Alternative to local tutoring

Tutorials are recommended alternative intervention that aims to help students in improving or enhancing their performance in school, or in preparing learners and individuals for any type of examination, or in filling in any gap during school classes. The demanding and challenging setting in the school including distractions and competition among the students are stressful to the learners. While this is so in the school, the relaxed environment with a qualified and friendly tutor provides learning process easy and simple.

           Tutoring Services LLC is a dynamic team of competent and friendly tutors who are committed to tutor individuals through online or home-based methods. They are qualified to handle and tutor in any academic subject such as mathematics, English, history, sciences, and more. There are cases when students are good in English language but may have difficulty in spelling. There are college students who may have some difficulty in coping with some subjects that they need some professional help in understanding concepts and theories.

There are also some people who need help in getting ready for any type of examination. These situations have inspired to the establishment of the Tutoring Services LLC with a tutoring program to help students in achieving their academic goals. We provide personalized tutorials to students in a flexible, relaxed, and simple way of understanding lessons from the school. but we do not substitute the curriculum or the school itself. Each tutor can create tutorials in their profiles or create practice tests to help students practice for their academic exam. Our tutors differentiate themselves this way by creating and uploading tutorials in their profiles showing to parent and students their expertise.




Professional Academic and Test Prep Study guides

We also specialize in creating study guides in academic subjects and list many study guides in addition to our tutors on our site.  View academic study guides here to see which test prep material is right for you.  We have ISEE, SAT, Physics, Math, Science study materials and even study guides for graduate level exams such as GRE/GMAT/CLEP and many others. 


Our goal for Local students in NY

         Our focus is to assist students in helping themselves learn and improve. Our competent and friendly tutors encourage students become independent learners who can confidently do their tasks in school. Our program aims to complement and strengthen what have transpired and learned in school.  Our tutorial program provides a method where we can match the needs and academic goals of the students/tutees with qualified and competent tutors who can help them improve and enhance their performance in school and at the same time develop confidence, sense of responsibility, and self-reliance.




Our NY experts utilize effective Learning strategies when teaching them Academic subjects

        Our tutors utilize effective learning strategies that attract young learners to concentrate on the subject. The tutors that we have in our team have the ability to create an atmosphere where the students/tutees can concentrate on their needs and areas they are having difficulty coping with. The school teacher may have the difficulty in giving each student the attention they need because they are handling bigger clusters in school. They are also restricted by time and academic objectives based on the curriculum. The commitment and the capability of our tutors, the students/tutees can catch up with their lessons in school or with what they have missed in the classroom that are holding them back from learning and understanding concepts and principles. Tutors can identify the areas where their tutees are not coping well.



Many Elementary, middle and high school students are not confident when it comes to learning, let us help your son/daugter gain that confidence in learning.

        There are students who are shy or afraid to ask questions about their lessons, particularly with a bigger audience that made them miss some main points of the lessons. Our proficient and friendly teachers and educators allow their students to ask questions and give them answers by explaining them how to do the problem on their own.  As a team, we commit to provide the best Westchester County NY Tutoring Services that will help students/tutees achieve their educational goals, address their academic needs, and develop self-reliance, confidence, and the sense of responsibility while learning.   If you are interested in hiring our services and would like to match you with one of our competent and friendly tutors, you can contact us today and let us discuss how we can best help your children. Let us start in this kind of partnership to prepare your children for better future through knowledge and skills!  Or you can all phone number at the top right corner!