Tutoring Rates and Pricing

Prices for Our Tutors in Westchester County NY

The Westchester County Tutoring rates may vary dependent on the experience and academic qualifications of the tutor. It's also possible to have a price reduction, some of our tutors offer packages, which can help you save the costs.

Our tutors' lesson rates vary based on the student ratings, referrals, qualifications, academic degrees, and teaching experience of each tutor, which is why we ensure that you have the most qualified tutor for your son or daughter. 

The higher the price the better the tutor

Although the Westchester Tutoring hourly rates for our most experienced tutors may seem high, they compare favorably with other tutors of equal experience and qualifications. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the first hourly session, please notify us so we can reimburse your session.

So what are you waiting, why not try it now and invest in your child's future today, call our tutoring specialist to schedule your first session by dialing the phone number on top right corner or sending real-time chat message on the bottom right corner and let us know what type of tutor or tutors you are looking for?


What industries our tutors can help students in?

Law, Medical, Accounting, Business, IT, Education

Pricing of tutors depends on the industry?

For example for IT Cyber Security hourly rate is much higher than for a lawyer or a doctor. (based on our prediction Cyber Security career will be the most demanding career in the future, yet there is a big shortage)

For a math teacher it's also high with college degree and state cert it's also high

For lower grade level math teacher vs higher grade level math teacher price maybe lower

For business marketing tutor price is high

For breakdancing tutor price is high

For Test Prep tutors price is high


Standard of living in Westchester county is well... expensive... so are the tutors, yet our tutors still more affordable then others.

Westchester County and Fairfield Counties are rich counties, hence pricing of tutors also high, since tutors also have to pay bills to live in the country and do well for themselves.  Hopefully, this explains the reasoning.  HHowever although prices are high they are still relatively lower than any other agencies.

 In fact, there are almost no local Westchester Tutoring agencies, simply because the majority of them gave up due to big tutoring companies taking over the market.  

However big tutoring companies, do not provide quality of match making service to customers as much as smaller companies do such as our company Tutoring Services, LLC (local tutoring CallMyTutor division), hence finding tutors for affordable price becomes even more difficult in the 21st century.  Plus even if you call us there is no guarantee that we will find you the tutor, demand for tutors is high by parents.  

We get more parents calling us then the number of tutors who are enrolled with us in Westchester County, hence be sure to contact us as early as possible if you need a tutor, waiting until the last minute is not something we recommend to parents.

Do not want high-priced high-quality tutors?

Then your best choice is to skip our agency and work with tutors direct, for that we created another site called TutoringServices.com where you find tutors on your own and take risk on your own as well, without any pre-screening, without any verification, without any involvement from our agency and only pay $15 for the first trial lesson for any tutor you chose, then work direct.  




Note some of the sessions may last longer than an hour dependent on the student needs. It's highly beneficial to have at least 1.5 hours session to gain a full benefit from the tutoring.


Prices depend based on educational experience and qualification.

        Prices depend on qualification and educational experience of the tutor and tutors declare their own hourly rate, the typical hourly rate in Westchester County NY for subject matter expert can go anywhere from $50 to $90 per hour and $90 - $125 for certified teachers and high-level Ph.D. level educators.

Subject Matter Expert is anyone who may know the subject, well, has some experience typically 1 to 2 years tutoring, has a bachelor's degree or obtaining their undergraduate degree or community college.


Certified Teachers

    Certified Teacher is someone who is either certified by State of CT or NY in the specific academic subject area and knows the subject well. These type of educators charge more than subject matter experts.


PHD Level

       Ph.D. level educators are technically subject matter expert, but may not necessarily work with k-12 students and could be college professors, but know the subject really well.  Such individuals can also charge anywhere from $90 to $120 and even more for some difficult academic subjects.

Below or at undergraduate Level

          Anyone below undergraduate level, for example high school graduate who happens to be really good in specific subject but didn't go to college or only started their freshman or sophomore year of undergraduate college/university, and simply looking to help students in academic subjects, would charge anywhere from $30 to $50 per hour.

However, in some cases, tutors may simply go outside of these boundaries and charge more than the numbers shown here, in which case you must look closely in tutor's profile to see why that's the case.  Sometimes tutors maybe more than just academic subject experts, perhaps they are also computer experts and can help students with specific computer learning habits, or also have additional certifications or exams that they took and did well on.


Table of Approximate Tutoring Rate Prices per hour

Tutor Education Type Approximate hourly Rate
Undergraduate Level in freshman or sophomore Year of College/University $40-$60
College Graduate Level Subject matter Expert $60-$90
Certified Teacher for the state of CT or NY Ph.D. level Tutor $90-$125
Online Professional Tutor $25-$40

Note for students and tutors, prices shown above are just approximate prices when tutor declares their hourly rate additional tutoring agency fee gets added on top of that hourly rate declared by the tutor, the prices you see above is a combination of tutoring agency fee + tutor's hourly rate fee.  

Hence what you see here is not what tutor declares, it's the prices that student pays, what tutor declares is different. To make matchmaking possible we charge small agency fee on top of tutor's hourly rate, please refer to tutor's profile to see what rate is shown in their profile.

Tutoring Profile Prices are approximate, but once you reserve the tutor and agree upon rate prices are final

Note even the rate you see in tutor's profile is an approximate rate that you would pay for this tutor.  Reason why it's approximate, is simply because not all children are created equal, some may require more demand full type of tutoring, some parents may also require tutors talk to teachers as well to make sure that student is doing their school work, any of these types of demands by the parent can potentially cause the prices of the tutor to go up higher then what is declared in their profile. 

Another example is if tutor who declared in his profile shows, for example, $50 per hour, then parent ends up contacting this tutor and parent happens to be far away from this tutor, requiring a tutor to travel a bit more, then in that case tutor can make hourly rate higher for such parent.  

Why prices are approximate 

An additional reason why prices are approximate, is simply because sometimes tutor offers tutoring additional discount packages, and sometimes they do not, tutors who do offer discount packages provide better discounts.  Therefore when looking at tutor prices consider not only how much tutor charges, but also how much of a discount you can receive if you are to purchase their tutoring hours.

     In some case hourly rate can be adjusted lower as well for example if subject is very simple, or for example where there is no reason for Ph.D. level tutor to teach student basic math for the same hourly rate as for any other more complex subject such as AP Calculus, this may simply be an overkill and unnecessary expense for the parent.  

Our pricing depends on the rate tutors declare in their profiles and is not dictated by our agency

What we provide to tutors is just method to declare their hourly rate based on grade level and subject that they tutor, however, we realize that no rate can ever be final, due to the fact that not everyone learns concepts the same way, some students may require tutor to do more research when tutoring, for example for more complex subjects, or AP classes, some may require tutor to travel further, some pay require tutor to talk to teachers outside of tutors hours, some may require to even interact online with the student's assigned school work.  

Such demands may cost extra money, hence we encourage parents prior to making their final goals of purchasing tutor, to actually meet with the tutor over whiteboard for 15 mins FREE of charge.  If a tutor is interested they will agree to pre-screening, you can read in this section called Reliable Student leads on this page.

Pre-Screening your tutors before meeting them

Pre-screening allows parents to meet with the tutor before they show up in their home.  The last thing we want to do is send you stranger, who you never met to your home.  We want to make sure that match making process is as safe as possible.  We obviously pre-screen our candidates using rigorous enrollment tactics as well, however, we do give the flexibility for the parent a to also pre-screen their tutors, and ensure that there is no misunderstanding in tutoring services delivered.   

We offer price guidelines to tutors when it comes to tutoring rate in Westchester County NY

     Note sometimes we get tutors who contact us and say that they want to get paid $125 per hour to teach basic elementary math, even though they have seen this article and seen the guidelines, in such cases we tell such tutors, that although they declare their own hourly rate and tutoring agency does not dictate as to what hourly rate tutor should indicate, we do ask for tutors to be reasonable in their hourly rate (else they simply would miss out on opportunities) and follow the suggested pricing guidelines, otherwise parents simply won't contact them, because if tutor declares $125 per hour rate and additional tutoring agency fee gets added on top, then it will be outside of almost any student's affordability range.  

Therefore when recruiting tutors we often ask them a question such as what is going to be your minimum value and what is going to be your maximum value and show them this web page and then see if they are willing to re-adjust their rate.   

Be smart parent Take advantage of Tutoring Discount packages & Save Money

      Sometimes tutors although provide higher hourly rate, may end up providing also really lucrative discount tutoring discount packages helping parents save money, hence such tutors should not be discarded either, and in fact, can result in a much bigger saving.  When considering to pay for the tutor, do not just consider which subject they tutor, consider also which grade level tutor can teach. 

Our website provides flexibility to compare tutors side by side by subject and grade level and see which tutors provide most attractive tutor discount packages.  Just because tutor has teaching certification or Ph.D. doesn't necessarily mean that they should charge the highest right. 

How to search for tutor within your budget?

When searching for a tutor, consider searching for the right tutor that is within your budget, if anyone is outside of your budget consider contacting us by phone to suggest a rate that you can afford and let us get back to you with the options.  

Our process of finding proper candidates doesn't just involve looking in single database, we have multiple business structures and different network of sites, where we can find reliable tutors, and enroll them into the system and make sure that they are not sex offenders or any other type of criminals who are in any way considered dangerous to work with children. 

     Alternatively, if you are worried about safety, and still do not trust our filtering out of tutors processes and pre-screening and enrollments, then one alternative method and more affordable and safer is online tutoring method. 

Simply contact us to match make you with an online tutor at the more affordable price than local home tutor in Westchester County, Fairfield County or in New Haven County.   For more info about what type of online tutoring services we provide feel free to visit our online tutoring section.

Can't afford local tutor in Westchester County for the price you are looking for? Why not try online?

We are the only company in Westchester County NY and Fairfield/New Haven counties who provide not only local tutoring but online tutoring as well at an affordable price, much more affordable than any other company can offer.  This is due to our proprietary network of local tutoring sites, neatly positioned together side by side reinforcing one another and resulting in a larger number of students contacting us.  


Is online tutoring also expensive? Why not try to have your son or daughter study on their own using Study Guides?

     Additionally, since we are also testing prep company, we get to reutilize our online study guides that our content developers create during online tutoring lessons for subjects such as Biology for example or subjects such as Math for example.  View our Study Guide site to see which study guides available for your son or daughter, view recommended study guides and resources that can help your son or daughter get better grades.


Innovative Online Math Tutoring for students in Westchester County NY

Our online platform for math students is also very unique and innovative allowing students to learn math through IPAD or Android Devices or Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet, with multitude of math tutoring tools ranging from protractors, rulers, equation editors, handwritten optical character recognition, calculators, desktop sharing and more, making it very attractive alternative options for students to learn math without having to rely on any unreliable companies out there who first of all do not have the right math tools. 

Our company has reasons to create solid tools and use these tools for students we have social media site Facebook.com/MathTutor and we sell study guides in math and we have more than enough reason to ensure that our tools that we use are appropriate for k-12 and college students.   For more info about what tutoring services we offer in math visit our math tutoring section of this website.

         Additionally if you do not even want to have a tutor, and simply find prices too high and prefer to study on your own then feel free to visit our studyguide.net site where you can browse study guides or continue browsing academic subjects of interest through this site and view both tutors, and study guides all in one page, making it easy and convenient to select the right resource, or you can send us as email and even asks which resource we can recommend, our subject matter experts who create study guides, can recommend proper resource for your son or daughter, even if you do not need tutoring. 

Or if you need local tutoring, and online tutoring and study guides for maximum learning effectiveness.  Either or we are here to help, contact phone number on top right corner and discuss your educational need with our educational specialist.


To request your tutor contact us at (203)340-0391 or send a text from chat window on the bottom right or fill out this form.