Pre-Screen Interview

What is pre-screening?

Pre screening is method for multiple parties come to agreement.

Types of Pre-Screening

Type 1. Between Tutor and Student/Parent/Guardian or (what so called client)

Type 2. Between Tutor and Tutoring Agency

What is Type 1 Between Tutor and Client type of Pre-Screening?

Pre-Screening is method for parent to meet tutor face to face before tutor arrives to student's home over video conferencing. Tutor and student can meet each other face to face, using pc, or tablet, such as microsoft surface tablet or ipad or laptop with cam.

During pre-screen student and tutor discuss pricing details, availability and scheduling.   Note each tutor may already have pricing in their profiles,  hence why bother pre-screening tutor?  That is a valid point however pricing in tutor's profiles is approximate, final pricing is solidified and agreed upon during pre-screening interview between tutor and student/parent/guardian. During pre-screen interview student and tutor can clarify any other questions as long as no personal contact info is revealed.


Pre-Screening Benefits for Tutors for type 1 type of pre-screening

Our site allows flexibility for tutor to use pre-screening to their advantage where tutors can also negotiate with parent higher hourly rate then what is declared in their profiles, as oppose to other tutoring agencies where you are locked into to specific price of the package that you declare.   Independent contractors who register through us through our CallMyTutor business model simply have more flexibility then any other site out there.  

There are many reasons for tutor to meet students face to face prior to engaging into tutoring assignment

         Tutor can let parent know that their traditional rate is this much for example $50 per hour, but if parent wants diagnostic homework assignments to see progres, then rate is going to be more for example $60 per hour.  Or tutor can tell parent that location of where parent needs services is farther then the typical distance and for that you would charge more money per hour then you would typically charge at standard rate.  Parent can agree or disagree to that and tutor can decide during pre-screen interview.  Note parent makes decision whether to pre-screen tutor or not over whiteboard, however if tutor wants to discuss with parent first any questions before taking upon assignment then agency can arrange pre-screening as well.  Parents can contact tutors directly through site or call us on the phone to help them find the right tutor.


Other benefits of pre-screening for tutors

Our company provides reliable student leads to tutors by leveraging tactics of whiteboard interview.  In another words if parent wants to meet tutor face to face  with the parent and the student, prior to tutor heading out to student's home, tutor can meet direclty with student face to face during an online interview between parent and tutor.   Where audio and video of the tutor and whiteboard discussion between tutor and student gets recorded. 

This gives tutors and students/parents opportunity to get to know each other face to face, where parents can decide and tutors can decide if taking upon tutoring opportunity from this parent/student makes sense for the tutor.   This also gives opportunity for parent to decide whether or not they should buy up front tutoring discout package prior to tutor attending student's home or if parent wants to try tutor first before, enrolling into package.


Is Pre-Screening interview between parent and student getting recorded?

Answer is Yes.  We do this for quality assurance and to ensure no personal contact info is exchanged during an interview.


Are there only 2 people in the pre-screening interview student/parent/guardian and tutor?

Typically yes however, sometimes we may randomly add administrator in the pre-screen video to answer any additional questions that tutor or parent/student/guardian may have about the match.


What is the goal of the audio/video recorded interview?

        Goal is for tutor to obtain adequate information in regards to whether or not it makes sense for this tutor to provide tutoring services for the client or not.  It also provides similar goal for parents/students/guardians (or what we can refer to as clients) to decide if they like the tutor or not and whether it makes sense to buy tutoring discount package from tutor or not.  Additionally it provides safety mechanism, since 15min session is recorded.  Parents do not want random people to show up in their homes, they want better assurance and have that safety of pre-screening tutoring candidate before deciding of whom they should hire.

       Plus it helps agency to discard tutors who reveal personal contact info during an intervirew.  No personal contact info should be revealed until vald payment is provided by parent and is on file, or until tutoring discount package is purchased or unless otherwise approved by agency, in written form.   In cases if tutor provides first free tutoring session and declared so in  tutor's profile for parent to try before they buy, this option is only valid if parent buys up front discount package.  If parent does not like tutor then money can be credited towards another tutor or refunded. No matter what the instance is personal contact info is not revealed until payment is on file.


Why local tutors even need audio/video recorded interview with the parent before they meet?


This is tutor's chance to shine and provide info about themselves that differentiates them from other candidates.   As well as to obtain other useful information non personal contact revealing information.


What can local tutors expect to find out from face to face interview with parent or student or both?

1. Find out exactly what parent is looking for, how many approximiate tutoring sessions parent would be looking for.

2. Sometimes parents may not know exact # of sessions needed and would be looking at tutor's recommendation based on student's progress.

3. Tutor can find out other questions from parent such as city, parent lives in, zip code, closest to student's house, landmark or major intersection, just to give tutor idea of how far they have to travel.  (however no personal contact info of exact house number, emails or phone numbers or any method of communication is allowed until there is a valid payment on file, entire 15 min session is recorded for quality assurance and review by our admins)

4. Tutor can find out for example if there is a parking available near student's home .

5. Tutor can find out from parent/student about specific scheduling needs strictness, how often parent may need tutor, on which dates. 

6. During this vide conferencing pre-screen interview tutor can get an idea from client if client is  interested or not. If parent is not interested they will notify our agency. If the parent is interested they will be more willing to discuss scheduling and availbility with the tutor, without revealing any personal contact details.  If parent does want to schedule tutoring session they will ask or suggest tutor best time to meet, in which case tutor may let parent know if it work for them or not, then if client and tutor agrees between each other, tutor must login into our tutoring management platform (as shown further in the graphic below) and schedule their lesson (note no personal parent contact info will be revealed to tutor until parent pays for package or has valid payment on file).  If tutor did not come to agreement with the parent during an interview in regards to best scheduling and availability, then they can let parent know that they will get get back to them with the best schedule timing through tutoring management system.


7. During an interview tutor can show link to parent/student to their tutoring profile page, and explain parent hourly rates tutor is offering, and share any other offers that tutor provides in his/her profile


8. During this interview tutor can truly understand if hourly rate that tutor has chosen in their profile is appropriate for this specific parent or need additional adjustments.


9. If tutoring hourly rate needs adjustments based on conversation with the parent, then tutor must notify parent during an interview process that the rate would differ for them from the already declared default hourly rate in their profile, and tutor must be prepared to explain the reasoning to the parent and if parent agreees to such hourly rate then tutor must update their tutoring profile hourly rate after audio/video recorded interview and notify parent through our tutoring management system of such change with reflected profile price for subject and grade level. 


10. Sometimes parents during the pre-screen interview may ask tutor question such as how many tutoring hours does student/parent need to purchase, in order to answer this question tutor can request student to take diagnostic practice test in specific subject to get an idea where student needs help the most, in which subject and in which topic.  This can give tutor an approximate idea of how far behind student is in academic subject, how hard would it be to tutor such student, and if major effort is going to be neededed, this can also help tutor realize what the hourly rate should be for that specific case, especially in cases where tutor is not sure how far ahead academically student is in regards to specific subject and whether or not major emphasis in lesson preparation or research would be needed to help this student get better grades.

11.  If tutor realizes that for example material where student needs help with is extremely advanced and will eat a lot of tutor's time to prepare for the tutoring lesson, then in such case tutor would have flexibility to realize that and charge more per hour for such student as oppose to being matched blindly without knowing what to expect and overworking themselves for free.  

     During pre-screen interview with the parent tutor has an option to let parent know that before tutoring begins, it's recommended for student to take diagnostic practice test (if tutor happen to have one created in their profile). Even if tutor does not have diagnostic practice test created at the time of pre-screen whiteboard interview, tutor can easily create it after an interview and request parent through our messaging whiteboard to let their son or daughter take tutor's created test before further decision can be made.   

12. During Pre-Screen interview between tutor and client, client can request from tutor to buy tutoring discount package, tutor can agree to the requested package by clien or can disagree and provide other suggestion and modify package for specific client.  If tutor is happy, then  tutor must notify agency that requested by client tutoring discount package is ok, in which case, agency will charge client for such package using online payment method provided by the client.


What tutor must let Tutoring Services, LLC Agency know after the parent interview?


If interview went successfully and parent and tutor agreed on scheduling and availability, then tutor must provide at the end of the audio/video pre-screening interview with the parent the following info to the agency.


1. Tutor must notify agency, if they are interested in providing tutoring services for this parent or not after the interview. (within 24 hours from the interview)


2. Date and time for when the first lesson will take place and for how long it will be.  (within 24 hours from the interview)


3. Tutor must notify agency If they have scheduled 1st tutoring lesson through the tutor management system or not with the client. (within 24 hours from the interview)



What does tutor need to do before an audio/video pre-screened parent interview?


1. Finish enrollment process with Tutoring Services, LLC sign contracts using going green signature apps that helps tutors save paper.


(this consists of creating tutoring profile, getting interviewed, providing references and other profile info)


2. Create tutoring profile (update profile with all the minimum requirements info such as (basic info pic, intro video, hourly rate, about me info, tutoring discount packages)


3. Be enrolled in our tutor management system.


4. Be associated with the parent in the management system by our admin and seeing the associated client in the tutor management system.


What does client (parent/student/guardian) need to do before an audio/video pre-screened parent interview?


1. Enrolled in tutoring management system.


2. Be registered student on our callmytutor site.


3. Discussed with the agency over the phone/email of what tutor they need


4. Review profile of other tutors on callmytutor site or request agency's help to suggest a tutor based on parent's needs.


5. Be prepared to provide personal contact info to agency, but not to tutor other then basic info such as city and approximiate location not exact



What can parents find out from tutor and what should tutor be prepared to answer?


Parents may ask tutor any other non personal contact revealing questions such as.


1. What level of experience tutor has working with other students?  (tutor can elaborate on past personal tutoring experiences with other students)


2. What type of learning style tutor can provide to their child?  (tutor must have their info specified in their profile for specific learning style)


3. How flexible is tutor with their hourly rate?             (tutors must have their hourly rates updated based on subject and grade level)


4. What kind of tutoring discount packages tutor offers? (tutors must have their tutoring discount packages updated)


5. Does tutor provide 1st hour session free to try out tutor or not? (tutors must make sure they have their profile properly updated before face to face interview)


6. Or how far tutor lives from student/parent's zip code, or if tutor is willing to commute to client's home.  Parent can provide zip code to student, or nearby landmark or major intersection as long as it doesn't reveal personal contact info of parent/student.


7. Parents may ask tutor any other questions, pertaining to tutoring as long as none of the personal contact info is revealed.


8. Parent may ask tutor to show profile details or any other additional info.


9. Parents can find out from tutor if tutor is interested in tutoring their son/daughter.


10. If parent during an interview gets the sense that they like the tutor and want to schedule their 1st tutoring session, then they can discuss scheduling and availability with the tutor during an interview, and decide on the best day between each other when to meet. In which case tutor must update in our tutoring management system scheduled session date and time, and parent must notify agency, through our tutor management system in regards to what package they are interested in buying from the tutor's profile, or simply buy the package directly from tutor's profile, in which case we will reveal personal contact info of parent to tutor and at that point tutor can view student's personal contact info and schedule tutoring session.

11. If tutor asks for parent to upload any homework assignment, parents can even upload homework assignment or section of the book for which their son or daughter needs help with and share that assignment with the tutor, to show tutor what their son and daughter studying in school and ask tutor if they would feel comfortable tutoring these concepts.  (this can help tutor feel more confident in their assignment and equips parents to see tutor's response and decide if level of confidence is appropriate from the tutor or perhaps this tutor is not the best match and another one is needed instead)


What parent must let agency know?


If interview went successfully and parent and tutor agreed on scheduling and availability, parent must provide at the end of the audio/video pre-screening interview with the tutor the following info to the agency.


1.  Parent must notify agency, if they are interested in receiving tutoring services from the tutor that they interviewed with.


2.  Parent must provide date and time for when they agreed to schedule their first lesson.


3.  Parent must let agency know what tutoring discount package they would like to purchase from the tutor or if they prefer to pay as they go (more expensive option for parents if that is the case).

How is pre-screening Interview getting Recorded?

Recording is done through our propriatory whiteboard integration.  Pre-Screening interview is getting recorded for 15 mins automatically when both tutor and parent/student/guardian logs into the whiteboard.


How Does Pre-Screen Process work?




 Diagnostic Practice Tests and Pre-Screening Process

        Tutoring Services, LLC provides flexibility for online as well local home tutors in Westchester County NY to create practice diagnostic tests, based on specific subject and grade level, and have it displayed in their tutoring profile on our propriatory advertisement platform for tutors  By creating such practice diagnostic test so tutor would increase their tutor rank, increase their chances of coming up higher in search results in comparison to other tutors, being able to differentiate themselves from other tutors and best of all provide higher quality of service to Students and Parents, making parent more likely to hire such candidate.

             Process of creating diagnostic practice test is easy since tutors can reuse other tutor's questions in their tests, additionally tutors who do create practice tests also increase their chances of other students finding these tests on our site and other network of sites, realizing who created them taking diagnostic test getting poor score and with realization of obtaining poor score and needing help contacting such tutors to get additional help.  Every diagnostic practice test that tutor creates has a picture of a tutor next to it, showing who created, hence if students gets a poor grade in diagnostic test, there is a high chance that such student may contact tutor who created it to get academic help.

      Additionally if you navigate to section of this site you will see that parents are also advised by Tutoring Services, LLC to search for tutors who distinguish themselves through these practice diagnostic tests, especially when it comes to comparing 2 tutors side by side and deciding which one of these tutors seem to be the one who provides diagnostic tests in their subject and who does not.   Parents have higher level of comfort when they know that the tutor they are working with is not only a subject matter expert, but managed to demonstrate that by creating diagnostic practice test and by offering that diagnostic practice test to the students, making it more likely for parent to chose tutor who did create diagnostic practice test as oppose to chosing tutor who did not.

        Hence we advise tutors who are approached by the parents or even if not apporached by the parent, creating couple of diagnostic practice tests in their profiles, after all it does increase your chance of getting more student leads.   Creation of such diagnostic practice tests is optional. It can increase tutor's marketability, tutor rank and flexibility to determine how far behind student really is before engaging into tutoring assignment. Also parents do look for tutors who create diagnostic tests who can suggest and recommend number of hours needed based on scientific approach rather then just random approach of how it's done with many other agecies, parents would also use that as one of the decision factors when it comes to hiring tutor for their sons or daughters.  Hence creating couple of diagnostic tests in your profile can not only help tutors show up higher in search results by obtaining higher tutor rank, but also increase their marketability, and help tutors solidify their match.  

        Tutors whose test was in fact taken by specific student would have access to see what questions student got wrong, how much time student spent.  This is a powerful tool for independent contractor tutors not only because they can get an idea initially of what type of student they will be working with, but also can leverage the very same diagnostic practice tests that they create by assigining them to students that they tutor for homework.  Almost every student has a laptop or a tablet pc, it's easy to assign student one of the practice test for homework then during the next home tutoring lesson review each question with the student by using student's laptop or tutor's laptop.  Almost every parent has a wifi.

     Combining both local home tutoring with computerized diagnostic tests, can easily provide tutor an idea of how well student is doing and how far is the student progressing, plus results from the homework tests can be sent by the tutor to parent for parent to see, giving parent an idea of how well the tutoring is going.  Note only tutors who do create such practice tests can obviously offer such options to their parents, and therefore if such options are present by tutors, it's perfectly acceptable by the tutor to charge students at higher hourly rate. Hence consider that creating diagnostic practice tests is an advantage, and showing that advantage to the client during pre-screen interview to help your self justify your rate, and what makes you different from others is definitely a plus, since it will help tutors make money money and parents obtaining higher value for their money.


What is Type 2 type of pre-screening between tutor and the agency?


     As part of the enrollment process, we may ask tutor to meet with us over whiteboard for an interview.  We exercise this option as we see fit, depending on the type of candidate we receive, if we see someone who has great resume, and certified teacher, and has a lot of tutoring experience, we may simply talk to the teacher on the phone before enrolling them in the system, and may not need pre-screening video conferencing interview.  

       However if we are not 100% sure or 70% sure of whom we are dealing with (trained match making specialist determines the level of sureness based on training and experience that is provided to our match making agents), resume does not specify anything about specific subject that tutor would like to teach, and it's not clear, we tend to interview such candidates more rigorously, and in some cases get subject matter expert who helps create content for our test prep business sector to interview candidate on actual subject matter expertise.  Hence there is no surprise at all if during pre-screening interview subject matter expertise question will be asked by our admin or subject matter expert.  

      In some cases we have both admin and subject matter expert both present over whiteboard interviewing single tutor.  We record these interviews, and can share these interviews with parents, if parents ask for them. If tutor is successfully enrolled into our system we reserve the rights to keep these recordings and presen them to parent during potential match.  If Tutor does not get enrolled to work as independent contractor with Tutoring Services, LLC then we simply delete the videos.   Tutor is always notified by the agency that pre-screening interview is being recorded for quality assurance and further sharing of this interview with the client if client asks for it.