Teacher's Certification

Improve your educator's qualifications by obtaining teaching certification

Teaching profession is considered as one of the most stable careers and although compensation package differs from one state to another, teaching positions are secured even during these global crises. Aside from the regular school year, teaching demands are still very high especially in the sector of math and sciences.

        Along with challenges and pressures, teaching career brings a lot of benefits such as job security and stable compensation, particularly for certified teachers.  However, some educators simply do not get paid enough and their current teaching job simply does not provide enough income to feel comfortable. 

This is where Tutoring Services, LLC comes in to help educators improve their chances of passing their teaching certification exam, and help educators increase their qualifications.  How exactly do we do that? 

The answer is simple we help educators prepare for exams, and even have teacher test prep program specifically for certain subjects, and even have our own products in these subjects.   The reality is certified teacher gets paid more than non-certified teachers, parents who can afford one, always go for the highest quality i.e certified rather than not certified. 

Parents who are on the budget pick college students who may be good in tutoring and can help their children with homework and test prep.  We realize all that, however, still if you are certified you have more chances of landing better jobs.


How can a regular teacher in NY make extra income?

        So how can a regular teacher for the state of NY improve their chances of making more money on a part time basis?  The answer is simple, if you are already certified teacher for the state of NY, it's quiet simple for you to get certified in another state such as CT for example by passing Praxis 2 specific subject exam or even couple extra exams in different subjects.   Doing so will get you on the same page when it comes to marketability perspective for local Fairfield County parents, who may be interested in CT-based certified teacher rather than NY. 


Advantages of being certified in both CT and NY

However, if you are certified in both CT and NY that can get your qualifications increased even higher.  Educators, in the state of New York and Connecticut, can make part time income teaching students, but clearly, such educators need to be certified, especially when it comes to competing against college level student subject matter experts.   If you need help preparing for your teacher certification exam view our study guides page here.


Why it's easier for our agency to work with certified teachers?

It's easier for tutoring agency to work with the certified teacher, since certified teacher background check is enforced by schools, making it easier to get the teacher in the tutoring agency's door foot steps, as oppose to for example college level student.  

So where does the teaching certification comes in and why is Tutoring Services, LLC even bother helping teachers getting certified?  The answer is simple we want to make an impact on education and we want to make sure that tutors who work with us are certified teachers as much as possible.  Since doing so will greatly increase chances of success for students. 

We realize working as a teacher can be challenging 

We realize teachers work all day, and have long summers off, we also realize that teachers would like to get paid as much as possible for their skills, this is why we created our company to help such teachers, in fact, the company's founder is the current/former certified math teacher for the state of CT and know exactly what teachers want.  We are not sponsored by a government, we are a private organization. 

Our business structure is setup in a way that simply helps educators make money by doing what they love to do.   We have a variety of parents who contact us and simply want the best of the best type of tutor for their sons and daughters.

What about Professors and Ph.D. aren't they better than teachers when it comes to paying scale?

       The answer is Yes and No.  If you a professor you can be good in research or simply be good in subject, but still may lead students in the wrong direction, this is because there are specific standards, laws, and regulations that the state of NY has, such as common core initiatives, regents test-taking methods and many other caveats, that Ph.D. subject matter expert simply may not be exposed as much as certified teacher would be exposed to. 

Since school curriculum is based on these initiatives, having the right expert at your child's foot step is what parents want the most.  Parents want to progress in their son's and daughter's  education.  Teachers have different level styles, and unique set of expertise, that Ph.D. simply may not contend with. 

Certainly, Ph.D. level subject matter experts have their own set of qualities and in many cases, Ph.D. level subject experts charge their students way more than certified a teacher.  What we do is we position our independent contractors in our business model in such a way that helps them differentiate themselves. 

What parents look for when hiring a tutor?

Parents look for specific attributes, such as gentle teaching style at elementary grade level, giving student breaks, being not over aggressive, and many other details, that Ph.D. level individuals may not necessarily be exposed to.   Our company gives teachers tools and methods to differentiate themselves from others, specify the rate that they think is best, and show parents why they are an expert. 

The true level of distinguishment is, of course, being certified for the state of NY, but not only being certified for the state of NY but also being able to demonstrate that in front of the parent.

     If you are a student teacher for the state of NJ  NY or CT or sub, and looking to get certified, and need assistance then take your first step, in contacting Tutoring Services, LLC and asking for help in preparing for your teaching certification.  Also if you are already certified teacher in one subject and want to increase your qualifications even more, why not pass one more teaching certification exam and increase your qualification even more. 


Having teacher certification improves your chances of making money

Tutors who do pass their teaching certification exam also, can work with our company as independent contractors and not only help themselves increase their level of qualifications and increase their chances of getting k-12 student leads, but also can register in their profile to tutor teaching certification test prep subjects, making such educators more likely to be contacted by both adult educator and k-12 level student.   Giving educators even higher incentive to consider getting certified in multiple subjects and in different states.



Certified Teachers Get paid More compared to educators who are not certified, teachers


        For better teaching opportunities, teachers must get teaching certificates. There are requirements that needed to be accomplished which differ from one state to another. Some of these requirements include an education degree, course works, and training, and the other requirements are set by the state or the national government. You can get lists of these requirements from your local government or through online search. 

For the state of New York, including Westchester, the New York State Teacher Certification examination is administered for those who want to teach in New York. Examinees must have finished a bachelor’s degree and teaching skills needed to teach in New York state public schools. This test is given by the National Evaluation Systems, Inc. Praxis II examinations are also available to get the certification. 

Visit our on our studyguide.net page and view exam info for your New York State test and prepare for your teaching certification exam with the help of the study guides, presented on our site, improve your chances of passing your teaching certification test, or alternatively contact us to help you prepare for it online or locally.  We have subject matter experts specializing specifically in teaching certification exams for various subjects. In there you will find study guides not only for NY state but for CT as well such as Praxis 2 exam in your subject.


There are two basic forms of teaching certificates the potential teachers must get. Initial Certificate refers to the entry-level certificate given to qualified classroom teachers for particular grade/subject including the entry-level certificate for School Building Leader or SBL. This certificate is good for five years and it leads to Professional Certificate.

Professional Certificate is an advanced level certification for classroom teachers and is issued in particular subject/grade level including the School Building Leaders. This continuously valid with the completion of the required professional development hours on a five-year professional development set by the government.

Parents, students, and other clients will trust you more if you have teaching certification. For tutors, certification, although not required, it will give you an advantage over other tutors without it. 

Go to your state Education Department and ask about the requirements and qualifications to become a licensed teacher or you can visit their official website. Tutoring Services LLC can help you get ready for necessary standardized tests, particularly Praxis II, NYSTCE, to help teachers obtain a teaching certificate. Contact us if you want professional help on this matter.


And if you are interested in qualifying to become a tutor, you may not be required to get a teaching certification but those with this certificate will be preferred by parents and clients. Several years of tutoring experience is needed to become tutors. Tutoring job is a good alternative source of income for those who are qualified. And if you want to become a tutor, you can contact us today and we can help you obtain student leads.