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Westchester Tutoring Jobs in White Plains, New Rochelle, Rye, Armonk, Mount Kisco and Fairfield County CT

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Students /Parents

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For Teachers/Tutors

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Tutoring Services

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Test Prep

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Tutor Jobs in Westchester, NY





Best Tutoring Jobs in Westchester County NY for k-12 educators, college level students, and subject matter experts.

         Looking to make some part time income helping students learn math science or English or other academic subjects or even computer subjects, or music subjects?  If so register with Tutoring Services, LLC to work as independent contractor and get paid for doing what you love to do.  Tutoring students and making money, helping parents of Westchester County NY educate their sons and daughters. 

Want to travel across all 3 states and be a Tutor Hero with super powers, traveling from Westchester County NY to Fairfield County CT Bergen County NJ and make money? Residing in Yonkers, Mount Vernon, Port Chester, White Plains, New Rochelle or other local regions of Westchester County, Fairfield, Bergen or New Haven county? 

        Want to be treated like a person when working with us and not just a number?   Want to travel across Metropolitan Tri-State region from home to home and share your knowledge teaching elementary, middle school or high school, or even college students, tutoring ISEE, ACT, SSAT, SAT, ACT and other Test Prep and Academic in Math Science, English subjects? 

Tired of getting ripped off by other learning centers or home tutoring agencies charging student tons of money and giving you (the tutor) chump change just so they can make money off you to survive and keep their business running?  Don't you need to survive too?  Want to keep 100% of what you earn we have that option too (through our sister site!

Did you know that when agencies charge students a lot of money and give tutors only chump change they do not respect tutors and they do not respect parents for their hard earn money?

Giving tutor chump change equates into tutor not thinking or wanting or considering in providing higher quality service, because after all that's the point if the agency keeps most of it, this results in responsiveness and poor quality of tutoring service delivered to the student.  Parents don't realize that, well our agency is here to make parents realize that hiring such tutors from such learning centers or tutoring agencies is nonsense, simply because the service their children would get would not compare anywhere remotely near to the service of the tutor who gets paid more money for their work!



       Want to be our respected partner (independent contractor) and tutor students in tri-state metropolitan area and in exchange get rewarded for being a good tutor and helping students get better grades (we have that option as well through our CallMyTutor Tutoring Agency based business model, all operated by a company named Tutorng Services, LLC)?  

     Want to help out Westchester County?  Westchester County residents are not lucky simply because there is a lack of math and science tutors in this county, and parents are ready to pay up for the right local tutors.   We specialize in bringing tutors from all around Westchester County into parent's homes, helping tutors earn income and helping parents get their kids educated!  

Companies in Manhattan, and in other areas of NY have been taking advantage of local tutors for far 2 long not offering them the right amount of money, taking advantage of educators with their pricing that is a complete joke.  Why should you the tutor suffer just so other company can make money off you?  Why should you not have extra income? 

No restriction to work with other agencies while working with us, great plus for independent tutors

             Our company does not restrict tutors working with other agencies, however we do ask for any student who we refer to our tutors to keep tutor's promise and have these students operate through the agency, without attempting to avoid our agency, since repercussion of doing is simply not favorable, if you want to know the reasons why continue reading further. 

We are tired of having useless tutoring agencies opening up and offering no value to tutors or students, we are tired of getting experts who are truly qualified underpaid, we are tired of teachers getting taking advantage of and we are tired of ridiculous commission agency fees that agencies and learning centers charge.   If you are tired of that too and want reputable reliable home tutoring agency to help you get marketed in the local region of Westchester County NY and nearby counties then you came to the right place.

  Simply send us your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. be sure to do that during the enrollment period.  Doing so outside of enrollment period can slow down our responses. 

          Note in this life to earn the most you have to have the most opportunities, we encourage tutors to work for multiple tutoring agencies not just ours, but at the same time we also encourage tutors to be the best at their educational skill set, learn how to teach math, learn how to do so effectively, learn how to teach science, and other academic subjects and so out of passion, not for the money, then the money will come. 

Many tutors expect to clap their hands twice and end up on our CallMyTutor Network.  That perception is wrong, we only work with highly qualified individuals.  Interested in seeing what type of jobs we posted in the past for Westchester County area residents? 

Parents/Students call us all the time. (however, that doesn't mean that one of our tutors will get matched)

     Students call us all the time and when they do we have to make sure that we deliver them the right candidate, someone who is an expert.  Sometimes we often ask tutors to come out and meet us for face to face interview in person, don't be surprised if you are asked to do so. 

We take our relationships serious and make sure that we are dealing with adequate subject matter expert. Here is what not to expect.  If you declared price in your profile that is out of budget then do not be surprised if you don't get calls from us, if your tutor rate is 2 low then you may not be as good as you say you are, for price recommendations of what rate to specify in your profile read our price guidelines.


Want to earn more money doing tutoring then substitute teaching?

Want to earn more money in 1.5 hours then you would get paid doing substitute teaching for the entire school day?  Are you a computer expert too?  If so we can help you earn money in teaching computer subjects as well.  In fact we even have tutors who teach breakdancing and NO we do not market our tutors on a site with 1000s of tutors side by side, we hand pick our tutors, make sure they pass our background check, make sure they are passionate, we give them personality test, and see how well they respond to it.  We follow tone conversation from initial phone call request of a tutor.  We are very selective.

Which means it's a manual process, not a shortcut if you want a shortcut to visit our sister site this is where there are shortcuts quick 5 mins registration and no help from our Agency.  

       However if it is 5 mins registration,  In fact many companies claim as their benefit the following info "Register with us only 5 mins registration"   <--- that statement is true... in many of such companies but completely and utterly false, when it comes to you obtaining any student leads only to find out later that you have to compete with 1000s of tutors and not getting many students or simply getting students who undervalue your level of education based on the rate they are asking for.  We control supply and demand of our tutors and don't let tutors who are not serious about tutoring into our CallMyTutor network.  

         We manually interview each candidate and pre-screen them, verify background check, yes background check, hence if you have a criminal record, we can catch that too, hence we ask our tutors to be honest when applying with us, since we also happen to be in the field of background checking, in fact, if you don't believe so find out here by visiting our site and check your own record just to have a peace of mind that you have a clean record. 


Want to take the chance and apply with us and submit your resume?

Don't you want to put your skill set to use and earn money?  Think of earning money helping students is like delivering Pizza, except you do not have to make any Pizza instead you share your knowledge.  See that CallMyTutor logo on the home page?  Try refreshing the page to see it in animated action, you will see something like this.



       See your self-ringing that door and arriving on CalMyTutor Car? This can be you with your suitcase delivering tutoring book, study guide notes, calculator or other resources.  Speaking of calculators, if you have Surface Pro, our company created tutoring platform in math to teach students math with pen and integrated calculator and teaching students math as a Hybrid tutor.

Anyway the bottom line is, this could be you, Traveling to CT | NY or NJ, the cool part about all this, is that Tappan Zee Bridge is so close to Westchester County, in fact, it's almost part of it if not in it, and across that bridge you can gain extra opportunities in Bergen County NY by working with us.   So why on earth are we using the concept of CallMyTutor? 

Simple we want parent to call their tutor when they need help, so meaning after our agency takes care of matchmaking arrangements from initial student's call, we would like students to work directly with tutor, and tutor only doing minimum administrative tasks such as filling out timesheets and providing progress reports to the parent and the agency.   So wait what about math why are there are math symbols flying in the CallMyTutor logo? 

       The answer is simple this is to illustrate agency communicating with a parent discussing their math tutoring needs (however we also match tutors in other subjects).  How will our agency know if the tutor has arrived at student's home?  Well for that reason we created whiteboard system helping educators teach students math, when student uses whiteboard and Surface Pro PC they can provide tutoring lessons, at student's home by logging into whiteboard from where tutor can teach student, the minute they login timer starts ticking and when they are done timer stops ticking, this is how we track if tutors did their lesson or not. 

     In fact, this is not the only thing we track we also track fugitives through our company DBA Binary Fusion, working together with Track1 company delivering IT innovative solutions.   However to become hybrid math tutor special training would be needed, tutor must be computer literate and math expert, sometimes it's hard to find, therefore our fall back option is traditional based tutor who simply goes out teaches student then logs back into our learn speed tutor time management platform to report their hours and provide progress reports. 

       The thing is our tutors are not really needed to be tracked since our agency fee is so low, there is simply no point for our tutors to try to even bother avoiding agency fee since it brings more disadvantages than advantages.  As the result, we follow the concept of Trust but Verify.  We also offer our math tutors to teach online that's right online....

Visit Our page for more details if you prefer to teach online.  Of course teaching online is not as lucrative as locally but still, we offer that option through our proprietary whiteboard math tutoring system. 

Additionally, we help educators make money creating mathematics study guides for a different type of exams such as ISEE, ACT ... etc... think you are an expert in any of these exams and also have computer literacy expertise? If so let us know we can pay you money to create study guides in math or other academic subjects for major certification tests, for example, teacher certification tests, take a look at this one for example that our tutors created.

Wow, there is soo many opportunities for educators i am overwhelmed i am not sure where to start what should i do?

      Continue reading further, to see if you are the right match for us. In fact if you are a great communicator and want to help us match make tutors with students to earn some extra income in addition to tutoring, creating study guides, and teaching local Westchester County students or Fairfield or Bergen county students math, science, ACT, ISEE, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT or other subjects then definitely consider applying and letting us know what you are good at. 

Note our educators who work with us do not just blindly work for us, our educators are independent contractors who are giving their own project to work on, they get paid on working on that project on fixed cost basis, we follow best project management principals when creating study guide products.  In fact, we even offer project management test preparation help for subject matter experts who are in IT field.

     The bottom line is we are here to provide a lot of incentives to educators, incentives that other tutoring companies can only dream of being able to provide, by the strict definition of the word "tutoring agency"  there is no such thing as tutoring agency, there are supply and demand. 

We believe educators should be treated with respect, have their own product line of study guides.  How Kewl would that be if you went to teach one of the students in Westchester County and told him/her that by the way, I am the author of ISEE or SAT or ACT  study guide that you are studying from right now?  Wouldn't that be a Kewl feeling? 

That feeling would probably be even kewler when you realized that not only are you tutoring students in CT NY and NJ but you are also making money from the creation of study guide content for academic exams, or teacher certification exams, tutoring online and traveling to student's home teaching math, science or computer subjects.

      Well, what about music?  What if I know how to play or teach music? 

Bring that onto your application as expertise, the best part about our agency is that we have very narrow focus in closely dense geographical regions of CT NY and NJ counties, hence any subject we add we instantly become authority, meaning we can market you in such subjects as well, although we prefer to stick with education-based subject, however, if you bring to the table your expertise of very passionate expert we may focus more on the subject of your choice, however no guarantees.

What about if I wanted to make money in any other way, such as matchmaking students with tutors and posting tutoring jobs on our blog sites?  If you prefer to help us doing so, and providing analysis for each match request and earning commission doing so, then we can work together, let us know what your interests are.

But wait, how is it even possible to offer so many opportunities and have so many benefits for educators? 

The answer it's not possible without you!  Hence apply today to make it possible.  We can go on and on and tell you how we have so many sites and how you can be advertised on many of them, but we will skip all that conversation, you can read that in other sections of this page or other pages.  

What if i just want to be a local tutor in small area region of where I live?

You can also do so, we have flexible options and the most robust type of tutoring profile methods helping tutors indicate information in their profiles where they can tutor.  Wait what about practice tests and other Kewl things can I create them and show my new level of expertise in my subject?  Yes, we have test prep module as well to help you create tests. 

What about my personal contact info, can I reveal that to the student?  Any info you add into your profile is publically available, anything you do not want others to see you send us by email. We do restrict tutor profiles by first name and the first letter of the last name, to protect from malicious spammers.  


What about Tutoring Services site what is the deal with that site?

The answer is simple if you do not want any of the opportunities from our agency you can visit that site and register as a tutor offer what so called $15 trial lesson and respond to student leads. 

When you respond you will talk to students directly parent will pay $15, and you will provide first lesson free of charge in exchange for being advertised on the site.  This site is Kewl because we do not charge you any commission recurring agency fee. 

Can I register on both callmytutor and site?

On calling my tutor only if you pass pre-screening process on no pre-screening needed.   Registering in both can increase the number of student leads. 

Doesn't that mean that one business tutoring model will starve out another?

The answer is  Yes and No.  No since when parents call us they have other incentives to work through the agency and in many times prefer not to even bother searching for anyone on their own, due to trust issues and the fact that tutors can be anyone registered, but with they are pre-screened and offer tutoring discount packages, which tutors do not offer in profiles on and even if they do.

In many cases parents simply want to work with the agency because they prefer higher quality match, and if they don't then they typically go to where they would purchase $15 first lesson from a tutor in which case our agency doesn't have to deal with any matchmaking administrative tasks, to read more about matchmaking coordination tasks that our company wouldn't have to worry about if parent was to go to search for a tutor on our sister site and to understand why in many cases parent would not want to do that visit our Bergen County site to read about this concept to get an idea why that is.

       And Yes is because sometimes we do miss out on agency commission when a parent contacts tutor on if that is the case then we ask the tutor to pay $10 monthly fee for being registered on to maintain their profile and get student lead responses.  So to make the long story short is if you do not want to pay $10 monthly then apply with us CallMyTutor only. 

If you prefer to pay $10 to increase your chances of being contacted from both places  and then it's fine by us.

         Ideally if you want to increase your chances of landing students your goal should register on as many tutoring agency sites as much as possible, however obviously to get into network we rigorously pre-screen candidates, in some cases tutors don't get accepted and upset, in which case we ask them to register on our sister site with no reason of being upset, other than to try again during the next enrollment period.  If we reject someone we have reason to do so. 

          If we reject someone because tutor attempted to bypass our agency and strike on their with the student that we referred we take that action seriously against our terms and conditions and suspend tutor profile, as well as enter tutor's profile in our database to let other agencies know that there is a record for the tutor of attempting to bypass agency, other agencies would see that record making it more difficult for tutor to get a job, this record is not 100% proof, that the tutor bypassed the agency it's rather just a record that gives indication to other agencies, in regards to for example how many times tutor was given tutor and out of these times tutor was matched or other types of indicators, for more info about these indicators you are more than welcome to continue reading or visit our site to read how we use these signals. 

Hence it simply doesn't make any sense to even bother attempting to bypass our commission fee if you are enrolled into because repercussions of doing so simply not worth it, read FAQ for more info.

Luckily since our agency's commission fee is so low we rarely face such issues, obviously it would be different if we did not provided any of the incentives, treated our tutors like numbers instead of people and did not offer low agency commission fee, or reason to grow as an independent contractor by providing quality type of tutoring services, locally or online.  

Giving the fact that we give so many incentive opportunities, it's simply not worth for educator even bother attempting to bypass agency fee, especially when we are even telling the tutor that we offer model that doesn't charge recurring agency fee giving choice from the start to the educator of choosing the right option,

Do we give more students to tutors who we trust?  Answers are Yes:  However, we mostly focus on the tutors who satisfy parent's criteria.  Tutors who we do not trust we would not allow them to be registered on our call my tutor site.

Our Agency will pick up the phone and assist parents by matching them with the right tutor.

This is our Agency picking up the phone and gathering parent's matchmaking information and calling our tutor to see if they can take tutoring assignment and teach student math.  We dissect all the info that parents need and contact tutor based on Parent's Hourly budget and other criteria!!


Message to Tutoring Agencies and Learning Centers: Enough with ridiculous Price models for tutoring businesses, free our tutors from nonsense and offer incentives for tutors and parents that make sense.

         The bottom line is we are tired of all the agencies in Westchester County who does not comply with basic principals of Economics 101 and Supply and Demand principal of helping educators make money while helping themselves keep faithful tutors who are willing to work long term and not avoid agency fees.  This is the major issue in the world of tutoring agencies.  This is why we offer low agency fees with the realization that this is, in fact, the case.  Greed should not be the answer in this model.  To see why greed is not the answer go here and find out why.

    We challenge all of the tutoring agencies in Westchester County NY to come out and see if you can beat our tutor prices with our lowest commission agency structure in the entire Tri-State area as well as an optional method for tutors to keep 100% of their revenue.  Also, we do not just focus on low narrow markets (although yes our core expertise is in education), we listen to our educators who want to work with us, and give them marketing they need to make money through a huge network of tutoring sites.  

Want to beat our prices? 

       Then we invite you to build a similar network, or alternatively contact our NetworkConsultant.NET site to help you create such networks, even if it's in the different region not CT NY or NJ we can help.  However, I you are an agency in CT NY or NJ and want our marketing help don't expect us to help you unless you follow Economic principals 101 Supply And Demand method.  There is one company that we believe follows that principal and their name is McElroy Tutoring: Elite SAT & ACT Prep, GRE Tutors, GMAT  their business model is great, and we recommend them to all other local tutors.  This company was founded by very smart Harvard Graduate who clearly understands principals of Economics 101 if you want to register as a tutor on that site we highly recommend this company as the right company to work with obviously in addition to working with us :).

       This company we are willing to help.  As it goes for other tutoring agencies, come to us if you only decide to help tutors with commission fee of lower than 30% then we can talk and help you dominate local area markets in Tutoring field, if you plan to charge insane percentage any of the tutors in Fairfield, Westchester, Bergen or New Haven Counties, then we openly tell you that this will no longer fly, there are big companies that will eat you alive the only way to stand up to these companies is with innovative marketing approach.  Our company Tutoring Services, LLC can help you strive amongst global competitors and help you win locally.  (Contact us if interested in getting marketing help)

         Want to help parents of Westchester county then follow what's right for everyone not just for yourself.  Want to help tutors make money and help yourself then provide value for them, charging huge commission fees without justification is not the right thing to do, bot to tutors and to parents.   This is our message for all of the surrounding agencies.  We are not here to starve out agencies out of business that is not our goal, instead, we want to work together help other agencies get marketed too, but we have a mission and that mission is to help Parents of Westchester County NY and Tutors.  To accomplish this mission our "network will grow only bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger". Rome Wells, Owner of Tutoring Services, LLC   Learn more about Rome Wells here.

    If you are learning center, then you can also get help from our marketing expertise, but do please try to follow supply and demand principal of Economics 101. To find out about the principal of Economics 101 go here.  If you charge tutors huge commission fees then please justify doing so by providing quality, blasting huge fees does not help any of the tutors and only make learning center live harder to managed with the higher turnover rate.  If you would like IT consulting advice or marketing advice to visit our DBA Binary Fusion site to help you market your Local Tutoring Learning center business or visit this page to buy yourself a study guide and learn how to market yourself your own agency and help your self-grow.




Benefits of Why Tutors should join our Tutoring Agency or at least express interest in doing so.    <-----visit our about us page to find out why you should choose us as your agency and not any other tutoring agency.

Benefits for Westchester County And Fairfield County Tutors include

  • Having advanced marketing tools in your tutoring profile, backed up by Tutoring Services, LLC company.
  • Being advertised on school rating site in front of students and parents, and school admins and teachers
  • Work at your own flexible scheduling.
  • Have access to profile tools that can help you get maximum exposure to students in Fairfield, or Westchester County.
  • Be shown on Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT local tutoring sites, depending on your location and tutor rank.
  • Declare your own tutoring discount packages to help parents of Fairfield and Westchester County Save money and increase your potential of being contacted by students.
  • Offer local or online tutoring services from the very same portal.
  • Meet parents before tutoring takes place through our pre-screening online tutoring whiteboard
  • Create Practice Tests, Upload worksheets, Create video tutorials, add Blog entries and articles, provide Tutor Tips to improve your tutor rank and show up higher in search results increasing your potential of being found by students.
  • Have access to Widgets where you can post on other sites to advertise your tutoring profile.
  • Our Tutors are advertised constantly on social media sites such as  and many other subject tutoring sites such as,, etc..
  • Our tutors can declare hourly rates by grade level and subject and differentiate themselves from other tutors by providing a description of their specific subject and why they are different from other tutors based on subject and grade level and get higher tutor rank increasing the potential of being found by students.
  • Our Tutors are constantly advertised in the local area of CT and NY through Bing and Adwords,  and other tools which doing so on your own simply does not work unless A) you create your own site and spent tons of money on advertising or B) you get backed up by Tutoring Services, LLC. (not every1 gets backed up by Tutoring Services, LLC who applies, process to get into our network (network was created by NetworkConsultant.NET) is very rigorous, we only work with serious candidates and not many, but few who pass our enrollment process, only during enrollment dates )
  • Our Tutors can add intro videos in their profiles, update their tutoring profiles, resumes, teaching certifications, achievements, and awards.
  • Our tutors can negotiate their hourly rate with parent depending on what parent is looking for during pre-screen interview to divert from the originally declared approximate hourly rate. (student is made aware that rate in tutor's profile is shown as approximate and that the final rate may slightly vary depending on the type of tutoring service needed or other matchmaking factors and is never to be exactly the same)
  • Our Tutors backed up with specific education sites like StudyGuide.NET where we target students through variety of study guides, ranging in Biology, Science, Math, Chemistry, Physics
  • Our tutors are automatically shown on our network of sites in a specific subject.  Local tutoring sites such as,, and many many other sites not only in Westchester county but in Fairfield County as well such as  strategically placed together, side by side backing each other up and increasing chances of students finding our tutors, while minimizing our marketing expenses (marketing strategy that you will not see anyone else in CT and NY leverage the way we do) For example take a look how Stamford algebra tutoring pages for math teachers are positioned and how powerful they are in content or take a look at this page for Armonk NY residents searching for algebra tutors in Westchester County .  (the point we are trying to make here is, it's impossible for anyone to copy this marketing strategy in Fairfield and Westchester county, but we managed to make it work and this is how we advertise our tutors, not by simply having brainless sites with simple list of tutors (in comparison to any other tutoring site you see out there), but sites that actually bring value to Westchester County and Fairfield County residents who are looking for local tutors and offering them educational options and not just tutors, while simultaneously helping out Westchester and Fairfield County tutors to be marketed and making some money from tutoring)  
  • We have lowest marketing fees, due to the fact that we have exact match domain sites, resulting in way easier methods for us to market our tutors, it also results in us paying less money for marketing in comparison to any other competitors in NY or CT, resulting in much smaller recurring agency commission fee then any other agency can offer.  (other agencies didn't bother setting up such marketing structures, so they are forced with charging higher agency commission rates, other agencies did not ask themselves a question of what independent tutor would like to do, but we did ask that question and we did want to provide platform that would help tutor in Westchester County and Fairfield County get students, and travel between the counties or cities and go to student's homes and teach them subject that they specialize in and make money from doing so. 
  • We use intercombination of our test prep tools matchmaking tools and a variety of different type of tutoring business models to obtain student leads.  One of our business models is where we get also students from, another, with one system it's impossible to beat the market, however with multiple systems we are able to effectively get an upper edge and have lowest tutoring agency commission fees in entire state of CT or NY in comparison to any other tutoring agency.  (other companies either charge you for some crazy memberships asking you for money to register, yet provide minimum exposure, we provide the highest level of marketing exposure, and yes it's difficult to get into our system it's not easy, we hire only experts and independent contractors who are serious about tutoring, and pass rigorous enrollment process, do not expect to just sign up on the site register and not talk to anybody and get students, other sites can do that and chose to sacrifice quality for quantity, but not us, since we maintain and provide quality and want Westchester and Fairfield County parents to stay safe and have high-quality tutoring matchmaking experience, and have the right expert at their door footsteps.)
  • We use not just one network of sites, but multiple hubs and spoke network of educational sites to obtain students.  Visit our site.
  • We have going GREEN concept helping students and tutors make money and save on college education, by reusing old textbooks check our UsedCollegeBooks.NET site.
  • We have going GREEN friendly app tools that we have our tutors use to sign contracts, to make it easy for a tutor to sign paperwork and get back to us.
  • We have the most sophisticated tutor advertisement platform on the planet, providing the highest level of granularity and variety of features for tutors.
  • We do not charge monthly, yearly fees, and challenge any company out there that does.
  • We are the only company in CT and NY and NJ who can truly provide an option to keep 100% of what you earn.  We do that through intercombination of 2 multiple business models, one is called another one is our local tutoring website called call my tutor.  If you want to keep 100% of what you earn register on and not through our CallMyTutor site, but none of the benefits listed here would apply to you, but you will be shown amongst many other tutors just like you would be on any other stie. (good news is site allows tutors to register free)
  • We use multiple methods to attract parents to contact us ranging with beatified graphics, a variety of flexible options for a parent to chose from, attractive pricing.
  • We are the only company in the world to inner combine concepts of study guides and tutoring together, to take a look at our test prep product division, where we create biology study guide products take a look here.
  • We have created Diagnostic Study System concept that is literally applicable to any exam, helping students do better in their exam.   We use intercombination of Diagnostic Study System and Online Tutoring to provide high-quality education,  and pull many of our online subject matter experts into it, to earn money.  We created several diagnostic study system concepts in Biology and teacher certification praxis mathematics test.  We learned the art for how to do this and relayed it to other agencies, who can develop similar diagnostic study systems and be part of our network.  Where other agencies would hire tutors, match make them and we get the cut, but in exchange provide them the knowledge to help them become successful, by giving them a template for how to create courses and how to get student leads.  More info is shown here.
  • We have the most sophisticated math tutoring whiteboard for online students and tutors to use, allowing students and tutors to use it over IPAD or Surface Pro.  (We recommend to use Surface Pro 4)
  • We put our tutor son google map, take a look at an example here for our breakdancing tutors, and map them to their profiles on making it easier for students to find tutors.
  • We give apps to certain tutors that they can use to track clients (not every tutor get these apps, some do and some do not, depending on how serious tutors is in getting clients, because there is a monthly fee associated with the Tutor Track app) We even help other tutoring agencies create such apps, find out more here, we sell these apps as part of our cloud service to tutoring agencies, but also use it for our own purposes to help out tutors track their student clients and agencies track tutors.
  • We create custom forms that collect student feedback and gather that feedback to provide better service to our clients, and better understand how our tutors did, while simultaneously promoting ourselves this way. Take a look on one of our feedback forms, we have different feedback forms depending on the subject, tailored towards specific subject or area of expertise.
  • We help tutors get matched not only with students but with clients for particular events, take a look at an example of how we do this here for our breakdancing tutors.
  • We advertise our tutors from multiple directions, and multiple blogs and multiple angles with multiple feedback forms multiple, tracking application systems, multiple profiles, multiple local tutoring sites using multiple marketing methods designed to interconnect different concepts together by DBA Binary Fusion NetworkConsultant.NET  Some people who read this get amazed, we understand that and if you want to one day build similar network then go here and learn how.
  • We inner combine content from multiple study vendors with tutors, study guides, books, schools, we provide the best opportunities for content developers in mathematics, for example, take a look at our page to see why we are different in the field of math, and why it make sense for local math tutors to work with us as oppose to anyone else.
  • We have the lowest commission fees and give Raises to our tutors as they continue working for us!
  • We do not start you off with ridiculous commission fee, how other people do.
  • We do not have 1000 tutors on our CallMyTutor business tutoring matchmaking model, due to the fact that we have an extremely rigorous process for enrolling anyone into our system, and only work with few individuals.  Hence tutors do not have to compete with one another too much as they would have to while working with another company.
  • We have tons of subject tutoring sites such as,,,,, and many others helping us to market our tutors.  Through custom RSS feeds placed on our local tutoring network of sites.
  • We also help educators get certified in their teaching certification tests, visit our site, great for NYSTCE exam takers, we also help CT teachers visit our site to see study resources for your teaching certification exam.
  • Tutors who work with us can work also with other companies, we do not restrict our tutors to work only with us.
  • We also focus on test prep marketing and have variety of test prep sites, such,
  • We are not just collection of random sites put together, we are the company that has intercombination of sites designed with one purpose to help tutor increase chances of obtaining students while simultaneously improving education and lowering Tutoring Expenses for Students in CT and NY.
  • We are the only company to inner combine local and online tutoring in a way that actually makes sense through the use of what so-called hybrid matchmaking tutoring approach where we can match local and online tutors to parents as oppose to simply matchmaking with local only.  You can read more about online tutoring and home tutoring here.
  • We have advanced tactics to market our tutors using GeoLocation indicators and many other methods to have higher chances of students finding our tutors.  
  • We also market our tutors towards the adult audience as well, helping our tutors earn money not just from educational academic subjects, but from additional computer related subjects such as Microsoft Word Training, Accounting, C++, IT Network Training, anything that you are good in.  If we have subject that you are good in, but it's not on our list we can accommodate such flexibility for you and add it to our list, all you have to do is ask.
  • Given the fact that we provide a high level of flexibility of our tutors, we have low numbers of them however that provides us with loyal tutors, and in return helps us to pay off marketing expenses and market such tutors.
  • Also we are partnered with educational companies and other companies who help us market tutors in local media, not just on the internet, additionally we have educational companies who leverage our network to help us generate additional revenue, helping us to bring our operational costs down (other companies who simply have a single tutoring site, can't do any of that, but we can)
  • Our network can be leveraged to fuel marketing not only for tutoring academic subjects, but other types of subjects, instantly giving exposure for any type of subject Fairfield County or Westchester County tutor or subject matter expert in desires to teach, giving unprecedented level of exposure (for example take a look at our CT breakdancing instructors page to see what we mean and see how other types of subject tutors get exposure on our network)
  • Our network is here for good and here to stay, making concept of matchmaking easier for NY and CT parents, it will only grow and become more and more powerful, parents no longer looking for just one disconnected site from the reality, parents of Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT are looking for single provider that can help them find the right subject matter expert and at the best price and provide innovative tools to meet such tutors face to face before matchmaking takes place.   Our network is here to unite all of the Westchester and Fairfield County residents who are interested in providing their tutoring or consulting services and give parents a method to see who is really the best or who is nothing more than just talk.  If you are the best of the best then prove it, we have the tools, show that you are an expert to parents.
  • Our company is the only company that can help math tutors who are computer literate experts to make more money than they typically would make with traditional math tutoring.  We have networked and integrated mathematics tools to help local math tutors deliver what so-called hybrid math tutoring services in Westchester County NY and CT area by leveraging mathematical white board integrated math tools that can provide the highest level of learning effectiveness to students in Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT area.  For more info about becoming hybrid math tutor visit this site.
  • Our company is the only company in CT and NY area who can provide online math tutoring for Fairfield and Westchester County visit this section to see what online math tutoring is and how to become one.


This is how we Advertise Our Local Tutoring Job Opportunities for tutors

For Chemistry Science Tutoring Jobs in CT | NY |NJ

For Biology Science Tutor and Teacher Jobs in Westchester County, Fairfield/New Have County, and Bergen County NJ

For Bergen County NJ Employment Tutoring Jobs we post Banners on our sister tutoring jobs site.

How Do we get student leads and advertise our Tutoring Services?

For Physics tutors we market our services on our homework help blog site for Physics High School and College level students in CT | NY and NJ

For Chemistry Tutors we market out tutoring services also on homework help blog site for Organic and General Chem and AP level students in Connecticut | New York and New Jersey

For Algebra Tutors we market our math home tutoring services on homework help blog site for Algebra New Haven  Fairfield CT and Westchester New York and NJ students in Bergen,

A similar concept applies to other subjects, meaning we are getting student leads from multiple educational sites when students search for keywords like "physics homework help ct", "chemistry homework help" etc, we leverage bing and google search engine for maximum student leads.  This is not the full list of sites there are many others.  If you are the agency you can read how we get student leads here.



If you like what you saw, contact us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or tutor sign up form, to help you get enrolled, however you may want to scroll down first to see when the enrollment dates are, you can still express your interest outside of these enrollment dates, however for us to respond and enroll you, we do that strictly on enrollment date basis.  Exceptions do apply when we need someone ASAP based on parent's request. 

FYI other companies do not have enrollment dates, and simply have their tutors sign up, on their sites, without major enrollment processes and  pre-screening mechanisms in place, for high-quality match making we consider that big No No. We also have such site called

If you do not want to go through enrollment process and do not want all the benefits listed above, then feel free to register on our sister site

However, that site does not provide you with as much of an advantage in comparison to what you would get from working with Tutoring Services, LLC directly through CallMyTutor site.  However, you can still register there, if you do not like to work with the agency and simply would like to try your luck on your own with obtaining students.  We provide that option as well where you keep 100% of what you earn. 

However none of the benefits described above would apply in such case (and is considered not the most lucrative option for tutors who reside in Westchester County NY, Bergen County NJ, Fairfield County CT or New Haven County CT). 

Also we do review tutors on our sister site periodically, between enrollment cycle dates and just in general to see who is the right fit for our company, and contact such tutors to see if they are interested in working us through our CallMyTutor local tutoring matchmaking business model specifically designed for the state of NJ, CT and NY, Westchester and Fairfield County and New Haven county area, Bergen area.

How Tutors are advertised on our network of local tutoring sites in Westchester County NY and how tutors can show up higher in search results on our network!

 So what are you waiting for sign up with us today and increase your tutor rank to show up higher in search results than other tutors in your area!


What do I need to qualify in order to become independent contractor working with Tutoring Services, LLC?

       You must be either undergraduate or graduate student in college or university or simply subject matter expert in something that you believe you are good in.  However, we mostly focus on academic subjects, but if we see that you can do both such as for example teach chemistry and know how to play piano, and would like to tutor piano lessons, then we can market our tutors in piano as well.

Certified Teacher for the State of NY or CT


How much will I get paid?

Tutors who work with Tutoring Services, LLC are independent contractors and declare their own rate.  To get an idea of what rate to specify please refer to suggested tutoring rates in Westchester County NY.

    Do not be mislead by pricing, like other tutoring agencies promise you.  Other agencies tell you that they will charge low agency fee, but end up charging you more.  With us, we tell you upfront what you will get paid.  You will get paid what you specify in your profile.  Whatever you declare is how much you would get paid, simple as that.  We simply add our small commission fee on top, it can be either 30% in case if student does not buy a tutoring discount package, or it can be 25% in case if student does buy a package, or it can even be less than 25%, in cases where tutor provides additional discounts, where money that tutor would get paid would be less, because discount that tutor provides comes out from tutor's pay and partially from agency's pay

          However, we do not leave tutors in the dark and tell tutor exactly how much they would get paid when they create a discount package, making tutor the decision maker in regards to what type of tutoring discount package tutor should create, how much discount to give.  Note students and parents in NY and CT typically do not like to pay upfront for discount package and prefer to pay as they go, however, if you do create an attractive package than parents would like to obtain better savings and buy package upfront.  Creating attractive packages can be very well worth it since it makes it easy for a tutor to manage from an administration perspective. 

          Note if a student ends up paying as they go, then tutor would need to assist the agency in obtaining payment from the student.  If that's the case some tutors may say than what is the point of agency collecting commission fee if the tutor has to do payment request themselves. 

     The reason is simple, tutors who work with us can be marketed for on multiple sites, when they register with us they increase their opportunities of obtaining students.   No other company in CT and NY does that (if you find us feel free to let us know but we can beat pricing of any other Tutoring matchmaking company in CT and NY), other companies either charge tutors for each feature they do, charge minimum percentage commission rate, but do not increase chances of obtaining students as much as we do, especially for the areas of Westchester, Fairfield and New Haven.

    Note we are not saying do not work for other tutoring agencies, in fact, we are saying do work for other agencies as well, simply because it would make more sense economically for tutors to want to earn more money, (just be careful about non-compete agreements with other tutoring agencies)  However tutors who work with us simply show up as the least expensive tutors to work with than with any other agency in CT and NY, that is because our commission fee is much lower.  This keeps our tutors loyal, less turnover rate, and simply better business relationship.

What other tutoring agencies exist out there and how our company Tutoring Services, LLC is angled?

    There are a lot of other tutoring companies out there who imitate craigslist sites where they may seem attractive and charge tutors to be shown on these sites, monthly fees or yearly fees with the result of never being contacted by students.  Why is that?  Well, it's simple in order to charge someone money, the agency must provide proper service proper tools.

   There are already craigslist site why bother having any of these other tutoring sites that attempting to imitate craigslist?  There is no reason especially since tutors have to pay.   However, we are different because although we have similar sites sort of like craigslist we have an actual reason for such sites to exist, for examples sites like sites like all of these specific sites are created by Tutoring Services, LLC company with multiple business-driven reasons.  

        When we create sites similar like craigslist we do not charge tutors, because frankly speaking, that's the just wrong thing to do especially if business model can not operate profitably unless it's backed up by multiple business reasons. 

Hence when you see other sites on the internet who ask you money to become a tutor, you can try your luck and register on them, after all, it's all about increasing your opportunity, however, do not expect to obtain students from some of these sites, you may have better luck on craigslist.  In our case, however, we give flexibility for tutors to register on our sites that we created, although that they have functions similar to craigslist, they are not craigslist and they do not charge tutors either, unless tutor wants to pay for premium membership, in which case it would increase chances of tutor to get students, but will not guarantee students.  

       This is why we approach this issue by allowing tutors to register on site and declare $15 First Lesson Trial for tutors in their profiles, and not even forcing tutors to do so.  Tutors who do will simply have higher chance of being contacted by Tutoring Services, LLC and will be more likely candidates to get enrolled by Tutoring Services, LLC directly, amongst many other reasons such as less restricted tutoring profile, coming up higher in search results on the site, and even being advertised on our other subject tutoring sites.  This is what site has to offer, however, it has weak links, from the perspective of a quality match.   

        Tutors who register on do not automatically suggest that they are working with Tutoring Services, LLC or hired tutors, that just means that they registered there and simply want to get some free advertisement on the web for themselves to increase their chances of obtaining student leads. 

We feel that there is simply no method to satisfy both tutor and student unless different business tutoring system strategies are applied.  Hence is the reason why we have created a network of local tutoring sites for Westchester, Fairfield and New Haven counties, that simply focuses on quality and higher chances for tutors to obtain student leads.

         It's no secret that our process for tutor enrollment is rigorous, ranging from tutor personality test to pre-screening interview by subject matter expert or trained admin, or even in some cases owner himself.  

Based on the information we see in tutor's resume and responses from a personality test, we make our decision whether to work with such tutor or not.  What makes good tutor in our eyes is not just the ability to teach, it's the ability to be responsive, good in subject matter expert, patience, good personality, relevant educational experience. 

      Are we here to judge tutor?  The answer is Yes: if you want to work with us as an independent contractor for Tutoring Services, LLC, we judge the tutor based on our mechanisms, unless we do that then we can not guarantee quality to parents/students.  We have multiple mechanisms ranging from pre-screening between agency and tutor, between tutor and student, personality-test, resume, references verification, academic experience, background check, and student reviews (proven student reviews by leveraging our sister site and even psychology doctor's evaluation in some cases if we see fit for specific candidates.

We deploy these mechanisms based on how we see fit in a structural manner, depending on the candidate.  There is no 1 size fits all solution when it comes to matchmaking.  Tutors who work with us benefit from a higher chance of getting students.

Our prices are low because we let tutors declare them as oppose to other tutoring agencies, who give $20 to tutors and charge clients $70.  In our opinion, it's a failure of the system and we are completely against these type of prices.  

         Tutoring Sites created by college students with pretty looking pages is another trend you will find actively happening, in reality, these sites yes although may provide additional tutoring opportunities, and should not be discarded by tutors tend to simply not provide high-quality match and overcharge their clients, making their commission fees outrageous. 

Students who get a tutor through our local tutoring business model can get tutors just as high quality as on these other sites, but in many cases even lower in price.  So how is that the same tutor who is registered on other site is cheaper through our site?  The answer is simple, our commission fees are lower due to the economy of scale, that is strategically designed with neighboring counties and nearby cities.

         Do not expect that by working with Tutoring Services, LLC there will be straight forward matched, no.......... every client is different.    Some may need Test Prep tutor some may need an expert in Algebra.   We would not want to match make tutor with a client where tutor doesn't know how to answer a single question.  Which is why we give flexibility to tutors to get pre-screened by the parent and find out necessary information from student/parent about the assignment before being matched.   

     Our site allows flexibility for a tutor to use pre-screening to their advantage where tutors can also negotiate with parent higher hourly rate than what is declared in their profiles, as oppose to other tutoring agencies where you are locked into to specific price of the package that you declare.   Independent contractors who register through us through our CallMyTutor business model simply have more flexibility than any other site out there.  

         A tutor can let the parent know that their traditional rate is this much for example $50 per hour, but if a parent wants diagnostic homework assignments to see progress, then the rate is going to be more, for example, $60 per hour. A parent can agree or disagree to that and tutor can decide during the pre-screen interview.  Note parent makes a decision whether to pre-screen tutor or not over the whiteboard, however, if tutor wants to discuss with the parent first any questions before taking upon assignment then the agency can arrange pre-screening as well.  Parents can contact tutors directly through the site or call us on the phone to help them find the right tutor. 

        Tutors can specify if they offer first tutoring session free or not, however, we make tutors sign a contract where they must agree to provide a first lesson free risk of charge in the even if the parent did not like the lesson.  However, if a tutor is good there is no reason for that option to be exercised by the parent.   Hence we review our tutors carefully.  We lock down tutors to enrollment cycle dates also, do not expect to be heard back from us if you fall outside of the date range enrollment cycle, unless there is an exception based on the decision of Tutoring Services, LLC.

         Do not expect to be contacted back if your hourly rate is too high in your profiles, when matching students with tutors we ask students what hourly range their budget is, a student who see such rate may run away.  Students can suggest their own rate and we let them know if their rate is realistic or not for the area of Westchester, Fairfield and New Haven counties in the subject of expertise.  If their rate is unrealistic we provide alternative methods such as online tutoring or reference students to our sister site

          However, if the price is realistic we look and cross compare tutors who offer their packages, with an attempt to find rate provided within these packages based on client specifications.   If tutor stated they want to get paid $100 per hour, and you do not hear from us do not be surprised.  There is a friendly competition going on between our tutors for the best rate, hence we suggest creating attractive tutoring discount packages.   Else students simply won't contact tutors if they are outside of their range.

          What we suggest is, create the hourly rate that is attractive, then consider package discounts that you provide to see how much you would get paid if, for example, you provide the highest level discount, then consider other factors such as negotiating power that you get during pre-screen interview to make your rate higher, if for example, parents wants to get diagnostic homework assignments where parent gets progress reports.  

        All this takes time, all this takes money, we do not expect tutors to work for free here like many other tutoring agencies make their tutors work for free, creating things like tests and spending way too much time doing administrative work rather than teaching.   If you declare your rate, consider your rate the time you will spend creating tests, and adjust your rate accordingly based on that.  If you realize that after first student you spent tons of time on administrative overhead then adjust your rate and make it higher for next time someone contacts you.

         If you end up having student pay based on pay as you go ensure the student is notified to send a check to Tutoring Services, LLC or remind the student to send payment, definitely update your timesheet as well at the end of each lesson, track your time.  Do not expect that Tutoring Services, LLC will do these tasks for you, if tutors do not do these tasks then we can work with such tutors, since Tutoring Services, LLC has to get paid as well.  Otherwise, there would be no point of us providing service that we provide in a first place, resulting in inflation of tutoring prices in entire CT and NY and resulting in tutor simply spending more time attempting to find students on their own.   

     Note if you are good and declare good rate the students will contact you, if you simply looking for students without doing any work, then do not expect to get any.  We only work with the tutors that best matches our goals as well as tutors goals in making money and providing quality service for students.   If you do not like what you see, do not apply,  We are very strict 

        We are strict for one simple reason there is just way too many candidates who are not serious, about making money and helping others, tutors who are serious and subject matter experts, we work with.  Tutors who simply want a student and do not plan on placing emphasis in creating a profile and following rules we simply do not need. 

If you just want students and do not want to deal with Tutoring Services, LLC agency based model, simply register on on this site FREE there is no recurring commission fees and tutors can work directly with students after student purchase $15 trial.  If you do however still interested in applying with Tutoring Services, LLC as an independent contractor then simply continue reading further.

        There is also another company that we feel has high-quality value tutors, rigorous matchmaking process, and have very strict business processes, that we agree on and see somewhat similar to what we offer, they are not direct competitors with us since they are mostly targeting different areas. 

They do not charge huge commission fees, and we like their tutoring model very much, if anything consider registering with them as the tutor, they have good values, good spirit, care about tutoring industry and by far out beat any agency in quality that we have seen so far out of all the ones reviewed on the market.  Their commission fees are also very low making it attractive for tutors to apply.  However their standards are just as high as our standards if not higher in certain cases, hence do not expect to get a tutoring job from them either unless you pass rigorous enrollment process with them.

       They take their tutoring business serious and provide high-quality services and a higher chance for tutors to make money and do not restrict tutors into a non-compete agreement, hence tutors who do want to have higher chances of getting students leads consider registering with them and also us.  We will continue promoting other companies if we see that they are good, however, the one that comes to our mind that we feel is a really good company for tutors who are serious about money making and helping students is

       We personally read their reviews online, from other people evaluated them and understood that this company is 100% legit and should be a model for all the other tutoring companies out there. Hence if you want a higher chance of getting student leads consider registering with them and with us.  Who is better them or us?  We feel that they have their own business processes and we have our own, we feel that they provide good commission structure and flexibility for tutors, just like we do.  Hence it should not be about who is better, it should be why not register in both and makes the most out of your potential opportunities that you receive.

What makes Our company different from other bigger companies or local companies?

        We are the biggest local tutoring network of sites, in Westchester and Fairfield and New Haven County.  Tutors who register with us automatically advertised on our entire network of sites.  We have been in the industry since 2008, the company was created by an educator for educators with founder himself former/current certified teacher for the state of CT.   We provide methods for tutors to differentiate themselves, we are active in not only tutoring but teacher test prep business, helping tutors become certified teachers. 

        We have the biggest network of subject tutoring blog sites, giving us leverage to reduce marketing costs and be able to effectively advertise our tutors.  We provide methods for tutors to express themselves in their profile, with customized widgets, by subject and grade level differentiation, sample practice tests and worksheets. We have online tutoring sector as well, helping students and tutors meet online prior to meeting each other in person.  Compared to other local tutoring agencies who charge anywhere from 40% to 70% if not more in some cases, we do not charge that much.

         Our tutors can advertise themselves with their own discount packages.  Instead of starting out with outrageous commission fees that other agencies charge our company starts off with solid 30% commission fee-based structure added on top of tutor's hourly rate and reduced to solid 25% if a student buys a package, as oppose to paying on the go.

           The fee gets also reduced based on tutor's performance, lowering the fee even lower than 25%.  Our agency fee structure may seem high, but in reality, due to the fact that we have entire network of local tutoring site, created by the owner of NetworkConsultant.NET makes it easy for us to have more affordable price due to larger supply tutors then any other local tutoring company, and higher quality match than any global company. 

We call our business structure Glocal, a combination of both local and global.  We also have content developers who work with producing study guides and have exposure to Online Tutoring industry as well, making many of our local tutoring matchmaking more efficient.    Many other local tutoring companies out there make their tutors also sign contracts where tutors can not work for other companies, we do not do that, tutors who work with us are registered as independent contractors and can also work for other tutoring companies as well.

           We offer online and local tutoring opportunities for tutors in Westchester and Fairfield County as well as New Haven county.  We have partnerships with companies who print us in printed media in front of student's faces.  We have social media sites such as  our tutors are advertised on an educational network of sites such as RateMySchool.NET and show up on our central portal site as well, that ties together all of the sites in one. 

  We have also independent tutoring business model for educators who are not interested in paying any recurring commission fees, visit our site to register as a completely independent tutor and not pay any fees or simply register with Tutoring Services, LLC under our local tutoring CallMyTutor business model.  We are all about affordable education, parents trust us, students trust us, teachers trust us.  

We are all about going GREEN helping education stay affordable and helping students save money.

We are also all about going green and staying affordable and all about helping parents save money.  We are the only tutoring company who offers students and tutors sell books directly to each other avoiding middleman expensive college bookstore fees.  Visit our UsedCollegebooks.NET site to see how we are helping environment stay green. 

Parents like our message, they see the level of trust, they like our vision and trust us more, we have trustworthy name Tutoring Services, LLC and solid website making us an authoritative niche in the tutoring industry sector.  We also have central StudyGuide.NET where we help students save money on affordable education, where students can browse through books, view variety of study resources, purchase them and simply explore alternative opportunities to local home tutoring, making it easy for a parent to save money.  

Content Development Opportunities for educators

We also help teachers make money, if you have a study guide that you would like to create and need to have it published, don't hesitate to contact us to team up with us and partner up with us.  We are all about helping teachers succeed, only limited spots available for content development roles.  We are looking for solid math and science curriculum developers, local and online tutors all in one. 

Our content developers who work with us, benefit from sharing revenue of every study guide sold, sharing of revenue from any individual online tutoring, earning active income on the creation of study guides, earning income working locally, earning income from workshops and have dedicated support team who work specifically with our content developers.  In some cases our content developers are also matchmaking experts in the specific subject, gaining additional revenue from matchmaking tutors with students.    We are a unique educational company in entire Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT.  

Who are our competitors?

Since we are not just a home tutoring agency, but also online, homework help, teacher test prep, we have a variety of competitors dependent on the type of service offered.  We have local competitors, global in tutoring industry, we have teaching test prep companies who also compete with us and local competitors.  Every competitor has their own advantages and their own disadvantages, but our strongest suit is in math and sciences.   Bigger companies do not mean better, smaller companies doesn't mean worth, in many cases, other local competitors can be much better in a small sector really narrow sector, but not may be the right fit for the majority of tutors.


How can I become registered tutor working with Tutoring Services, LLC as an independent contractor?

Good question we glad you asked.  Register here to express your interest register here.

Does everyone qualify?

No, only limited number of tutors, who are truly passionate about tutoring and pass the interview, satisfy minimum requirements.   We also recruit based on year cycles, if you are not within the specific date range of year cycle, we may not be able to interview you or even enroll you in the system. This may have nothing to do with your background or any other information.  If you see job ad, feel free to apply but the is no guarantee we will review it until recruitment year cycle date.

List of The following recruitment year cycle dates

Oct 11 to Nov-11 

Jan 11 to Feb-11

Jun 11 to July-11

If you are outside of these date ranges and do not receive a response do not be surprised, hence apply within the date range cycle.  Exceptions do apply in cases where agency has to recruit in the event if we don't have specific tutor for student assignment, in which case we do post tutor ads on our other sister site like )our sister site) or other sites such as or or, and other subject related sites. 


How many student leads can I expect to get?

Our company receives leads constantly, our students find us through our social media sites such as or or other sites.  However, we do not guarantee leads to any of our tutors for signing up with us.  Tutors who do sign up with us simply have a better chance of landing student assignments in comparison with tutors who do not. 


Why register with us when there are bigger sites like Amazon, Facebook, Bing, Google who I can advertise myself with and do not pay any tutoring agency commission fees?

That is true, however, our company advertises our tutors on all of these sites, plus our own network of local tutoring sites and subject sites for the much lower amount than what it would cost individual tutor to do so, due to how search engine algorithm work.  Have you noticed that unless you have a big company that does lots of posting and lots of advertising that it's almost impossible to come up high in search results on google?  If you have noticed then the reason for that is simple, and it's not that google wants to only help bigger companies, but the reason for that is due to how search engines work. 

So how exactly do search engine works?

Search engines love fresh content, they also love high-quality sites with graphics, videos, and highly relevant material.  The regular person, it can take months if not years to generate.  However in the case of Tutoring Services, LLC this content is generated daily.  If you browse our site, you will notice RSS feeds on the bottom of academic subject pages, you will also notice study guides shown and also will see tutors shown. 

The way our business works is, we sell study guides, we have reason to create content, we have reason to also have tutors, when tutors register this also creates content for us, intercombination of study guides, tutors, RSS feeds, and highly relevant content is what makes all of our pages simultaneously produce results in the form of high level of robustness and effectiveness when it comes to landing student leads. 

Note we also have school rating sites and books sites and in process of creating online tutoring platform and homework help platform providing many other layers of content, that is pretty much next to impossible to create if you were to just do this on your own.  It's simply much easier to accept commission fee and let us help you increase your marketability.

.   Doing independent tutoring on your own without the help of an agency can be very expensive.  Our company spent about 8 years just on figuring out marketing strategy alone for how to get students effectively.  Doing this on your own can be very difficult, however many tutors try.  For these that do want to try on their own feel free to visit our site, our sister site that helps independent tutors market themselves without tutoring recurring commission fees.  However, with our local tutoring match making a business model, tutors can declare their own rate, and get paid what they declare in their profile, with an additional fee added on top for the student. 

Student gets the benefits of the personalized match,  and get the benefit of comparing tutors side by side in the most robust and effective way possible.  Our tutors who registered with us through our local tutoring business model call my tutor benefit from having better options and better methods to market themselves on our site.

To land tutoring opportunity with Tutoring Services, LLC is enrollment process easy?

The process is rigorous, this is for the safety of our students, requiring, references, background checks, completion of the profile, intro video, signed contracts.    The enrollment process can take up to 1 week. If all documents provided quickly enrollment can be done within 2 or 3 days.  We leverage going GREEN type of technologies for contract distribution, where our tutors can sign paperwork quickly using an electronic signature, pass the interview, and create their profile.   We do require a tutor to create intro video, pic and update their profile, showing necessary info that they would be willing to show to students and parents publically. 

What if I am a college student and would like part time cash can I apply?

College students are welcome to apply. 


What makes tutoring students beneficial for NY tutors when working with us.

  If you live in Westchester County NY or Fairfield County CT  and looking for financial improvement in your life and interested in working as an independent contractor, apply today. Our Tutoring Services, LLC company is currently looking for subject experts and qualified k-12 college and certified teacher, who can offer academic and homework help to students particularly in English, history, math, algebra, precalculus, chemistry, biology, physics, and business as well as other related subjects.

We also welcome qualified tutors for SAT, ISEE, ACT tutoring or any of the prep tests such as the Praxis 1, praxis 2, GMAT and the GRE, MCAT.  We have our own entire network of local Westchester and Fairfield County tutoring sites where students in Westchester and Fairfield county can find our tutors easily.

Areas we Service in Westchester County and Fairfield County CT and New Haven County and who should apply?

Westchester County NY


Fairfield County CT


New Haven County CT


          Our network of local tutoring sites is the most attractive and most robust, in entire Westchester county NY where our tutors provide tutoring services for cities of Rye, Port Chester, Mamaroneck, Scarsdale, Poundridge, New Rochelle, Chappaqua, Mount Vernon, Yonkers, Tarrytown, Armonk, Ardsley, Elmsford, White Plains, Mount Kisco, Bedford and other cities and towns in Westchester County NY.  We also offer tutoring services in the nearby county such as Fairfield County.  Cities we service include Wilton, Westport, Norwalk, Weston, Trumbull, Bridgeport, Fairfield, Greenwich, Stamford, Darien, New Canaan,  Stratford and other cities in Fairfield County CT such as Danbury, Redding, Somers Connecticut and many many other cities.

Our independent contractors who register with our company TutoringServices, LLC also offer their tutoring services in New Haven County and nearby cities, such as Wallingford, Cheshire, Hamden, Milford, West/North Haven.

You see, improving your career and your life is simple, simply apply for tutor jobs in Westchester, NY now and experience more than just a financial improvement, but professionally as well. You may call us at (203) 340 - 0391 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact Us Today To apply

You see, improving your career and your life is simple, simply apply for tutor jobs in Westchester, NY now and experience more than just a financial improvement, but professionally as well. You may call us at (203) 340 - 0391 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. you can also register here.

You can also visit us on and we can alternatively respond to your request from there.


Reliable Student Leads

Our company offers the best student leads for our tutors, and due to this, we humbly ask a small administrative fee after every tutoring session to ensure more student leads to come in the entire duration of the tutor’s employment. Additionally, we also ensure the safety of both our student and tutors so we require each tutor, upon successfully hired to submit a background check online.

Our company provides reliable student leads to tutors by leveraging tactics of whiteboard interview.  In another word, if a parent wants to meet tutor face to face with the parent and the student, prior to tutor heading out to student's home, a tutor can meet directly with student face to face during an online interview between parent and tutor.   Where audio and video of the tutor and whiteboard discussion between tutor and student gets recorded. 

This gives tutors and students/parents opportunity to get to know each other face to face, where parents can decide and tutors can decide if taking upon tutoring opportunity from this parent/student makes sense for the tutor.   This also gives an opportunity for the parent to decide whether or not they should buy up front tutoring discount package prior to tutor attending student's home or if a parent wants to try tutor first before, enrolling into the package. 


What is the goal of the audio/video recorded interview?

       The goal is for a tutor to obtain adequate information in regards to whether or not it makes sense for this tutor to provide tutoring services for the client or not.  It also provides a similar goal for parents/students/guardians (or what we can refer to as clients) to decide if they like the tutor or not and whether it makes sense to buy tutoring discount package from a tutor or not. 

Additionally, it provides safety mechanism since the 15min session is recorded.  Parents do not want random people to show up in their homes, they want better assurance and have that safety of pre-screening tutoring candidate before deciding.

    Plus it helps the agency to discard tutors who reveal personal contact info.  No personal contact info should be revealed until valid payment is provided by the parent and is on file, or until tutoring discount package is purchased or unless otherwise approved by the agency, in written form.   In cases, if tutor provides first free tutoring session and declared so in tutor's profile for a parent to try before they buy, this option is only valid if a parent buys up the front discount package.  If a parent does not like tutor then money can be credited towards another tutor or refunded. No matter what the instance is personal contact info is not revealed until payment is on file.

Why local tutors even need audio/video recorded an interview with the parent before they meet?

This is tutor's chance to shine and provide info about themselves that differentiates them from other candidates.   As well as to obtain other useful information nonpersonal contact revealing information.

Does our company interview online tutors using similar tactics as local tutors?

Yes within minor exception, online tutors are asked to demonstrate their tutoring skills directly to us, even before meeting with the parent, once they pass the first level of interview and demonstrate their teaching effectiveness, then at that point we can ask them to get interviewed by a parent face to face similar as in the case with local tutors, except, online tutors get to demonstrate their skill to parent/student before landing online tutoring assignment.

What can local tutors expect to find out from face to face interview with parent or student or both?

1. Find out exactly what parent is looking for, how many approximate tutoring sessions parent would be looking for.

2. Sometimes parents may not know exact # of sessions needed and would be looking at tutor's recommendation based on student's progress.

3. A tutor can find out other questions from a parent such as city, parent lives in, zip code, closest to student's house, landmark or major intersection, just to give tutor idea of how far they have to travel.  (however, no personal contact info of exact house number, emails or phone numbers or any method of communication is allowed, entire 15 min session is recorded for quality assurance and review by our admins)

4. A tutor can find out for example if there is a parking available near student's home.

5. A tutor can find out from parent/student about specific scheduling needs strictness, how often parent may need tutor, on which dates.  

6. During this interview, tutor can get an idea from a parent if they are interested or not. If a parent is not interested they will notify our agency. If the parent is interested they will be more willing to discuss scheduling and availability with the tutor, without revealing any personal contact details.  If parent does want to schedule tutoring session they will ask or suggest tutor best time to meet, in which case tutor may let parent know if it work for or not, then if parent and tutor agrees between each other, tutor must login into our tutoring management platform and schedule their lesson (note no personal parent contact info will be revealed to tutor until parent pays for package or has valid payment on file).  If tutor did not come to an agreement with the parent during an interview in regards to best scheduling and availability, then they can let the parent know that they will get back to them with the best schedule timing through tutoring management system.

7. During an interview, tutor can show link to parent/student to their tutoring profile page, and explain parent hourly rates tutor is offering, and share any other offers that tutor provides in his/her profile

8. During this interview, tutor can truly understand if the hourly rate that tutor has chosen in their profile is appropriate for this specific parent or need additional adjustments.

9. If tutoring hourly rate needs adjustments based on conversation with the parent, then tutor must notify parent during an interview process that the rate would differ for them from the already declared default hourly rate in their profile, and tutor must be prepared to explain the reasoning to the parent and if parent agrees to such hourly rate then tutor must update their tutoring profile hourly rate after audio/video recorded interview and notify parent through our tutoring management system of such change with reflected profile price for subject and grade level. 

10. Sometimes parents during the pre-screen interview may ask tutor question such as how many tutoring hours does student/parent need to purchase, in order to answer this question tutor can request student to take diagnostic practice test in specific subject to get an idea where student needs to help the most, in which subject and in which topic.  This can give tutor an approximate idea of how far behind student is in academic subject, how hard would it be to tutor such student, and if major effort is going to be needed, this can also help tutor realize what the hourly rate should be for that specific case, especially in cases where tutor is not sure how far ahead academically student is in regards to specific subject and whether or not major emphasis in lesson preparation or research would be needed to help this student get better grades.

If tutor realizes that for example material where student needs help with is extremely advanced and will eat a lot of tutor's time to prepare for the tutoring lesson, then in such case tutor would have flexibility to realize that and charge more per hour for such student as oppose to being matched blindly without knowing what to expect and overworking yourself for free.   During pre-screen interview with the parent tutor has an option to let the parent know that before tutoring begins, it's recommended for the student to take a diagnostic practice test. Even if the tutor does not have diagnostic practice test created at the time of pre-screen whiteboard interview, a tutor can easily create that after an interview and request parent through our messaging whiteboard to let their son or daughter take tutor's created test.

Tutoring Services, LLC provides flexibility for online as well local home tutors in Westchester County NY to create practice diagnostic tests, based on specific subject and grade level, and have it displayed in their tutoring profile on our proprietary advertisement platform for tutors  By creating such practice diagnostic test so tutor would increase their tutor rank, increase their chances of coming up higher in search results in comparison to other tutors, being able to differentiate themselves from other tutors and best of all provide higher quality of service to Students and Parents, making parent more likely to hire such candidate.

Process of creating diagnostic practice test is easy since tutors can reuse other tutor's questions in their tests, additionally tutors who do create practice tests also increase their chances of other students finding these tests on our site and another network of sites, realizing who created them taking diagnostic test getting poor score and with realization of obtaining poor score and needing help contacting such tutors to get additional help.  Every diagnostic practice test that tutor creates has a picture of a tutor next to it, showing who created, hence if students get a poor grade in a diagnostic test, there is a high chance that such student may contact tutor who created it to get academic help. 

Additionally if you navigate to section of this site you will see that parents are also advised by Tutoring Services, LLC to search for tutors who distinguish themselves through these practice diagnostic tests, especially when it comes to comparing 2 tutors side by side and deciding which one of these tutors seem to be the one who provides diagnostic tests in their subject and who does not.   Parents have higher level of comfort when they know that the tutor they are working with is not only a subject matter expert, but managed to demonstrate that by creating diagnostic practice test and by offering that diagnostic practice test to the students, making it more likely for parent to chose tutor who did create diagnostic practice test as oppose to choosing tutor who did not. 

Hence we advise tutors who are approached by the parents or even if not approached by the parent, creating a couple of diagnostic practice tests in their profiles, after all, it does increase your chance of getting more student leads.   Creation of such diagnostic practice tests is optional.  However, parents do look for that and also use that as one of the decision factors when it comes to hiring tutor for their sons or daughters.  

  Tutors whose test was in fact taken by the specific student would have access to see what questions student got wrong, how much time student spent.  This is a powerful tool for independent contractor tutors not only because they can get an idea initially of what type of student they will be working with, but also can leverage the very same diagnostic practice tests that they create by assigning them to students that they tutor for homework.  Almost every student has a laptop or a tablet PC, it's easy to assign student one of the practice test for homework then during the next home tutoring lesson review each question with the student by using student's laptop or tutor's laptop.  Almost every parent has a wifi. 

Combining both local home tutoring with computerized diagnostic tests, can easily provide tutor an idea of how well student is doing and how far is the student progressing, plus results from the homework tests can be sent by the tutor to parent for parent to see, giving parent an idea of how well the tutoring is going.  Note only tutors who do create such practice tests can obviously offer such options to their parents, and therefore if such options are present by tutors, it's perfectly acceptable by the tutor to charge students at the higher hourly rate. Hence consider that creating diagnostic practice tests is an advantage.


A parent can still request tutoring discount package, and the tutor would receive notification of such request, giving tutor ample of power to decide whether or not they are happy with parent's request to buy such packages.  If a tutor is happy, then tutor must notify the agency that requested by parent tutoring discount package is ok, in which case, the agency will charge a parent for such package using online payment method provided by the parent.


What tutor must let Tutoring Services, LLC Agency know after the parent interview?

If interview went successfully and parent and tutor agreed on scheduling and availability, then tutor must provide at the end of the audio/video pre-screening interview with the parent the following info to the agency.

1. Tutor must notify the agency, if they are interested in providing tutoring services for this parent or not after the interview. (within 24 hours from the interview)

2. Date and time for when the first lesson will take place and for how long it will be.  (within 24 hours from the interview)

3. Tutor must notify agency If they have scheduled 1st tutoring lesson through the tutor management system or not with the client. (within 24 hours from the interview)

What does tutor need to do before an audio/video pre-screened parent interview?

1. Finish enrollment process with Tutoring Services, LLC sign contracts using going green signature apps that help tutors save paper.

(this consists of creating tutoring profile, getting interviewed, providing references and other profile info)

2. Create tutoring profile (updated profile with all the minimum requirements info such as (basic info pic, intro video, hourly rate, about me info, tutoring discount packages)

3. Be enrolled in our tutor management system.

4. Be associated with the parent in the management system.



What does parent need to do before an audio/video pre-screened parent interview?

1. Enrolled in tutoring management system.

2. Be a registered student on our call my tutor site.

3. Discussed with the agency over the phone/email of what tutor they need

4. Review profile of other tutors on call my tutor site or request agency's help to suggest a tutor based on parent's needs.

5. Be prepared to provide personal contact info to the agency.

What can parents find out from the tutor and what should tutor be prepared to answer?


Parents may ask tutor any other non-personal contact revealing questions such as.

1. What level of experience tutor has working with other students?  (tutor can elaborate on past personal tutoring experiences with other students)

2. What type of learning style tutor can provide to their child?  (tutor must have their info specified in their profile for specific learning style)

3. How flexible is a tutor with their hourly rate?             (tutors must have their hourly rates updated based on subject and grade level)

4. What kind of tutoring discount packages does tutor offer? (tutors must have their tutoring discount packages updated)

5. Does tutor provide 1st-hour session free to try out a tutor or not? (tutors must make sure they have their profile properly updated before face to face interview)

6. Or how far tutor lives from student/parent's zip code, or if a tutor is willing to commute to client's home.  A parent can provide a zip code to the student, or nearby landmark or major intersection as long as it doesn't reveal personal contact info of parent/student.

7. Parents may ask tutor any other questions, pertaining to tutoring as long as none of the personal contact info is revealed.

8. A parent may ask the tutor to show profile details or any other additional info.

9. Parents can find out from a tutor if a tutor is interested in tutoring their son/daughter.

10. If parent during an interview gets the sense that they like the tutor and want to schedule their 1st tutoring session, then they can discuss scheduling and availability with the tutor during an interview, and decide on the best day between each other when to meet. In which case tutor must update in our tutoring management system scheduled session date and time, and parent must notify agency, through our tutor management system in regards to what package they are interested in buying from the tutor's profile, or simply buy the package directly from tutor's profile, in which case we will reveal personal contact info of parent to tutor and at that point tutor can view student's personal contact info and schedule tutoring session.

What parent must let the agency know?

If interview went successfully and parent and tutor agreed on scheduling and availability, the parent must provide at the end of the audio/video pre-screening interview with the tutor the following info to the agency.

1.  Parent must notify the agency if they are interested in receiving tutoring services from the tutor that they interviewed with.

2.  Parent must provide date and time for when they agreed to schedule their first lesson.

3.  Parent must let the agency know what tutoring discount package they would like to purchase from the tutor.

What will agency let the parent know?

Agency will let the parent know if the tutor has a valid background check or not, prior to sending a tutor to parent's home, we must run a background check, however, exceptions do apply in cases where certified teachers are applying since such educators are required by schools to be background checked.  If a background check is not on file then agency will run a background check on the tutor, and will notify parent after the background check was complete.



Can I apply obtain student from the agency and work directly with the student avoiding agency commission recurring fee altogether? 

The answer is no, if you plan on doing so then is the site where you would want to register and work directly with a student without paying recurring commission fee, but not through our call my tutor local tutoring business model.  Doing so under our local tutoring business system, can get you in trouble and get you kicked out of entire tutoring services industry altogether, making it extremely risky business.  Please read our FAQs for more info. 

Other agencies use multiple mechanisms in detecting if someone is doing business directly and avoiding recurring commission agency fee, we do not have to worry too much about this, since our local tutors are not charged through the roof, like other agencies charge tutors, that is because we have solid network of local tutoring sites in Westchester and Fairfield County area, as well as provide variety of flexibilities for tutors in their tutoring profiles, and it's simply easier for tutors and students to work through our business system rather than trying to avoid an agency. 

Instead of worrying about how to catch tutors who do not work directly through the agency like other companies have to worry about instead we encourage tutors to do business directly (just not under our local tutoring business model) with students and specifically created business model just for that   and for any serious tutors who are interested in working with the agency as independent contractor get higher student lead exposure and be advertised on our local network of Westchester and Fairfield tutoring sites, then our local tutoring business model call my tutor is the right model for you.

What are the top 6 methods that our tutoring agency uses to minimize the risk of tutor avoiding tutoring agency recurring commission fee while working as an independent contractor for Tutoring Services, LLC under the local tutoring CallMyTutor business model and why do we do this?

Recurring commission agency fee is the fee we charge from each lesson that tutor teaches the student.  Due to the fact that we provide marketing and method for tutors to increase their chances in landing students, we charge that fee.  Service we provide is matchmaking, attempting to bypass fee is practically stealing from the agency.  To prevent from such measures here are the techniques our agency follows.


We have 6 risk reduction methods to mitigate the possibility of tutors doing business with the student directly.

Method 1 Legal Binding.

1.  Binded contract that student must sign.

2.  Binded contract that tutor must sign.

(holding both student and tutor legally liable if that was to happen and agency was to find that out from either student or tutor)

Method 2.  Background Check Online

Our proprietary system that reports tutors in the event if they attempted to do business directly and proof was found, resulting in other tutoring agencies in entire tutoring services industry being able to see that information and make decision if they should hire someone with such background of avoiding agency or not, resulting in complete ban of tutor from entire tutoring services industry.  

How can we do that? Just like people who go to restaurants and give bad reviews for the restaurant in Yelp, we can use same freedom of speech to let other tutoring agencies know whether they should work with particular tutor or not (and believe us... if they know that you have avoided the agency.... they will not want to hire you).   We show what we will reveal to other agencies when you first sign the contract, and we will only do that in the event of tutor avoiding agency and we end up finding out about it.

Why would other agencies listen to us....?   How is that possible?

The reason is simple because we help not only ourselves but tutoring agencies develop their business, market their tutors and even get students helping other local tutoring companies... make money and be part of our cloud educational networking marketing service.... hence they are connected to us. Want to see how they are connected to us?  Go here and check our blog, and discover why other tutoring agencies listen to us.   

Which means anything we tell to other tutoring agencies in tutoring services industry, they will listen to.... and what we will tell them is how to run this business the right way and how to be great business leaders in community and hold tutors responsible for their action, because holding tutors responsible brings level of trust, and brings higher quality service and reduces risk and provides higher quality service to students.  

We also have mechanisms for holding students responsible, for example, if the student is violent and decided to attack tutor in any way or do something that is completely unethical, do not be surprised to see student  record on our site, other tutoring agencies want to know that too if that's the case and avoid trouble.  Obviously, if that's the case student must be notified in the contract.  We bind student by contract, no contract no service.  Some students/parents do not like that... we understand that... but we have to secure ourselves and secure others, and that's what it takes to run a business

Remember what agencies do is helping you, if you chose to avoid the agency fee, then you chose to steal money, just like anyone else chose to steal product from the store.  If the agency fee either is not reasonable to you and you should not sign a contract in a first place or agency is not doing the right thing and charging you too much... Our company makes sure that it is not the case, by being industry leader... but it can still happen sometimes if you end up with the wrong agency.

Hence... trying to do direct... business with student or client... without us knowing it (is considered stealing) if student was provided by us to you... and us discovering this inadvertently from let's say student/parent calling us and letting us know that let's say you were late one day... or complain about something else... will instantly reveal that you are working direct and will result in the consequences, that are just simply not worth it. 

Method 3.  Low Pricing

We do not charge outrageous commission fees, minimizing the possibility for tutors to even bother attempting to work directly. That is due to the fact that we have a network of local Westchester tutoring sites, and can have a higher supply of tutors and lower operational costs, then the parent would pay anyway if for example, they were to go with the independent tutor without paying tutoring agency on any other site. Our prices on agency fee is low, but parents like to get cheap, and when they get cheap.... tutors they get what they pay for.. with us... there is no such thing as cheap... there is affordable... high quality...if students/parents  want much more affordable service and work direct, then they can visit our sister site

Method 4.  Internal Messaging and Video recording controls.

We video record our tutors if a parent wants to meet them face to face prior to meeting online.   Resulting in greater control, and more chances of being able to discover if a tutor is doing anything inappropriate, such as revealing personal contact info without agency's approval.   Our tutors and students communicate through the internal messaging system where we can see if personal contact info was exchanged.  

Exceptions: Depending on which type of tutor we interview some of these controls are relaxes, for example, we do not do extensive checks on someone like a certified teacher for the state of CT or NY for example.  Teachers, doctors, and professors come first and they are our top priority since they are the true heroes in this world.  Anyone else is verified through more rigorous controls.  

Method 5.  Workflow Business Process using Tutoring Discount Package system

We provide flexibility for parent to buy a package, locking parent into entire package cost where parent gets discount if they buy package, as oppose to paying as they go without pre-purchasing package and not saving money,  hence even if tutor was to do business directly with the student behind agency's back, agency would still have the first purchased package tutoring agency commission fee payment anyway, then after realizing that student did not purchase a package for 2nd time such tutor would be flagged.

This flag would indicate the possibility that tutor is doing business directly with the student/parent/guardian. Although it could be a valid reason why parent chose not to buy 2nd package, in many cases we would have to rely on these signs to see if a tutor is doing business directly with the student. Sometimes we look at 2nd package purchase flag, sometimes we look at 3rd, sometimes we look at 4th.

For flagged tutors we may or may not contact student's parent/guardian in which case agency would contact student's parent or guardian, and ask them how is the tutoring sessions going between suspected tutor who is doing business directly with the student being agency's back, student parents tend to answer that question without thinking and instantly revealing that tutor is working with them.  Another instance of this is when a parent simply contacts us and notifies the agency that tutor offered to do business directly with intent to avoid agency to help parent save money on agency commission fee and have witness proof.  Why would a parent do that?  

That is because the parent does not want to be legally liable in the event that agency somehow finds out that tutor is doing business directly and has proof. Hence attempting to avoid Tutoring Services, LLC  agency can be risky business for a tutor.  Our company reserves the right to terminate independent contract enrollments with any tutors who violate our terms and conditions, and further action is taken if there was proof.

Method 6.  We have a personal connection with parents and offer more than just local tutoring.

In many cases, parents may simply want both local and online tutoring, simply because they can't afford a local tutor, or can afford a local tutor, but for maybe 1 tutoring session only, and would like someone to teacher their son or daughter online, and have a more affordable level of tutoring. 

Our company happens to do both online and local, companies that just do local tutoring matchmaking and do not do online, do not offer that level of competitive advantage resulting in higher chances of students doing business directly with local tutor, however if student has personal connection with the agency such as taking advantage of higher savings by leveraging both local and online tutoring, it becomes much easier for parent to simply work with the agency and do this all in one place, rather than trying to avoid the agency fee, making it impractical and not robust. 

Parent like simplicity, they want to have online and local tutoring access they want to work with single agency, they want to know that if they do not like the tutor they can come back to agency and get another tutor, there are simply way too many benefits for parent to even bother agreeing on doing business directly with the tutor.

Of course, there is no 100% bulletproof way for preventing tutors from avoiding tutoring agency recurring commission fee, but our risk reduction methods are just enough to make tutors think twice before attempting doing so. 

In simple words due to the fact that our business model is structured in a way that we do not just offer local tutoring, we do not have to have super strict controls for worrying about tutors attempting to do business directly with the student, in comparison to other tutoring agencies, making entire concept of local tutoring business, prone to such risks, unless company provides, and creates an environment for tutors and students which would encourage tutors and students to work through the agency and that is exactly what Tutoring Services, LLC provides making our agency relatively different than any other tutoring agency in Westchester or Fairfield County. 

That is also primarily why you would not see many tutoring businesses survive or even operate in Westchester County area, due to high administrative costs and due to insufficient and incomplete business strategy.  Making our company stay on top of the competitive edge, and helping students of Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT get matched with local tutors, at more attractive tutoring hourly rate, resulting in more students contacting us, and obviously higher level of demand for our tutors. The best part about us is that tutors get to declare their own rates, and agency recurring commission is not high.


What happens if I do apply with Tutoring Services, LLC to work as an independent contractor for under CallMyTutor tutoring agency based managed the system, but get rejected by the agency?


Sometimes tutors who apply with us may get rejection notice such as this


    “We have reviewed your resume, unfortunately, you are not the best fit since your resume does not reflect relevant subject expertise, also parent was looking for someone with more academic experience.  Although we can not accept you into our local tutoring program,  you are more than welcome to register on our sister site as independent tutor to gain more tutoring experience, no recurring commission agency fee involved there, registration is also free, this can help you create your own profile and increase your student leads possibilities as well as advertise your tutoring services, without being charged commission fee on top of tutor’s hourly rate from every lesson, “


Explanation from Tutoring Services, LLC for why we may reject some candidates.


We review registered candidates occasionally based on incoming student requests and also contact tutor candidates who are registered if opportunity near them is presented and we feel that they are the best match for the student or parent based on parent's set of matchmaking criteria.  At which point we invite these tutors and enroll them into our local tutoring matchmaking business model  by invitation only.


Some tutors prefer not to work with us due to commission agency fee that we charge and prefer to simply register on our site in which case we welcome such tutors to do so also (after all who likes middle man, no one).  It may sound strange why would we have 2 tutoring business systems, but the answer is simple we have 2 types of tutors, these who do not want to work with the agency and do not like the hassle of reporting timesheets, being interviewed by the agency or having to be pre-screened by the parent before meeting parent face to face, and these ones that are ok with that.   Typically the ones that don't want to work through the agency register


Additionally parents asked our company to provide better quality and more through match for their sons and daughters, simply because there are way too many companies who simply do not provide the right candidates and fail to have their tutors hold responsible for their actions.  Therefore, tutoring managed business structure was born, to accommodate needs of such parents residing in Westchester County NY Manhattan New York County and Fairfield County CT New Haven County CT, Bergen County NJ . There many other reasons why we decided to divide Tutoring Services, LLC into 2 tutoring business divisions.  


Therefore, instead of us telling our tutors that we reject their request (something that other agencies typically do if they have no alternative business systems, no one likes that), we let tutors know that as for alternative they can register on our sister site   This is how Tutoring Services, LLC can quickly filter out  who is serious and willing to work through our callmytutor agency managed business system and who is not, these additional filtering mechanisms also help us save time and money, plus they help tutors also gain addition tutoring experience before attempting to re-apply with us.


The reason for that is because we get tutors sometimes that simply want the student lead, but do not commit, we spend time interviewing them, but then halfway through enrollment process tutors say they don't have time to go through it the full enrollment process.


Our answer is, “if you do not have time to create a profile then you do not have time to teach.”  <--- no profile. no trust.. no trust no service... no service not sure what trust means to view what it means for students.


Here is the recommendation to all the tutors who expressed interested in applying for Tutoring Services, LLC CallMyTutor tutoring agency managed based business system in Fairfield or Westchester or New Haven county.


If you were denied opportunity to work through CallMyTutor with Tutoring Services, LLC and  would like to work withTutoring Services, LLC as independent contractor under business division CallMyTutor and willing to travel to Westchester County areas, the create a profile then when we can get the right candidate who satisfies match making criteria of the student/parent, at that point we can look in and see which tutor matches closest to what parent needs and then contact such tutors and have tutors go through enrollment process with us.


We are very strict, with enrollment, this is due to the fact that we have many applicants who are not serious when they are applying.  


Here is what we look for from independent tutors who are registered on   


1.  Is how qualified tutor is in comparison to what parent is looking for with respect to academic subject, type of tutor needed etc..

2.  Did the tutor provide $15 First Lesson Free Try Before You Buy Trial to student’s parent for first lesson, and did parent ended up purchasing first hour tutoring session from such tutor, and if the feedback was positive.

3.  How compatible with our business model that tutor is from the perspective of Tutoring Services, LLC hiring this tutor.

4.  Did the tutor violate any terms and conditions in or any other tutoring agency for whom such tutor was hired before.


Positive feedbacks/ratings from parents/students left by them for tutors on  help us make decision of who we can approach to enroll into our CallMyTutor system.  In simple words to pass the first level of security or our proprietary filtering process for tutor who received rejection notice from us and still wishes or desires to work with us, then in that case. (note if you were not rejected you can still  register if you wanted to on we do not deny tutors from registering on as many tutoring sites as possible, unless of course agency where they attempt to apply denies them of such possibility)


Tutor should do the following (note this will still not guarantee enrollment if Agency finds adequate reason not to enroll specific candidate based on agency's final decision)


  1. Create the profile  and advertise their tutoring services, and of course, help themselves out as well by doing so by increasing chances of being found by students

  2. Declare in their Profile that they are ok with providing first FREE Try Before they buy lesson to the student, and give permission to Tutoring Services, LLC to charge student $15 on behalf o the tutor, in exchange for marketing such tutor on our site and thereby not be limited to messaging restriction as and being shown higher in search results then other tutors who do not offer $15 Trial.

  3. In addition to that if student’s parent does end up contacting such registered tutor and does end paying  $15 for first lesson Trial Tutoring Lesson, and leaves positive feedback, then such tutors who have passed the first test of trust level would be highly considered into our CallMyTutor tutor managed business structure and most likely be invited.


For what is $15 Try Before You Buy Trial is you can visit FAQ sections of


In short context $15 Try Before You Buy Trial is basically tutor registered on  declaring to student in their tutoring profile, that such tutor is ok with providing first lesson FREE of charge for student to try before committing to the rest of the tutoring sessions, in exchange for Tutoring Services, LLC allowing tutor to have less restricted tutoring profile and (allowing student to exchange personal contact info with the student after $15 payment completed).   


Where student can still  contact such tutor ask any questions pertaining to tutoring as long as no personal contact info is exchanged, then after student provides $15 payment student can exchange personal contact info with the tutor, and tutor at that point can go to student’s home and provide tutoring services for such student as independent contractor working for themselves not for Tutoring Services, LLC and not for CallMyTutor business division. No recurring tutoring agency commission fees involved.


If tutor does end up providing first free lesson, than that tutor can request student/parent to provide review for them, and our system would allow such student/parent to provide review, rather than someone random providing feedback/review/rating like it’s done on many other sites, and our system also would send out review/rate reminding to such student/parent 2 weeks after $15 Trial payment.


At which point if student/parent provides review/rating and feedback is positive, then tutor passed such level of trust and will be more than likely to be contacted by Tutoring Services, LLC in case if there is any tutoring opportunity near them that fits parent's match criteria as well as company’s compatibility criteria.


The owner of Tutoring Services, LLC and Network Security company called Binary Fusion operated under NetworkConsultant.NET designed this propitiatory tutor filtering system to have the highest level of safety for who we enroll into our CallMyTutor local tutoring match making system.  


Note no other tutoring company in the entire world does such filtering mechanism,simply because it's way too complex.  This mechanism is equivalent to double factor authentication process in major firewalls, this is where idea came from for the owner of this company to create something like this.


Here is a summary of our mechanism for filtering out tutors who express interest in providing tutoring services locally for Westchester County NY area and wanting to register on


1.  Tutor expresses interest in job posting, administrator evaluates based it on the match criteria request of parent and based on personality test completion response of the tutor...

2.  If agency/parent criteria met then we enroll this tutor into our or ask tutor to register on  to undergo additional filtering mechanism of $15 Trial Trust. (note tutor does not pay $15, student is the one that pays $15 whenever student wants to get tutored by specific tutor and be able to share personal contact info with tutor)

3.  Next time when student contacts Tutoring Tutoring Services, LLC, we re-evaluate existing tutors shown on based on agency’s criteria and  based on specific matchmaking criteria need of parent, by reviewing such tutors’ profiles.

4.  We evaluate each tutor based on feedback from other students that they tutored already, to see if they managed to gain tutoring experience in what subject and what do other students/parents say about such tutors and verify if student/parent paid $15 and got really first tutoring session free and provided good feedback or not.   Helping us see if tutor has real practical tutoring experience, this also gives tutor who may not have enough academic experience, flexibility to gain such tutoring experience, as opposed to us simply telling tutor "no you are not qualified to enroll with us feel free to-reapply next time…. something that  other tutoring agencies typically do, making tutor feel bad"    We feel that we should provide opportunity to any educational candidate willing to offer tutoring services and gain that tutoring experience our agency is looking for.

5.  Based on our evaluation of who we find, we contact such tutors, or post student assignment lead on our student assignment board on

6.  If tutor contacts us through assignment board we evaluate this tutor based on steps 2 through 5.

7.  If Tutoring Services, LLC directly contacts tutor then that's a good sign and tutor showed positive signs based on steps 2 -5, only in that case it likely enrollment will be possible in our CallMyTutor model.

8.  Once tutor is invited, into our local tutoring based model, that tutor must, pass agency interview, sign contracts (we provide easy method of signing contracts), review paperwork, create profile on and be ready to tutor student lead that we offer them, or if they are not ready we can still invite them to register with us based on enrollment dates as shown in this link

9.  Once tutor is enrolled into our platform created profile, updated tutoring hourly rate, created discount tutoring packages, got interviewed and created intro video of themselves and uploaded pic as well as basic info, and updated hourly rate in profile based on subject and grade level, then we ask tutor to go through our pre-screening process with the parent, only if parent asked for it or if tutor asked for it.   

The purpose for pre-screening process is for parent or student to review tutor candidate to make sure that they are best match, and ask any clarification questions without revealing personal contact info of each other, until tutoring discount package is purchased by the parent.   This provides safety for parents and tutors for more info bout our pre-screening methods and how it works visit Reliable Student Leads section

10.  After tutor goes through steps 1 through 9, only at that point tutor will be able to go out and teach student and only after having provided valid background check if tutor worked for another agency or after we run background check on that specific tutor.   Pre-screening is optional for parent, some parents want it and some do not.

As you can see a lot of steps are involved if tutor was rejected, which is why many tutors do not want to register with and prefer to simply register   in either case we are happy, we have less overhead when tutors are registered on plus we are still helping tutors out.  However tutors who register with clearly would get more student lead possibilities.   You do not hear that every day from any other agency, but with us you will hear that and many other unique things that you will not hear other tutoring agencies do or say.


Note, that when tutor is registered on and breaks their trust, and for example starts communicating with student directly and reveals personal contact info before....... $15 Trial was paid by the student or purposefully reveals contact info in their profile, this breaks the trust right away and places tutor on our radar, where we would definitely not enroll such tutor into our local tutoring system and also update this information on our site for other tutoring agency to know that the tutor violated this policy, leaving it at the decision of other tutoring agencies if they should hire such candidates or not. In 95% of the case other tutoring agencies would not want to work with tutors who violates trust of Tutoring Services, LLC, we obviously would provide proof of that on tutor's record.


Now if local tutoring system is so complex and even charges commission fee for each lesson, why would anyone want to join?


Good question and the answer is Parents Trust Us and once enrolled process is fairly straight forward.  They do not like to be hunting for tutors on random sites, they just want 1 company to deliver it all, study guides, local tutoring online tutoring and do so in the way that they want based on their budget based on their matchmaking criteria.  Hence such parents are willing to pay more for such service, and providing that we have such tutors who passed our propitiatory trust level mechanism and/or satisfied matchmaking criteria of parent we gladly invite such tutors and help them increase their chances of landing students


For more info about this visit


Due to the level of trust that we get from parents, any tutor who works through our system is considered independent contractor, and given much higher level of granularity in their profiles, searchable from entire network of Westchester County tutoring sites, and basically get way more marketing power locally in Fairfield and Westchester County area, which no other agency can provide or even bother attempting to provide, resulting in more potential student lead opportunities and flexibility to still make good money except with the help of an agency as opposed to, attempting to do so on your own.  To see why attempting to do so on your own can be extremely difficult visit  and view this section

Why register with us when there are bigger sites like Amazon, Facebook, Bing, Google who I can advertise myself with and do not pay any tutoring agency commission fees?

Additionally since, that level of trust is so high many parents notify us if someone attempted to work directly with them avoiding agency, resulting in variety of consequences.  You can read about these consequences on  Hence tutors who work with do not even bother risking that.  For more info on what methods we use to reduce risk of tutors attempting to do business directly behind tutoring agency’s back please read this seciton

What are the top 6 methods that our tutoring agency uses to minimize risk on On


Our local tutoring model is different from any other company, because it offers, method of pre-screening, online and local tutoring match making and method for parents to be more granular with their search. plus we help teachers to and create study guides as well for them.. for more info visit   In regards to math tutors, we would would say tutors who work with Tutoring Services, LLC through our CallMyTutor tutor managed business structure, benefit the most since we advertise our tutors on our social media site such as and many other math sites, as well as offer math tutors who work with us online math tutoring opportunities similar to local, except with online tutoring in math we basically re-use our whiteboard capabilities to provide tutor and student tutoring experience over whiteboard.  


We also look for such quality in our tutors, who have specifically experience with online math tutoring.  Such tutors benefit the most from working with us as independent contractors, independent tutors who are registered on do not get such luxury, but still may be contacted by us, if we see the right fit, hence registering on is probably a good idea for a tutor,  especially tutor would like to get noticed by Tutoring Services, LLC especially if you live in any of the following counties  Westchester, Fairfield or New Haven County.


Hence not only does our local tutoring business model helps local tutors get matched, but we also help them with online tutoring as well if they have experience in it.  For more info about online tutoring, visit


The best benefit about online tutoring is that, tutors who work with CallMyTutor through our online tutoring system get variety of flexibilites, from being able to tutor online, being able to create study guides (for preselected tutors only), being marketed on and of course being able to make money from every study guide sold (for preselected tutors).  This type of opportunity no one provides, and such opportunity is limited to only few selected candidates.  


For other benefits which CallMyTutor provides visit


Still interested in applying with us? If so see what it takes and apply below, there is no guarantee that we will contact you back, we only pick the best of the best


Contact Us Today (but do not expect to get enrolled if you are outside of enrollment dates unless you really good, and people who are really good, we do not find a lot, be prepared to convince us why you are good if you want us to give you this opportunity, or be prepared to wait until next enrollment date)

You see, improving your career and your life is simple, simply apply for tutor jobs in Westchester County NY working with Tutoring Services, LLC as independent contractor through our local tutoring business model callmytutor, and experience more than just a financial improvement, but professionally as well. You may call us at (203) 340 - 0391 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. you can also register here.

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