Teacher's Jobs

Does your teaching job in Westchester county NY cover all your bills?

Are you thinking of pursuing a teaching profession in Westchester? Are you wondering about the opportunities of teaching careers as well as the compensation you can get from being a teacher? Teaching and tutoring careers and other educational positions are one of the most stable careers with very high success ratings compared to other professions. Whether you further yourselves as a surgeon or a CEO of a big company, it is undeniably true that you all went through the guidance of a teacher or even a tutor who helped you through one or some subjects.

How to become teacher for the state of NY?

Teacher’s selection is in adherence to the standard requirements and qualifications given by the state and national government. The requirements include the completion of an education degree, course works and trainings, teaching certifications, and other requirements to prove the potential teacher is capable to teach. Tutors, on the other hand, may not have the same intensive requirements but they need to have adequate years of experience of tutoring or teaching experiences with a deep knowledge on the core subjects they have chosen to tutor.

 Teachers follow the mandated curriculum that focuses on particular proficiency and competency that the students must learn. They are encouraged to carry out and deliver the academic objectives within a specific time frame. They choose teaching strategies and techniques that they believe will help them achieve their objectives. Teachers use learning materials and books as tools and reference to help the students understand their lessons.

How tutoring jobs different from teaching in school?

Tutors, on the other hand, are the school’s partner in filling the gap made during the classroom instructions and activities. They try to reach out individually, whether it is through online or home-based method and help their students/tutees to catch up with their lessons, homework, and other school tasks. While teachers teach in a bigger group, tutors focus on personalized way of tutoring.

Examinations and other forms of assessments should be given to students as tools to evaluate how much the students have mastered the concepts and principles contained in the curriculum. The academic objectives are set by the school districts in Westchester NY and many school districts beginning to follow common core practices. 

If you are a teacher or a college student who want to practice your teaching skills after regular classes, or during weekends, or during summer breaks, then, tutoring job is another alternative for an extra earning.  Tutors typically get paid more then teachers, and can do so on part time basis.  Public school districts simply do not pay enough to teachers to cover all their bills.  Teachers spend majority of their time in school, but do not get opportunities directly from school such as being able to tutor their own students, and get some extra income for tutoring, this is because there is a law that prohibits teachers from tutoring students in their own classroom due to conflict of interest.  So the big question comes, if schools do not help such teachers then who does?  The answer is....  Tutoring Services, LLC.  You have come to the right place, our company works with different school districts, with students of different caliber, and grade level.  We work with parents, parents trust us.  We have reliable name authentic name, and best of all we know what parents want.  

Do we provide teaching jobs directly for existing school teachers?

Yes, in the form of independent contract opportunities, where educators, teachers or even college level students can apply with Tutoring Services, LLC as independent contractor and increase their chances of obtaining students. 

How does Tutoring Services, LLC help educators be found? 

     We have huge local network of tutoring sites, and educational sites, ranging from used college books, school ratings, study guides, homework help and variety of subjects.  Our tutors who advertise their services on our central portal, get advantage from the perspective of being found in relevant schools.  For example we have site ratemyshool.net, tutors who register with us on central portal are asked a question such as let us know some local schools that you would be interested in providing your tutoring services for.  In another words, if you are a teacher and happen to know that there are couple of neighboring schools, where you are currently not working at, but know for fact that students from these schools can benefit from your tutoring services, then letting everyone know that you can service this school is a good idea, since in such case your profile picture would be posted in the appropriate school on ratemyschool.net where other students search for school ratings, teacher ratings, this is also the place where parents navigate to find teacher ratings and school ratings.  So having yourself, shown in front of these parents, is one way of obtaining student leads.   This is just one example of how we use network of sites to provide higher level of opportunities for teachers when it comes to landing tutoring assignments.  

       This was just one example, other example of our site that helps us get students i studyguide.net, our studyguide.net site helps students learn with self guided resources, online courses, flash cards, exam secrets and many other multi vendor resources, students who navigate to our studyguide.net site also find about our tutors and tutoring services, that they offer.   This competitive advantage, over any other local tutoring agency gives us leverage, that other companies in Westchester County simply can't compete with, regardless if it's a national, or local tutoring agency.   Our other method of helping educators being found is by leveraging our network of local tutoring sites, we have a large network of sites specifically designed to target parents and students in the area of Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT as well as New Haven County NY.  We also have strategic partnerships where our partners even advertise in printed media in front of student's faces inside homework folders for example.  Additionally we advertise our tutors on social media sites such as Facebook.com/MathTutor,  Google.com/+TutoringServices

What if i do not want to really work for any agency and do not like paying any recurring comission fees?

Interested on making it on your own, earn part time income without any recurring agency fee type of middle man, visit our sister site called www.TutoringServices.com register as independent tutor and face no agency recurring comission fees.  However doing so without agency's help will greatly reduce your chances of landing more students, in comparison to for example contacting us and registering with us. 

If interested in working with Tutoring Services, LLC as an independent contractor, increase your chances of landing student leads and help your self pay off your bills then feel free to take a tour on our site and later contact us, whether you are a student who needs help, or a tutor if you want to join our team and be one of the successful tutors in Westchester county NY.  For more details about tutoring jobs in Westchester County NY visit here.

Does Tutoring Services, LLC have a learning center where teacher can come in and tutor?

Currently our tutoring agency is home based, tutors have to meet students at their home or designated location.