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Did you know that preparing for your exam can be twice as efficient when you leverage tutor + study guide?


Who said that you would need just a tutor to prepare for your math or final exam?  Why not prepare for your exam with the help of a local tutor + supplementary study guide?   We have created some of the study guides for students attending Westchester County Schools.   We do not just provide a method for students to learn locally but also present recommended links and other study material that students can easily purchase and improve their chances in preparing for their mid-term or final exams.

Our Company Helps students with more than just Tutoring


We go beyond local tutoring and help students in Westchester | Fairfield County chose methods to prepare for their Test or Academic subject

We also help students chose right study path towards their test preparation journey, for a full list of Tests visit this link  View tutor profiles read our recommendations, reviews ratings.  Our company specializes in extracting a variety of study guide materials available on the market, write reviews for them and recommendations, analyzes other students lessons learned, compiles it all in a single location, making it easier for the student to read, understand and process information. 

We help students chose the best study path towards their test preparation journey.  Choosing which test preparation material to study from should make a difference, browsing multiple sites on the internet can make things difficult where everyone is claiming to be the best. 

We make this hassle of you spending your precious time easy, by combining information for major academic exams, professional certifications in a single website, making it easy to attract local residents of Westchester County NY and making it convenient for parents and students read our reviews/ratings/recommendations about specific study guide and decide if purchasing study guide over tutor makes sense, or perhaps it make more sense to purchase both tutor and study guide  

Our Local instructors in Bergen County NJ, Westchester County NY with intercombination of study guide prep can deliver the highest quality level of tutoring service.

Our instructors who provide tutoring services in White Plains, NY, Westchester County NY area, Bergen County NJ and Fairfield County, New Haven County CT go to student's homes and tutor students academic subjects, however tutors who provide lessons use their own books and sometimes not entirely sure what books to use to deliver instructions, what materials are the best how to tutor student effectively.  Which is why we created more then just a tutoring site where we match make students with tutors, we got far beyond that.

  We created StudyGuide.NET site specifically to add a variety of test preparation resources for the different type of exams, including law school exams such as LSAT, professional project management exams such as PMP, graduate exams, such as GRE, GMAT and many other exams all in a single site.   Where we provide reviews for some of the study guides we list and provide recommendations and even ratings. 

Making it easier for students to chose their study path.  We realize Local Tutoring is a bit expensive because tutor has to come to your home and teach you academic subject, we also realize that tutors do not necessarily use best resources when providing individualized instructions. 

We make it easy for tutors to realize what materials to use when tutoring local students in CT | NY and NJ

Therefore to make it easier for our tutors to understand what resources exist on the market, we created StudyGuide.NET where we add multiple study guide resources in the form of, flash cards, exam secrets, study guide test prep games, real world examples, special secrets on how to pass exams, flash cards, boot camps and much more.  

Tutors use our site to see which material they can leverage with students and often recommend materials that we list to students for their additional supplementary use.  Students browse our study guides and decide what study path they should follow when preparing for their certification exam or professional exam.  Many students after viewing our exam realize that they can either study on their own or hire a  local tutor or combination of it all.   Regardless what your case is we thought study guides and tutors are very relevant and we have made your job easier and listed them side by side on relevant subject pages of this very same site you are looking at.  

Are we saying that self-study way is the way to go?

No, we are not saying that.  What we are saying is.... if you want to increase your son or daughter's chances of doing well academically then intercombination of prep with self-guided materials and local tutor is the best.   Our company doesn't just help you get a local tutor but recommends study guides that are useful for you to consider purchasing for your son or daughter as a supplementary method of study.  We created StudyGuide.NET site just for that purpose.  

We also realize that there are many parents looking for answers about schools.

Which schools to send their students to, what schools are top schools, what other parents are saying, which is why we created RateMySchool.NET search engine specifically for that purpose.  What our company does is inter combines multiple methods of test preparation tactics, and academic success variables together in one educational network of websites making it easy for our local tutors to work with students and parents, while providing value to students of CT NY and NJ area.


Using intercombination of study methods can help you save money especially if a local tutor is too expensive for you.




Study Guides for Westchester County NY College Students who are looking to save Money on College Credits

CLEP Algebra

CLEP Biology

CLEP Chemistry

and many other academic subjects.  Visit our  section to view more CLEP Study guides.


Academic Subjects Resources for k-12 Students (elementary, middle school, high school)





For a full list visit our Academic Study Guides Subjects section.


College Admission and Graduate Exam Prep Type of Study Guides




Law School Entrance Assistance Help for students preparing for LSAT exam


For full list visit our Academic Entrance Exams and Study Guides Section

Private School and Placement Exams

ACCUPLACER exam test prep with the help of study guides, NY tutors, and practice questions

ISEE Upper | Middle and Lower Level exam test prep and local NY academic tutors

Math and English SSAT exam test prep & local tutors for secondary school entrance exam


Professional Business and Project Management Exam 

PMP Project Management Test Prep

Agile Exam Test Information and Study Guides


Prep for Accounting Exam

CPA Accounting Study Guides Tutors | Best CPA Reviews


What type of Study Guides do we offer?

We offer study guides for Teachers in the State of NY and in CT and another type of Para Professionals or Educators.

You can view the list of all the teaching certifications, their related exam info description as well as resources associated with each exam on our sister site you can click image below to get to it and see more study guides, or simply browse academic subjects on this site until you find what you are looking for. 


There are many companies out there in Westchester County NY who simply focus only on tutoring solutions and not on offering affordable educational solutions.  Our 21st-century educational approach is to provide flexible and affordable education for parents of Westchester County N.   Our company specializes in preparing k-12 students and even educators for the state of CT and NY in preparation for their teaching certification exams.