School Ratings and Westchester County NY

School Ratings And Improvement in Education initiatve for state of NY and CT

Our company makes it easy for school admins, parents students in CT and NY to find their tutors.  So what dose School Ratings have to do with this?  Our company is all about affordable education.  To make education more affordable one of our initiatives is to make it possible for parents and students find our tutors, if parents and students can find our tutors, we can reduce educational private tutoring fees, leveraging economy of scale.

Hence is the reason why we created this website called RateMySchool.NET,  website allows schools, colleges, training centers and universities to be rated, as well as allows teachers and professors also to be rated. 

Tutors shown automatically on School Rating site!

Our Tutors who register with us also get shown on our RateMySchool.NET site, providing flexibility for our tutors to get noticed by parents, as well as school admins, possibly request a tutor from our company, and help accomodate national goals, where funding of education is allocated to improve student's grades.

Why we feel that combining schools and tutoring is the great way to lower educational expenses and improve education.

School officials and administrators have no interest in researching their tutors, and mostly have huge shortage of them, school administrators, do not have methods to pre-screen their candidates, or have any form of guideline of how to get tutors to help schools improve education.   There is no strict processes on how to do that, and simply speaking many schools end up getting into trouble for not keeping control of their expenses provided by the state government.    It's not that they do not keep track of it, it's just they do not have tools to track it in a neat way that makes it easy for school administrators.  

How can our Company Tutoring Services, LLC help schools and tutors?

     To help us fill the gap in this rather complex educational problem we have created Tutoring Services, LLC company that helps students and tutors to get matched, with specific holistic and rigorous view on education type of approach,designed by IT solutions company called DBA Binary Fusion, small sector of the Tutorng Services, LLC business that specializes in IT solutions and services.  We managed to create basic site called RateMySchool.NET  purpose of this site was to first of all help students find information about schools be able to rate them, just like people can rate other companies on Yelp.

        The reason we did that is to first of all not only help parents of Westchester County get to know what schools are good for their children, but we also did that in order to gain another competitive advantage of being able to actually advertise our tutors in specific schools were tutors feel comfortable offering their Tutoring Services, for.   In simple words, if tutor has experience with specific school, tutored someone there or simply knows schools curriculum or teachers or even if tutor does not, but wants to be involved and wants to help school improve student's grades, then such tutors can specify in their profiles that they are interested in providing Tutoring Services for such schools.

Example can be shown here. Our tutors who register with us amongst many other things that they can declare in their profile such as language they know, and schools which they feel comfortable ofering tutoring services in.


What does Providing Tutoring Services for Schools mean?

    Tutors may live near these schools and simply do not mind for example tutoring children in the school either on 1 on 1 basis or in group basis.  Our company felt like it was our obligation to help such tutors get marketed as Tutors who can provide tutoring services for schools and get noticed by school administrators of that school, get noticed by students, get noticed by other teachers, and get noticed by other parents.

     We felt that there was no better way of doing that other then to simply create a school Rating site that is pretty much just like any other school rating site, except, it intercombines school ratings, books sold by students in their school, tutors who can provide tutoring services for specific schools, teacher who get rated by other students and schools/colleges/universities and even training centers that can be rated by other students. 

Purpose here is to allow flexibility for tutors to teach in specific schools,  We realize that some schools simply want to hire everyone themselves keep their money portion for themselves and hire directly.  However, this can result in higher operating expenses then simply trying to contact one of our tutors through our company.  Our company is the only one in Westchester County that provides that flexibility. 

Message to School Admins in Westchester County NY

Would like to have our tutor come to your school and teach shool chidlren?  We got you covered contact us to discuss your needs and we can help you find the right match.

Our company is formed by DBA Binary Fusion division operated under NetworkConsultant.NET, the person behind this who created such network is an IT Solution Expert, and wanted to reduce tutoring expenses and educational expenses in the state of CT and NY, therefore he has created this educational network to help tutors get marketed.

      Get paid money for their tutoring services and simply provide method for schools to spend their funding on reliable tutors, who are vetted, who are reviewed with very rigorous pre-screening processes by Tutoring Services, LLC and deilvered to school administrators on the platter, making it easy for tutors to provide academic tutoring services or even other type of tutoring services such as for example Computer Training or teaching students C++ or whatever other subjects schools want to have exposure to or even breakdancing lessons. 

School admins are giving budget, but they can not properly manage this budget.  What our company is prepared to offer to School Administrators is flexibility to find the right tutors for their schools and place that funding where it belongs.  Our company has pre-screening module to even allow school administrator to pre-screen their tutor before hiring them, view their profiles before hand, see what subjects they are experts in, what grade levels they are the best in, what differentatiates one tutor from another.

How our company helps tutors get marketed and helps improve education.

Our Tutoring Services, LLCcompany is not just here to provide school admins with tutors, our company is here to make it easy for school admins in making their decision of who to hire, how to preview someone directly from IPAD or from PC, see all of the qualifications, and other related information to specific candidate and make reliable decision on whether or not they should hire such tutor.  

We often noticed that many schools in CT and NY simply try to do everything on their own, and then get burried in administrative expenses and unprecedented headaches.   One of our company's goal is to help our tutors get more money, and simultatenously help education improve.  So how exactly are we doing this?

We are providing higher chances for tutors to land student assignments, regardless if it's from parents, school administrators, or from teachers who need additional tutoring help.  


We market our tutors on School Rating Site to help tutors improve their chances of obtaining students!