Online tutoring as an alternative or additional method of learning for Westchester County Students

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Academic Challenges with k-12 students in Westchester County NY

Are you or your son or daughter having difficulty in catching up with your academic subjects or a specific subject? Or are you worried about the incoming examinations? You need not worry now because we offer an alternative intervention to help you or your son or daughter,  improve and enhance performance in school and in preparing you for rigorous examinations.

 Tutoring Services LLC knows that Kindergarten to Grade 12 students is facing some problems in understanding their lessons and in doing their homework. We also believe that children are very receptive and whatever one teaches these children remains with them for a long time. And we agree to education principles that it is good to develop their learning skills and help them become creative and productive.

 High school students experience pressure as they are expected to show academic skills through their SAT ratings and get their college and university admissions. This and other expectations coming from the school and family make these students very uncomfortable where students may have difficulty in coping with one or more academic subjects.


What are parents looking for in online tutoring services?

   Parents who are interested in trying out tutoring services, to help their children may try to consider some factors when it comes to choosing the right type of  tutoring service:  Each tutoring service is different, some companies offer, online tutoring only, but not local service, other companies only local, but no homework help support.   Many companies exist out there that are just there to match make and do not provide any level of the affordable type of tutoring, and charge huge commission fees.  

Tutoring Services LLC offers online tutoring program and services for students and individuals to help them improve and enhance their performance in school, gain reliable homework help, or even be matched with both local and online tutor all by one single agency.  No need for parents to look for the separate company, to have their child tutored online.   We can offer both types of services, online and locally.

Our tutoring program caters to students of the different academic level and our qualified online tutors utilize appropriate strategies to help these students/tutees achieve their academic goals. We base our program from the curriculum and academic objectives being followed by the schools.  Our site is built by the teacher for the teachers who believe that young learners are open to new learning as long as they are properly guided. Regardless if a parent needs online tutoring for elementary, middle, or high school level student, our company is here to help you fit your needs. 



Online Tutoring Advantages as a supplementary method of learning.

We all know Westchester County can get expensive when it comes to private local home tutoring prices.  Our company does leverage specifically built local tutoring network of sites to keep the prices, low, however, some parents still would be interested in more than just local tutoring, but also online, especially in cases where tutor happens to be too expensive, and parent may be ok with local tutoring for only 1 tutoring session per week, but happen to be interested in additional supplementary tutoring online for more affordable pricing than the price of a local tutor.    That is exactly what our Tutoring Services, LLC company provides, that level of additional supplementary learning.

The majority of students already have IPADs, laptop tablets, and drawing pens, using our whiteboard and video-cam and audio it becomes easier than before to take advantage of online tutoring at more affordable cost.  Our students can even get tutored using their IPads.

Online tutoring is advantageous to students who are having some problems in their academic performance. It allows flexibility where tutees can choose the convenient time for the tutoring sessions. It is interactive in nature that permits the tutees to ask questions in real-time and get answers and explanation for a better understanding of the lessons. Tutors also provide homework help guidance and at the same time help them become self-reliant and responsible learners. Students can also be prepared for academic examination that will give students significant impact to their performance in school. 

 We have a special matching system where our clients-tutees are matched with our qualified tutors based on the academic goals of the tutees. Our tutors spend time and effort in preparing their learning materials and so, they are always ready for every tutoring session.  We recruit online tutors carefully from universities or subject matter experts, sessions get recorded and students can access this session at a later time for review before the test.  We work with parents of Westchester County to provide them with a reliable match.

We have site and many other online related sites for recruiting tutors keeping our costs, low and making it easy and convenient for parents to work with us, and providing them with not only a local tutor but online tutor as well.


Does online tutoring program include any supplementary study guides?

It depends on the program we do have Biology specific study guides, that students can leverage, we create our own study guides, and have content developers benefit from doing so, as well as not only creating content but providing instructions online by leveraging this content.  Only limited number of subjects is available for such level tutoring, however, we are rapidly expanding and adding new subjects.   Any subjects for which we do not have content, students and tutors work through the school books or any other books that tutor mine have exposure to in informal based whiteboard settings. 

Students can share school worksheets with tutors, and tutors can review them together with student and provide tips, hints, and tricks to solve these problems in the easiest way possible.   Every tutor who we work with is carefully reviewed and verified for a background check.  We even have subject matter experts who review our tutors, prior to hiring them dependent on the subject. 

Since we are not just local tutoring company, but also content development and online tutoring company it makes it easy for us to find online tutors, and keep our costs low.  Some of our math social media sites we use include,, we also recruit tutors from our independent tutoring site from,, and many many other subjects and test related sites.

We also have our own online study guides, as well as other educational vendor study guides, that students can take advantage of when getting tutored.   To view our Study Guides visit our sister site   Parents of Westchester County NY tend to want the best for their kids and that is what we provide, we provide the best breed of tutoring services. 

By leveraging intercombination of online tutoring, local tutoring, homework help, study guides and best of all not having to work with multiple tutoring agencies for each service, and simply working with one agency to satisfy all of your educational concerns.  Also, we have our own product for CLEP exam helping students save money in their college expenses for Biology visit our site for more details.  Our content developers, are not only developers, but also online tutors, and have vested interest in ensuring that the content that we create and develop makes total sense.    Content developers who work with us have highest interests in making sure that your child succeeds. 


How does online tutoring work and what happens if the agency does not have the right online tutor?

       If you are a parent and want to buy tutoring lesson from us, our tutors offer discount packages helping parents save money.  Each tutor is different and has their own package, based on their level of educational experience.  We have subject matter experts in the elementary level, high school, middle school, all advertising themselves with different hourly rates, based on grade level.  We may have a tutor who is an expert in the elementary level, but not high school level or vice versa.  Our platform these tutors registered and have these tutors ready to do business. and ready to work with parents.  

Note sometimes we may not have the right online tutor, or simply can't find an online tutor in our database.  In which case we will attempt to find the right tutor for a parent, by leveraging our network of sites, such as,,,,,,,,, and many many other sites, that are designed specifically to recruit tutors from different angles.  We also recruit tutors from our going green concept site called UsedCollegeBooks.NET where many tutors show up to find books, we recruit through our site where many tutors also may express interest.  We have a robust network of sites to help us get the right online tutors.  


So how do I begin with online tutoring?

You can contact us by sending us an email or by calling us at (203) 340 - 0391 to discuss how we can help your children bring out the best in them!