose their own price when advertising themselves, students can select from the list of tutors and compare tutors side by side, to pick the best tutor at most affordable price. We are the only company who services students Westchester County and nearby areas of CT Fairfield County, New Haven county, who provides functionality for a parent to choose their best tutor using side by side comparison and being able to name their own price.


Academic Books | Study Guides | School Ratings and Home| Online Tutors all from a single Website!

We are the only tutoring company who doesn’t just help students with matchmaking student with the right tutor online or by phone, but also help students with finding a more affordable alternative method to home tutoring all from a single website! We help students find the right method of studying rather than simply relying on a private tutor to explain every single concept and detail.

The way it works is simple, the student can browse our website and simply select the subject they are interested in and view Tutors, Books and study guide relevant to that subject from a single page. We believe education should be affordable and therefore, we created flexibility for students to study not only with the help of a private home tutor, but also be able to study with the help of a study guide, or academic textbook for their school, college or university. Students can select local home tutor in Westchester County NY or nearby areas, sort by location, select most affordable subject matter expert or select online tutor. Students or Student Parents, therefore, can have multiple options to choose from.




Other cities of Westchester County locations our instructors provide tutoring services in

 A - H


Amawalk Bedford Village Crompond Eastchester
Ardsley Briarcliff Mano Cross River Elmsford
Armonk Bronxville Croton Falls Goldens Bridge
Baldwin Buchanan Croton on Hudson Granite Springs
Bankville Chappauqa Crugers Harrison
Bedford Hills Cortlandt Manor Dobbs Ferry Hartsdale



H through P cities/towns/areas


Hastings-on-Hudson Larchmont Montrose Ossining
Hawthorne Lincolndale Mount Kisco Peekskill
Irvington Mamaroneck Mount Vernon Pelham
Jefferson Valley Maryknoll New Rochelle Pleasantville
Katonah Millwood North Salem Port Chester
Lake Peekskill Mohegan Lake North White Plains Pound Ridge


P through Y cities/towns/areas


Purchase Shenorock Thornwood Yonkers
Purdys Shrub Oak Tuckahoe Yorktown Heights
Rye Sleepy Hollow Valhalla
Rye Brook Somers Verplanck
Scarborough South Salem Waccabuc
Scarsdale Tarrytown White Plains