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Acadedemic Tutoring Services We Offer in NY


Our company specializes in offering TUtoring Servcies, explicitly for residents of Westchester County NY.

     Parents are surprised when they found that their children are having difficulty in coping with their studies. These parents may be busy parents or they may not be confident enough to help their children. Hence, hiring tutors is a good option.Tutoring Services LLC in Westchester county NY offers alternative intervention in the form of private home tutoring for struggling students or students looking to advance their skill set.Our agency Tutoring Services, LLC has  dynamic team of competent and friendly tutors who have the ability and skills to tutor learners from Kindergarten to Grade 12, to high school and secondary levels. Our tutors in Westchester County NY are also qualified to tutor different subjects such as English, mathematics, sciences, history, chemistry, physics, and more. We have tutors who can also help those who are preparing for any type of standardized examinations such as SAT, GRE, GMAT, and Praxis II.  Even if you can't find your tutor, contact us and we will find one for you that matches student's skill set. 

Math Tutoring Services we offer



Math Homework Help for Westchester County Students


Chemistry Home Tutoring in NY


Can't afford Math Local Home tutor in Westchester County NY wny not try online?


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English Home Tutoring for k-12 students Reading and Writing




Tutoring Services, LLC helps parents hire tutors



Subjects We Offer Students help with


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Math, Chemistry, Science,

Physics, SAT, GRE, ACT,

Professional Teacher certifications,

ParaPro, Praxis 1, 2, English Language, Reading,

Writing, Computer subjects, Breakdancing Lessons, Music Lessons.


Online or Local GMAT Subject Tutoring Help for graduate students

Visit for more details gmattutor.net




Online or Local GRE Subject Tutoring Help for graduate students

 visit GRETutor.net for more details


Music Piano Lessons for students in Westchester County NY

 Contact us from phone number above to get you music teacher, tutor your son/daughter Piano Lessons at their home.


Type of Tutoring Services we offer, Homework Help, Home Tutoring, Online Tutoring

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Regardless if you hire independent tutor through our sister site www.TutoringServices.com or agency based tutor through CallMyTutor.com we can help you find the right tutor.

Background Check Online Service for NY Student Parents.

As part of our Tutoring Services we Offer Background Check Online service to cautions Parents who want us to run background check on tutors in the state of NY.

Visit BackgroundCheckOnline.COM


Need homework help?  Why not ask for help from our subject matter experts who can come to your home and help your k-12 grade level son or daughter with their homework help. Contact by phone number on top right corner.


Our Tutoring Prices in Westchester County NY



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Prices depend based on educational experience and qualification.

        Prices depend on qualification and educational experience of the tutor and tutors declare their own hourly rate, typical hourly rate in Westchester County NY for subject matter expert can go anywhere from $50 to $90 per hour and $90 - $125 for certified teachers and high level PHD level educators. Subject Matter Expert is anyone who may know subject, well, has some experience typically 1 to 2 years tutoring, has bachelors degree or obtaining their undegraduate degree or community college.

Certified Teachers

    Certified Teacher is someone who is either certified for State of CT or NY in specific academic subject area and knows subject well. These type of educators charge more then subject matter experts.

PHD Level

       PHD level educators are technically subject matter expert, but may not necessarialy work with k-12 students and could be college professors, but know subject really well.  Such individuals can also charge anywhere from $90 to $120 and even more for some difficult academic subjects.

Below undegrade or undergrade Level

          Anyone below undegrade level, for example high school graduate who happens to be really good in specific subject but didn't go to college or only started their freshman or sophmore year of undegrad college/university, and simply looking to help students in academic subjects, would charge anywhere from $30 to $50 per hour. Not this is our guideline for parents to follow when hiring tutors. However in some cases tutors may simply go outside of these boundaries and charge more then the numbers shown here, in which case you must look closely in tutor's profile to see why that's the case.  Sometimes tutors maybe more then just academic subject experts, perhaps they are also computer experts and can help students with specific computer learning habbits, or also have additional certifications or exams that they took and did well on.

Table of Approximate Tutoring Rate Prices per hour


Tutor Education Type Approximate hourly Rate
Undegrade Level in freshman or sophmore Year of College/University $40-$60
Colllege Graduate Level Subject matter Expert $60-$90
Certified Teacher for state of CT or NY PHD level Tutor $90-$125
Online Professional Tutor $25-$40



Why are there price ranges?  The reason why there are price ranges is to give approximate ball park pricing. Since rate depends not only on education type, but also on tutoring experience, which certificates tutor has, whether or not tutor is easy to work with, or if tutor can possibly teach other subject as well, and many other factors, making it difficult to provide exact rate.  Hence rate is provided in ranges where tutors can specify their own rate based on what they believe is a fair rate based on their own qualifications.  Our agency does not force tutors into specific rate, like other agencies do, we let market declare the price, our company provides guidelines to tutors for ball park prices and simply suggest the rates, it's up to individual tutor to decide what their rate should be.  Other agencies include formulas and other tricks to categorize tutors into specific rates, we don't do that we simply offer Students and Parents portal site for them to chose their tutors, compare tutors side by side and best of all have all the tools needed to make their hiringdecision on whether or not they should hire specific tutor or not, or contact us for assistance.


How can I save money on Local Home Tutoring in Westchester County NY?


           We are not here to just sell you a local tutor in Westchester County New York, we are here to help you make the right choice for your son or daughter when it comes to education.  However if you do decide to hire one  of our tutors, we do offer incentives for parents who buy a pre-paid package.  For parents who enroll into pre-paid package, our agency charges lower agency comission fee, then as oppose to purchasing based on Pay As You Go type of approach.  When parent pays upfront for specific package, tutor feels secure that they locked in a client for the number of hours in the package, student gets discount from agency.  In addition to that some tutors also offer tutoring discount packages, where they get paid even less then what they declared in their profiles, by offering even bigger percentage discount to students' parents.  To view tutor discount pacakges visit tutor's profiles, you can do so by navigating to subject of interest and simply browsing for your tutor and navigating to their profile.


Our comission agency fee is low, but our quality of service we provide is high. 

          However for parents who are not interested in quality of service and simply do not want to pay any agency comission fees what so ever, and simply want to hire a tutor on their own without agency's assistance, then we provide that option as well!  Simply visit www.TutoringServices.com and find your local tutor there, site doesn't charge any agency fees, and simply designed for independent tutors who want to make it on their own and offer tutoring services without agency's comission fees, however anyone can sign up there, hence quality of tutoring match making services will be much lower, with additional risk factors also introduced for parents, since tutors who register on that site do not go through any review/interview/background check verification process before getting registered.  Hence hiring tutor from www.TutoringServices.com site is a decision we will leave up to the parents.  However if you want quality match making and don't mind paying small agency fee then don't hesitate to contact us on the phone number above or view our tutors in your subject of interest on this site or alternatively visit www.CallMyTutor.com and search for your subject matter expert in your city.

How Low is our agency fee?

Our agency fee is low, and depends on several factors such as

1.  If Student purchases Pre-Paid package or not as oppose to Paying As They Go.

2.  How long tutor worked for us.

3.  If Parent referred any other parents to us.

4.  Does tutor offer discount packages or not.

On avg our agency fee gets to be lower then 15% of tutor's pay for our tutors in Westchester County NY.  Plus because we focus on high density area of Westchester County NY and have other local tutoring sites in cities such as Scarsdale,  White Plains, Rye, PoundRidge, Armonk, Bedford, , we can provide more affordable rate then any other tutoring agency in Westchester County NY simply because we can send same tutors to multiple locations and offer tutors more clients, resulting in tutors being more flexible with their hourly rates.

Why Hire our Tutors?





So what is the Bottom line Price?

Bottom Line Price should obviously be tutoring  rate student pays, looking at agency comission is not the only factor in price.Hence if you are not sure about price we offer simply contact us and we can can help you find tutor within your budget hourly price rate to work with.

So what do we offer that other agencies don't?

Here is what you will not see other agency's offer ever.

  1. You will never see tutoring agency in Westchester County NY provide option for parents not to pay comission fee and referring them to other site.  We do Visit www.TutoringServices.com     find-local-home-private-tutor-in-White-Plains-Poundridge-Tarrytown-Sleepy-Hollow-Chappaqua
  2. You will never see tutoring agency in Westchester County NY with highly dense populated local tutoring city sites specifically designed to help tutors get more students, and  keeping tutors staying loayal and less likely in charging up higher tutoring rates.  We do Visit other sites example.  RyeTutor.com
  3. You will never see tutoring agency in Westchester County NY offer other methods of tutoring to help parent decide if local tutoring is right for their children in a first place and offer option for parents for more affordable methods of education such as online tutoring or self guided study guides. We do Visit StudyGuide.NET study-guide
  4. You will never see tutoring agency in Westchester County NY helping students make money by allowing them to sell used college books directly in their school in their student profiles. We Do Visit UsedCollegeBooks.NETgoing green biology
  5. You will never see tutoring agencyin Westchester County NY helping students find study partners directly in their city from the very same site where we offer local tutors and save even more money on group tutoring expenses. We do Visit www.CallMyTutor.com
  6. You will never see tutoring agency in Westchester County NY offer help for parents when deciding on which school to send their students to.  We do Visit RateMySchool.NETratemyschool
  7. You will never tutoring agency in Westchester County NY that offers IT Computer Training help for students in Westchester County NY.  We do Visit networkconsultant.net/it-training westchester-county-it-consulting-network-services-and-support-in-New-York
  8. You will never see tutoring agency in Westchester County NY that offers in home breakdancing lessons. We do Visit Breakdancing Lessons NYbreak-package
  9. You will never see tutoring agency in Westchester County NY that also helps educators prepare for teaching ceritfications.  We do Visit Teaching Certifications Test Prep Help Site

  10. In fact you may never see any tutoring agency in the world to offer these type of services.  So what are you waiting for?  Contact us Today to align you with the best private home tutor for your son or daughter, you can do so by calling on the phone number above.

 Are there any other ways to save money on my son's or daughter's education expenses in Westchester County NY?

        We help tutoring stay affordable, not only by offering local tutoring to students in Westchester county NY, but by offering different types of learning methods through local, online and self guided approach methods.

There is 3 ways to Save Money

Local Home Tutoring

What will I get?  You will get a tutor who will come to your home and provide tutoring services, for your son or daughter or for you if you are a student ini Westchester County NY.

Online Tutoring

Just like our local tutors who offer tutoring services, we similarly have online tutors, who charge less per hour then local, that is because they don't have to drive to students homes and simply can provide services cheaper.   It's not the most effective way as private tutoring at home, but nevertheless affordable option for parents on the budget. View subject of interest, or contact us to align you or your son or daughter with online tutor.

Study Guides


We realize that tutoring may not be for everyone, and perhaps way too expensive, which is why we have collection of study guides available to chose from for student to study on their own, we have gathered study guides in Academic subjects which can help students in their academic studies, visit our StudyGuide.NET site to view your Academic Study guides, in the form of flash cards, exam secrets, online courses and other affordable methos of learning. 

We also help educators and future Teachers become certified teachers for the state of NY

We do that by helping them prepaer for their exam with collection of study guides. Visit StudyGuide.net/nystce

Teachers of NY test Prep program Yonkers-New Rochelle-Sleepy-Hollow-White-Plains-Scarsdale

We also create our own study guides, and provide services for teachers in preparing from our collection of study guides example of our Biology teaching certification product.


Why Education is important

Education is the systematic learning process of gaining knowledge and developing life-skills to assist individuals throughout their life. This process is performed in school through a structured academic system with a standard curriculum and certified teachers. While learning in a school environment is structured, tutoring is personalized way of learning where the method enhances and reinforces what the students learned from classroom instructions and activities.Our company has different types of tutoring services, online and home-based tutoring methods including homework help. Our competent and friendly tutors can be trusted in helping the students/tutees in achieving their academic goals and motivating them to develop better study habits and study skills that will improve their performance in school and accomplish any homework or assignment or other tasks in the school.

Areas where our local home tutors offer Tutoring Services

Westchester County New York

Yonkers Scarsdale New Rochelle Larchmont Mammaroneck
Rye Bedford Armonk Mount Kisco


Greenburgh Ossining Peekskill Dobbs Ferry Croton-On-Hudson
Katonah BriarCliff Manor Eastchester Seelpy Hollow Yorktown
Pelham Elmsford Bronxville Tarrytown Somers

Note if you do not see your town or city, contact us, and we can find the right tutor to come to your home and offer their services.

We also offer Tutoring Services in nearby counties in CT

Fairfield County Local Tutoring, New Haven County Home Tutoring

We also offer Online Tutoring more affordable Alternative method to Westchester home tutoring

Online Tutoring is an alternative learning method to private home tutoring where it provides flexibility, convenience, and learning strategies at reasonable tutoring rates. Online tutoring provides personalized tutoring method where tutors and the students-tutees work together to strengthen what have been learned in school. Students-tutees are encouraged to inquire and clarify what they have not understood and answers. This method is convenient for both the tutees and the tutors because they only meet through online using the computer with internet access and webcam and headphones for interactive learning. Online tutoring is cheaper.


Advantages of Home Tutoring for Westchester County Residents.

          Home-based tutoring is a good choice for students and individuals who are interested on one-on-one way of learning. Learning is done at the convenience of the home of the tutees where the tutors come to student's home in Westchester County any of the cities, in Yonkers, Mount, Vernon, Mount Kisco, Poundridge, Rye, Peekskill, Scarsdale, New Rochelle, White Plains, Larchmont, Mammaroneck and many other locations of Westchester County NY. 

Home tutoring is similar to online tutoring services where the tutees can ask questions about their lessons in school. Aside from the academic tutoring, tutors can provide homework help for students and lead them on the right track. By doing so, tutors also guide their tutees to develop better study skills and study habits where they will be able to learn to study and accomplish their homework and tasks in school by themselves confidently. Tutoring Services LLC with its competent and friendly teachers are committed to give the best tutoring services for the best price. Our tutors will students them to learn upon self-reliance, sense of responsibility, and confidence and can teach students how  to do well in school, at home, and in their communities in Westchester NY.  Entrust your children with us and our tutors and services to help your children obtain their academic goals which will be their foundation for future careers. Contact us now and let is discuss how we can assist your children determine and obtain their goals that can create better future.

What if I do not want high qualiy tutoring match making service and instead want to work directly with tutor without any agencies help?

Not interested in high quality Local Home Tutoring Services for Westchester County Residents?  Prefer to not bother working directly through the agency and instead try to find independent tutor on your own to save some money?  If you answered Yes we got that option too, this option is great for Parents who does not want to work through the agency and simply want to search for tutor on their own without any recurring agency comission fees and are ok to sacrifice quality of the custom match. 

However keep in mind, tutors who are independent are much risker to deal with then with the tutors who are managed by tutoring agency, plus tutors who are managed by tutoring agency in many cases can beat prices of tutors who are independent, due to the simple fact that when our agency works with tutors and parents we work with parents based on their budget and can search for the right tutor within their budget and match make student with multiple tutors and provide variety set of flexible options.   However if you are still intersted in not working through the agency and interested simply browse for tutor on your own and contact such tutors then folow these easy steps.

So how does that work?

Step 0. Visit www.TutoringServices.com and search for you tutor

Step 1. Search then message Message tutor whose profile you liked.

Step 2.  Pay $15 to obtain access to tutor's profile and exchange personal contact information

Step 3.  Review tutors' profile and schedule and discuss availability with the tutor get your first tutoring lesson for only $15

So how can i follow these steps?   Easy Visit our sister site www.TutoringServices.com  (note with this option there is no phone support, there is no tutoring match making support, there is no tutoring discount packages there is no company working for you within your price range, searching for your tutor, there is no customized tutoring match based on what you are looking for and no tools for parents to compare tutors side by side, no methods to pre-screen tutors over video conferencing whiteboard, and no alternative affordable options provided especially if you are on the budget). 

However we still provide that option for parents of Westchester County NY anyway, just to prove the point that we are not here just to make money on comission like other agencies do, we are proving the point here that, if you want quality, you would work through the tutoring agency simply because that is what's best for your son and daughter.  Plus we have lowest comission agency fee in the entire Westchester County and Fairfield County hence no reason not to work through the agency.  

Therefore if you do not want to pay $15 but want high quality match, and precisely have one company to help you find the right tutor then call the phone number above on top right corner to speak with the agent directly and help you with the tutoring match based on your budget.  However if you do not ilke the middle man and saw the tutor you liked on www.TutoringServices.com and prefer not to pay any comission fees to the agency, then simply go to www.TutoringServices.com and find your tutor there.