Yonkers NY Private Home Tutoring Services in Math, Chemistry, English, Physics, College Essay, Writing, Piano, Break dancing and more!

Let us Help you find the right Tutor


Local Tutoring in Mathematics, Biology, English and Computer Subjects for residents of Yonkers NY

Tutoring Services, LLC specializes in student and tutor match making services for the states of CT and NY specifically, North East Regions of Westchester, Fairfield and New Haven Counties.   Let us help you get mached with the right Tutor Call Us Today.


Our instructors can help students attending the following schools with their homework


Middle & High schools (7-12)


Gorton High School (9-12)
Lincoln High School (9-12)
Palisade Preparatory School (7-12)
Riverside High School (9-12)
Roosevelt High School - Early College Studies (9-12)
Saunders Trades and Technical High School (9-12)
Yonkers Middle High School (7-12)
Yonkers Montessori Academy (PK-12)




Enrico Fermi School for the Performing Arts
Casimir Pulaski School
Cedar Place School
Cross Hill Academy
Enrico Fermi School for the Performing Arts
Eugenio Maria de Hostos MicroSociety School
Foxfire School now William Boyce Thompson School
Kahlil Gibran School
Martin Luther King, Jr. High Tech & Computer Magnet School
Thomas Cornell Academy (PK-6, full PK-8 school by September 2016)
Paideia School 15
Patricia A. Dichiaro School
P.E.A.R.L.S. Hawthorne School
Robert C. Dodson School
Scholastic Academy for Academic Excellence
School 5
School 13
School 16
School 23
School 30
Westchester Hills School 29




Montessori School 27
Montessori School 31
Museum School 25
Paideia School 24
Rosemarie Ann Siragusa School
School 9
School 17
School 21
School 22


 Advise for Yonkers NY parents

       Don't send your child to a school that may end up having bad reviews, see what other students and parents say.  Tutoring Services, LLC created this site for Parents/Students because Parents and Students deserve to know what their school is all about, and whether it makes sense to continue sending your child to such school or simply have your child sent to another school or perhaps not to send your child to any school and have your child home schooled.  We also created this site to help Parents see what other students are saying about teachers/professors for the class your son or daughter may be taken.  Our tutors can help students attending these schools in Yonkers NY get better grades, contact us today.  To view Schools Ratings click on the banner below.



Mid-Term and Final Test Prep for Yonkers NY Students 


          If any of your children need an academic subject or test prep help we are here for you.  Students attending these Yonkers NY schools can easily get help from us and we can matchmake you with the right tutor who can help you prepare your son or daughter for your test.  In addition to these schools, we service other nearby city schools, of New Rochelle, Pelham, Larchmont, White Plains, Bronx, Port Chester and many other cities.  Also attention parents of Yonkers NY, we have created school rating site named RateMySchool.NET that is currently inviting students and parents from Westchester and  Fairfield County to rate their Teachers, Professors, Schools, Training Centers or view their Reviews and Ratings.


Student/Parent Benefits and How we are different from other Westchester New York and Fairfield County CT Tutoring Agencies.

         We are the best of the best tutoring agencies in Westchester County. To differentiate ourselves we offer what most other companies in Fairfield County CT and Westchester County NY do not. That is being able to provide multiple learning options for students, regardless if it involves tutoring at home, online or leveraging self-study based methods.  We provide tools and options for student parents to find the right tutor for their son or daughter.  We have flexible hourly rates that are declared by the market rather than by the agency.  Our tutors declare their hourly rate and we simply organize them and do all the leg work to make matchmaking experience as pleasant as possible. 



Reliability of our Tutoring Services  can not be matched to any other edu company servicing Yonkers NY Area




       Our tutoring services are reliable, some of our tutors offer first-hour risk-free tutoring session trial, if a parent does not like it they don't have to buy it.  Our company's name is Tutoring Services, LLC our official site is www.TutoringServices.com  We have an official name and not some .org or dashed domain name tutoring site. Parents can call the number on top right corner to help us provide high-quality match making services. 



Our Tutoring is tailored for Variety of Subjects ranging from Computer subjects, Math, SATs, English, Science, Toefl


          From Math to Science, to English to TOEFL, SATs, GRE, GMAT, to even breakdancing and computer networking subjects is what we offer. Don't trust other companies who say they can do it all, the truth is no one can, however, trust someone who developed a system to recruit talented subject matter experts, review them and offer these experts to parents of Westchester County NY.  Even if you do not see a tutor in the subject you are looking for don't hesitate to contact us, we have created multiple tutoring website portals to help us recruit proper candidates even if we don't have a candidate you are looking for on our site.


Wide variety of Professional Subject Matter Experts to choose from for Math and Science Students in Yonkers, Mount Vernon, Pelhalm, New Rochelle, White Plains


        Does your son or daughter struggle in school or want to get ahead of other school students in math, English and Science Academic subjects or prepare for standardized high school entrance test or college? We got you covered! Our tutors servicing New Rochelle, White Plains, Pelham, Mount Vernon can come directly to your home and help you with your academic subject. Our private home tutors specialize in elementary reading and writing, middle school science, high school math and even College organic and inorganic Chemistry. We have subject matter experts who are capable of helping you or your child get ahead in school and tackle difficult math questions and science problems. We have subject matter experts ranging from college students who are good in their subject, certified math and science and English teachers or even Professors and Instructors with tons of educational experience willing to spend their time to help you prepare for your subject.

Math Prep for Yonkers High School and Middle School and k-12 Students



Why other companies specializing in math tutoring may not be the best fit for your child who needs math help in New Haven CT


     If you contact other tutoring math agency the chances are you will pay more or buy something that you don't even need.  We do not just provide matchmaking in math between local students and tutors, but we provide learning options for math, based on student's budget.   If you need high-quality tutor in math in Yonkers NY Area, then obviously there is nothing better then private home local math tutor, however, some NY parents wish to supplement that with online math tutor or even mathematics self-guided video interactive tutorials to save money on their local tutoring expenses, regardless what your goals are in math we can help you achieve them.    

Our Math Tutoring Prices no one in Westchester County or Fairfield County can compete with :)

     We can beat much other company's prices due to the fact that we have social media presence like Facebook.com/MathTutor, plus we also offer online and local math matchmaking and also even have access to self-guided video interactive math courses, which we can recommend for your child at fraction of the cost of an actual tutor.  Hence contacting us is definitely a good idea especially if your son or daughter needs help in math.  We simply have the best tutor matchmaking system in CT and NY, lowest rates, due to our strategic network of local tutoring sites, we even create our own study guides minimizing our costs even more!

Check our network of other site such as WestchesterTutoring.comFairfieldTutor.com WhitePlainsTutor.com NewRochelleTutor.com, and many others sites.  Plus we have access to independent tutors from our sister site www.TutoringServices.com who we can also recruit into our system, after rigorous enrollment process.  For example of how rigorous our enrollment process can visit one of our sister sites westchestertutoring.com/tutor-jobs to read about it and see how serious we are in what we do. 






Chemistry Tutoring for Yonkers Students in New York



        Need science chemistry help?  Attending Yonkers NY school or want to get ahead of other school students in math, English and Science Academic subjects or prepare for standardized high school entrance test or college? We got you covered! Our private home tutors in New York and CT can come directly to your home and help you with your academic subject in science subject.

Topics in Chemistry our Tutors can help students with

Prep for Chemistry Topics
Atoms Molecules Chemical,Bonds
Elements Energy Basicity
Chemical Reactions Organic Chemistry AP and Honors Chemistry
At Different Grade Levels College High School


      Our instructors specialize in elementary reading and writing, middle school science, high school math and even College organic and inorganic Chemistry. We have math, chemistry, physics, and biology subject matter experts who are capable of helping you or your child get ahead in school and tackle difficult math questions and science problems and not be afraid of complex mathematics questions, scientific formulas or complex concepts. Get the best help you need whenever you need by contacting us and helping you or your son/daughter do better in school.  Our instructors can help students in chemistry, biology and physics in any of the following locations, New Rochelle, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, White Plains, Mount Vernon and other areas of Westchester County NY  Check our Chemistry instructors in Westchester County NY or contact us to help you find one.

Looking for Physics Tutor who can tutor you directly at your home in Yonkers New York Area?

Our subject matter experts in science subject can help, students prepare for college physics courses or high school level physics. We also have subject matter experts who can teach your son or daughter Biology subject online.

Biology Private Home Tutoring Lessons in Yonkers New York, Westchester County Area or Online




We help Yonkers New York Area students in the following Biology Topics

Prep for Biology Topics
Cells and Organelles Cell Differentiation Mutations
Mendel’s Laws Genetic Variation Characteristics of Life
Origin of Life Enzymes Gene Expression

Check our Westchester County Biology Tutoring Services section for more info about our services.  Or check our Biology Study Guides section  Biology Learning Resources

Physics Lessons for Students residing in Yonkers NY or nearby area

We have physics instructors, local near Yonkers NY area or online, as well as textbooks that you can buy online from cheapest bookstores or directly from other students on campus, or view collection of study guides in physics, to see which one helps you the most. 




 Physics Topics Our Science Teachers in Yonkers  can cover


Kinematic Concepts Kinematic Graphing Newton’s Law of Motion Vector and Projectiles
Forces in 2 Dimensions Momentum and Collisions Work, Energy and Power Circular and Satellite Motion
Special Relativity Electrostatics Electric Circuits Waves
Sounds and Music Light and Color Reflection and Mirrors Refraction and lenses

Visit Physics Tutoring section of our site for more details about our tutors 

Visit Physics Tutoring section of our site for more details about our tutors 

Or visit our study guides section for physics study guides, that can help you prepare for your exam, midterm or final.



Compare NY Tutors side by Side and chose the Best Subject Matter Expert for your son or daughter!


    Whether you are looking for AP English, Physics, Math, General Science, Honors Biology or Organic Chemistry we got you covered. Since we allow tutors to choose their own price when advertising themselves, students can select from the list of tutors and compare tutors side by side, to pick the best tutor at most affordable price. We are the only company who services students in Westchester County NY area including cities of Yonkers, Mount Vernon, Bronx, Pelham, Mamaroneck, Larchmont, Chappaqua and nearby areas who provides functionality for a parent to choose their best tutor using side by side comparison and being able to name their own price. 


Wow, what? Tutoring Services and Breakdancing for Students/Residents Kids and Adults, near Yonkers NY area directly at student's homes?


           Our team of breakdancing instructors in Fairfield County CT and Westchester County NY is available and ready to come out directly to your house in Yonkers NY, and teach students breakdancing moves.  View our instructors' videos and profiles to see what our breakdancing instructors can offer.  

Note every instructor may offer a different type of discount packages. Here is an example of tutoring discount package from one of the breakdancing instructors.


Attention Yonkers NY Students interested in saving money on books and help world stay green?

going green biology

Buy or sell college textbooks directly from other students in Yonkers NY or in school or buy cheapest college books online, or sell your used books to other students and make money.  Tutoring Services, LLC helps students not only spend money on education but save money or make money by reusing their old books or selling them to other students on a college campus and helping the world stay green. 

Looking for English Reading and Writing or College Essay help?


Our tutors servicing Yonkers NY can help.  View our English tutors in Yonkers NY 

Need Computer IT Training Yonkers NY locally or online


We got you covered, we help students who are interested in becoming network engineers become certified in CCNA, Cisco, CCNP, type of tests and even help out students with intersnships.  For more info about it computer training program in Westchetest County NY click here.

Need Piano Lessons?


We got you covered contact us to help you find a piano teacher who can provide private piano lessons to your child in Yonkers NY directly at student's homes.


Tutoring Services, LLC helps students learn not only by tutoring them at home but with the help of supplementary study guides!


          Clearly getting tutored on your own may not cut it if affordability is an issue since tutoring is not the only method of learning especially when preparing for a rigorous SAT/ACT/Toefl exam.  Which is why we have compiled a collection of valuable academic study guides for major academic subjects to help students prepare not only with the help of the tutor but with the additional supplementary study guides for subjects such as Math, Science and Social Science, as well as other major subjects. 


      If you are resident in Yonkers NY  and on a budget or simply need additional method of learning for your kids, then don't wait any longer visit our study guides and see if perhaps tutoring may not even be needed in a first place and perhaps you or your son or daughter can study on your own for fraction of the tutoring cost.  Although, we highly recommend doing both, studying from our study guides and getting local subject matter expert, since using this approach will provide the highest level of learning effectiveness.




Teacher Test Prep Help for Connecticut and NY Educators trying to get Certified!


        Yes in addition to preparing Greenwich students in academic subjects and test prep we also help educators gain a competitive edge, by helping them get certified to teach for the state of CT or NY with our test preparation materials created by us and by other vendors that can help educators prepare for their rigorous teaching certification exam.  We prepare for tests like Praxis 2 Biology Test prep with Online BioBooster Course specifically designed to help educators prepare for their exam.  Obtaining teaching certification is not an easy, task let us help.  We help educators from around Westchester and Fairfield County prepare for their Praxis 2 or NY state teaching certification exam.




Tutoring Opportunity possibilities for Yonkers NY or nearby area Teachers and  College Students looking for work!


     Interested in making money tutoring other students in New Haven County CT, Fairfield County CT or Westchester County NY?  Why not join Tutoring Services, LLC as an indpendent contractor and help students learn academic subjects, be advertised on a network of sites and drive from home to home delivering high-quality tutoring instructions or even tutor online?  If interested contact us to apply at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Before contacting do review rigorous process of enrollment as described on our sister site westchestertutoring.com/tutor-jobs


School Admins! Increase your Yonkers NY School | College | University or Training Center with School’s Ratings Site profile

      School admins can increase school’s exposure, increase school’s chances of admitting more students into their school and increase school’s overall reputation. How do we do that?  We have created a website called RateMySchool.NET that allows school administrators, teachers and professors to sign up and get rated by other students, for students and parents to see school and professor/teacher ratings and being able to see reviews of other students and make decision whether that particular school is good for them to attend, or if they should even bother one teacher’s class as oppose to another. School admins and department heads can simply register themselves and join school they like and post teaching job for other teachers registered in that school or specific department in CT or city or set of cities to see, plus advertise their school and improve school’ image. Additionally, teachers and professors can register and see other teacher’s ratings also, students can add teachers into specific school and join schools.

        School Administrators can post teaching jobs directly in their school or in nearby area by city, state, county for separate paid fee, different from our overall Free Teaching Job offer for school administrators, but helpful for school administrators helping them increase school’s identity, reputation, be able to get notified when someone rates school received free school homework help folder print outs and be able to join schools.


How does it work?

     We are Tutoring Services, LLC official website is www.TutoringServices.com company that specializes in matchmaking for tutors and students. The website you are looking at is our sub-match making based site, specifically designed to help parents of Westchester County NY residing in Yonkers NY find best academic tutors or other types of subject matter experts specializing in music, break dancing or other subjects, or contact us to help you find one. 

We help students with math and science subjects, at the convenience of their home. We send you the tutor, our instructors teach your son or daughter in Yonkers NY  directly at your home, or alternatively online, depending on which subject you need help with.  We help parents who are on the budget by helping them find the right match within their budget limits.   What services do we offer for a detailed list of tutoring services visit our bes tutoring services section of this site?  To view subjects we specialize, refer to academic subjects menu on the right-hand side, if you don't see your subject that doesn't mean we don't offer it.  Contact us if you don't see your subject and want us to help you find the tutor in the specific academic subject.  To see how actual matchmaking works feel free to visit this page.

Why are we different from other tutoring agencies?

       Other tutoring agencies can either be learning centers in Yonkers NY or other private home tutoring national franchise companies or local tutoring companies with a limited selection of tutoring services that they can offer. There are major disadvantages with learning centers, simply because they do not provide enough of individualized attention as in the case of private home tutoring.  In learning centers majority of learning takes places through the process of group tutoring, where one tutor assigned to multiple children, resulting in lower quality of education.  If you are a parent who happens to live in Westchester County NY and have a child whose education you take seriously then the best option is to have a private tutor for your child, as oppose to sending children to the learning center and reducing individualized attention that your child should be getting. We specifically specialize in Westchester county-based educational school system and work with tutors with the major emphasis on school practices. 

Why getting Tutoring directly at your home from a professional instructor is the right thing to do?

Getting a right education at the early stage is a fundemental aspect of every student's future.  Many students may be interested in the future of majoring in Business or graduating from top schools to land an accounting degree, or finance degree, without proper education this may not be possible.  Schools in Yonkers NY are not able to keep up with the demand of tutoring or simply do not have the right selection of subjects with the proper skill set of expertise to provide in a first place.  This is where we can come into play.  We can help you find the right tutor for your son or daughter in Yonkers NY, and improve your child's education.

There are also national agencies out there who offer their tutors on their website, but the reliability of such tutors is questionable since there are thousands of them and who knows if they are even getting pre-screened or being interviewed. Our agency does not send tutors unless a background check is run and reviews and pre-screen tutors before sending them to student's homes, unlike many other agencies.  Our fees are much lower the other tutoring agencies, and we work with student's budget.  We don't just restrict students into the specific price we work with the parent to find the best match.  Other sites simply list tutors on their sites and do not provide the personalized touch into matchmaking process.

We have independent contractors who have agreed to work with as home tutors.

Welcome to Tutoring Services, LLC company that stays true to Yonkers NY parents and residents of Westchester County NY.  Offering reliable private tutoring services at student's homes. Our tutors are highly qualified in various academic subjects, test prep, online tutoring and home tutoring.  We offer educational options for Chappaqua residents, that may not necessarily mean just tutoring.  There are many ways to study, tutoring is one of just many ways to prepare for an academic subject.


What grade levels students can we help?

Pre-K, K

Elementary  1-6

Middle-Grade 6-8

High School  9-12

College Level

Adult Level

Subjects we offer tutoring for include

Mathematics, Science, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer Subjects such as computer programming, C++, Java, Computer Networking and many other subjects, including Piano Lessons, and Chess. If you are looking for a tutor that is qualified and can help your son or daughter in Yonkers NY do better in school, we are the company who can help. Contact us and we can help you find the right tutor in Westchester County NY Yonkers NY city.

We also offer Test Prep help for graduate students we, help students with GRE, GMAT and even Praxis 2 test prep.  We also prepare students for ACT, ISEE and many other school test prep subjects.  Contact us to match make you with the proper tutor.

Test Prep for High School and Middle School Students

If you or your son or daughter needs help for a midterm or final then look no further you found the number one company in Westchester County who can help your son or daughter with homework help, study skills and mid-term of finals test prep.

Yonkers NY Private Home Tutoring Prices


      To see Yonkers NY tutoring prices simply browse subject (in the right menu of this page) of interest on our site, for example, algebra, or English and if instructor is available and listed on our site, they would be shown in the corresponding subject where students can view their short profile, based on subjects tutor offer, grade level, view pricesdiscount packages instructors offer where the more tutoring sessions you buy the more you save.  Make sure you read full tutor's profile info prior to making your decision.  You can always contact us by the phone number on the top right corner of this site where you can always discuss your needs with us and we can help you find a local and affordable tutor within your budget, even if you do not see one on our site. 

     Additionally, you can meet your tutor for first 15 mins free over whiteboard before tutor shows up at your door footsteps, optional feature.  Note prices are approximate in tutor's profile, simply because sometimes price may work for one student but not for another, and hence we give flexibility for tutors to adjust their price during pre-screen interview depending on which student they are working with. There are many universities around new haven and many tutors, therefore our prices reflect this as oppose to other companies who have one flat price one site and one structure.  We believe education is not 1 size fit all solution this is why we have multiple sites, multiple pricing, multiple tutors and multiple learning options for New Haven, Fairfield Westchester County area.

Our prices are low and depend on qualification education experience of a tutor. We also give options for out tutors to provide tutoring discount packages, where more hour you buy the more money you save.  To view more details about pricing visit Yonkers NY Tutoring pricing section.



Here is what other agencies do not want Yonkers NY Parents and Guardians to know!

1.  Other Tutoring Agencies charge outrageous prices, where many of them give tutors only $25 dollars yet charge parents $90!   

As an educator and certified teacher for the state of CT, an information security expert, break dancer, innovator, and owner of this company Tutoring Services, LLC, I wanted to put an end to this crazy outrageous pricing model.  Our goal is to provide affordable education.   We hand pick our Tutors either based on years of trust level or based on careful review and analysis of each educator.


2.  Our tutoring matchmaking fee is one of the lowest fees in the state of CT and NY. 


In fact, it's so low that we have an entire site dedicated specifically for parents who simply are on the budget and do not want to pay an agency fee and do not have to, for such parents we created www.TutoringServices.com site.  This is our sister site for students on the budget and independent tutors, who do not want any commission agency fees. However, if you do want high-quality match then call the phone number on top right corner to get help and speak with the tutoring specialist today.  

The reason why our fees are lowest is due to innovative educational solutions created by company's owner.  Want company owner to come directly to your home and teach your child break dancing, math, business analysis?  If so contact us on the top right corner.  We are not a single local site type of agency; we are not the type of agency who is out here to sell parents, tutors.  We are here to provide parents with affordable educational solutions, regardless if it's home tutor, or study guide or online tutor or a hybrid math tutor. We can help you find one. 

 3. Other tutoring agencies claim to charge students low fees, but few of them actually do!

 Background checking service that all of the tutoring agencies offer so much is a complete hoax and is only for public records check, which means any of the tutor's parents hire online can easily be some criminal endangering your child!  Our company provides both local background check and can even go as far as providing county record background check for an additional fee. We actually tell that to student parents/guardians and provide it as an option, instead of hiding it from them like many other agencies do.

4. Other Tutoring Agencies do not let Yonkers NY parents meet with their tutors face to face in real time before they show up at their home.

Did you know that other tutoring companies do not even let you meet tutor face to face over video conferencing in a controlled manner before they show up at your home in Yonkers NY?  We do check out our pre-screening interview section.

5. Other local Tutoring Agencies simply match you with the local math instructor, but do not provide necessary mathematical tools to their tutors to teach your son or daughter effectively!

Other home tutoring companies in Yonkers NY do not provide parents math tutoring options other than helping parents get matched with local math tutors,  However, none of these math tutors even have necessary tools to teach, our company has hybrid based math tutors with specifically created mathematical tools that our tutors can use or online math tutors, who we can matchmake you with.  So why should you settle for less when there are simply better math learning options.  We provide hybrid, traditional and online math tutors for parents of Yonkers NY.  

6.  None of the companies out there who claim that they are test prep are actually test prep companies!

What you will see many agencies do is say that they are testing perp based companies, say that they offer these services, but if you ask them exactly what type of test prep material they have created, they would not tell you!  Our company creates our own content, not all of it since there are a lot of subjects, but for example our Biology Content developers who work with us create test prep content that helps college students save money for exams such as Biology CLEP and offer free workshops, we also create our own test prep products that help educators become certified teachers in Biology.  Plus none of the companies actually created any websites dedicated to testing prep or helping students providing an alternative method to studying other then tutoring, we do have dedicated study guide site just for that purpose to help Yonkers NY residents save money on their tutoring expenses, through alternative study means, other than just local tutoring. 




We also service Westchester County NY


We also Service Fairifled County CT


Best Tutoring Services for CT Residents

We also service the following cities

Mount Vernon, New Rochelle, White Plains, Scarsdale, Greenwich, Rye, New Canaan, Port Chester, Chappaqua, Valhalla, Hawthorn, Thornwood, Mount Pleasant, and other cities of Westchester County and Fairfield County. Contact us at the phone number on the top right corner to help you chose your best tutor!.




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All subjects College, Elementary, Middle School, High School $ 78 - $ 91 per hour
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